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Blind Test - Which colors do you prefer?

Mattias Burling

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These are not graded to look good or artistic.
Blown Highlights on Purpose:
Otherwise most people tend to rank by DR.
Different crops and lenses: Lots of people would if not DR go by resolution.
This is an experiment just for fun. 

The Test
All aspects of an image quality i subjective imo.
The one that I think separates people the most is color.

Im currently working on a review video comparing a couple of cameras. They all have nice colors imo, just a bit different from each other.
And in the video there will be plenty of examples with nice exposures, nice content, etc that makes all the cameras shine. They are all really nice cameras that consistently gives me nice looking images.
But there will also be a couple of boring test shots like this.
Just for the fun of it I though I would ask which colors people prefer not knowing which is which.

Again, just for fun. 
If you think its "stupid" or that the test is "wrong" (that always happen) then please move along.

And try not to peep and guess which might be the highest speced camera. Go by your gut. Which pallet is the most pleasing?
Or perhaps least ugly :)

Camera A



Camera B



Camera C



Camera D



Camera E



Camera F



Personally I like the red on C, Green on B. Undecided on the rest.
But its difficult for me to say since I know which is which and how I would expose/correct/grade them to look good.

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Interesting results so far thank you all for participating.

I couldn't resist so just posted it on Swedish forum as well where they usually care about nothing but specs. The result so far differ alot between here and Facebook so I wanted a third crowd.

Results when I get home from work today.

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I love the fact that B is getting so many votes. Since its one of those cameras that people often complain about the colors (me included that think they need a lot of work compared to others) :)

BTW, Im watching on my calibrated EIZO at work and A nailed the yellow imo. But B is nice.
Many like D which is good but that tomato looks a bit sickly.

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