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how much does it cost a low light iso camera?

Dan Wake

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I have a canon 7D M1 and I'm considering to buy a new camera. I have not much money but I really wish a low light iso camera, something that can handle high iso without problems. And if possible something that can handle 4K 60fps, or 48fps. Does exist anything similar to this at low cost on the market please?


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there is no jack of all trades. Either good low light and 4k60p it would be a GH5 or best in class low light with A7SII, 30p in 4K. Neither of these two cameras are cheap, ranging from 1800 to 2500 USD approx. Don´t overlook that GH5 is about 2 stops better in lowlight than your 7D and has 1.5 times  the resolution already in its HD mode.

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I don't think you are going to find what you are after currently.

If you give up the 4k 60p requirement, you will get close.      There are very few cameras that can do 4k 60p at all and so the best in low light will be expensive and the 1dx ii is about it.

If you accept 4k 30p the A7sii would be the camera but that is still dearer than what I would call "low cost".

If you accept full HD instead but with the ability to do 4k 30p with a recorder, the A7s MIGHT be low cost enough if lucky used?     If only there was a "low cost" external recorder?

There are a gazillion cameras better than the 7D1 for low light though, I didn't like mine above ISO 3200 at all while the A7s I often use up to ISO 102400 (and from time to time a bit more).

A good low light camera CAN be used with 5.6 lenses, the thing is I get to choose.

If $20,000 is "low cost" enough and you can live with a 2.26mp full frame sensor, the Canon ME20F-SH is the king of low light video.

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14 minutes ago, Dan Wake said:

Cristal clear 6400 ISO is low light for me and I rly need also slow motion to work. I wish to spend about 1000 euro. I assume it's too early for this right? Maybe next year or too early too?

I think that is going to be difficult.

Off the top of my head, a used Sony a7s (original version) can shoot 1080p up to ISO 6400 very well and I believe it can shoot at least 60fps (maybe 120fps, I am not certain).

But then you won't have any money left over for a lens.

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