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Motion Cadence


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On 4/16/2018 at 1:50 AM, sam said:

What surprised me, even though the clips were synced, there appears to be drift by some of the cams. And not the kind where one or more of the pendelum shots either pull ahead or fall behind the others due to a tiny difference in frame rates like 23.98 vs 24. The clips seem to be drifting minutely ahead in one frame and then getting slightly behind in another and so on through out the clip, but they start and finish all together.  

What's easiest to see is the impact of rolling shutter. And we've all seen at least one of the multitude of rolling shutter tests involving cmos sensors.  In the discussions that revolve around these tests, someone usually chimes in with "well the Alexa has a cmos sensor" and then the conversation turns to  "faster read out speed" This, http://tessive.com/mechanical-shutter-comparison/ , which many of us have seen before, at least outlines a difference, stark or otherwise.  Whether this is part of what people notice, or not? 







Let's bump this up to today's date.   Back in the days when the EOS debated in friendly talk.  Shall we play a game?

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I set up these cams (although more carefully aligned in the actual video) Details and settings are in the YT description.  

Great test. I'm not sure I'm any the wiser about motion cadence but after about 55 seconds of watching that pendulum I definitely felt that I could've been prompted into giving up smoking and get

I think where we may end up with this is concluding that the only way to truly differentiate the motion cadence between two cameras is by shooting unicorns in full gallop. So it doesn't matter

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28 minutes ago, A_Urquhart said:


Sorry, this is not how I want to spend my three days off.



I bumped this thread because it has good information that previous posters took the time to debate and comment on. 

If you don't want to post fine. Not sure you need to announce a deleted comment.  

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