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GH5 Issues One Month Ownership


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Today marks about one month since receiving my Panasonic GH5. So after one month of ownership I have the following two issues. First let me state that this is an epic camera for the price, features and build quality. Perhaps the best of this type when focusing on video. However I do have two issues that I wish I could resolve. As it is possible there are options I have overlooked, I thought that I would post these concerns here so I could learn solutions that perhaps exist within the community. 


1. Shutter Angle dial. Is there a way to lock out the shutter angle dial so that we can stop accidentally rotating it and messing up our recordings?

2. Display button - Pretty much the same request. I constantly hit this button accidentally. While not as critical as rotating the shutter angle button, it is nonetheless an annoyance.

Well that's pretty much it. Other than these two complaints the camera is spot on, amazing. So any ideas as to how to fix these two problems?

BTW: I will be in NYC this weekend. I plan on stopping by B&H on Sunday. If anyone is in the area maybe we can meet there and say hi.


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16 hours ago, manueldomes said:

I inverted the shutter and aperture dials setting, so that at worst I accidentally change only the aperture (front dial is more unlikely to move unintentionally, at least for me). And since I shoot with a speedboosted sigma 30mm 90% of the time, the back wheel is basically deactivated.

Yeah you can swap them. I moved the shutter dial as well.

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A workaround for the display button is actually a modification...get a small clear silicone bumper (used kitchen cabinets)...any hardware store....cut out the center part, peel of the sticky protector and stick it over the display button...that makes depressing accidentally impossible yet you can still reach it with something small enough...I never change it from the display I prefer with the level horizon line...my sollution for the shutter angle is always looking in the LCD before rolling, but it is a PITA!

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It would be great if in a FW upgrade they made the shutter angle lockable...it's not that big a deal for me though...I have a checklist I go through every time I film...start rolling a second or 2 before what I want to capture and again after....check my LCD display...and  adjust if necessary...as @DBounce said....these are only inconveniences....not flaws...I feel the same....I remember early VCLT complaints about the camera taking 20seconds to boot upWTF...all just part of the dumbing down of the human race I guess????...

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