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  1. I'm just about to log a call with Sony. I shoot weddings and events. So far, three uses since it has arrived, all shooting 4K 25fps 4-2-0 60mbps the camera overheats and stops at a little over 30 mins each time, in winter in the UK during ceremonies and speeches. Twice on a tripod with screen out, once in hands. The camera to touch feels very very hot. My a7iii cameras just keep running and running. So there is certainly an issue OR maybe some dodgy units. Maybe the sensitivity option you can set in the menu is not working? I've a friend who isn't having issues at all. Sony SD card and Sony batteries.
  2. I've never got why people mark this down as such a big con. My favourite camera from the past few years was my C100 Mk2, didn't need IBIS at all. The form factor doesn't need it. The main reason for IBIS (IMO) on the hybrids are the form factors aren't designed for video use, they're stills cameras and they're not the easiest to hold steady.
  3. One thing I noticed when I looked into Resolve and tried to use it a few times is the massive lack of third party plugins for transitions, titles and effects and the ones that do exist seem to be such a horrid workaround to get working, that is if you can get them working at all. They need to add easy support for things like this.
  4. I'm surprised at the price. £4800 in the UK. Wasn't the rumour near £6K. Be interested to see what Sony do with the FX6 and the price on that, as at only £1K more than the a7s3 here, this is tempting.
  5. Yep, the one card recording is on the negative list and in bold! Can't believe it can't do it in this day and age.
  6. Same! It'll be early next year, so plenty of time to see real life material from both Canon and Sony.
  7. If they do add CLOG3 and ALL-I via firmware to the R6 it makes it something to look at. My main filming is weddings, so to know (UK wise) 4K 25 doesn't overheat will be the key and get 4K 50 for select shots. It'll be a hard choice between the R6 and Sony a7siii!
  8. Left it till today to try again. Switching it on and off to troubleshoot haha! No joy though. Must be a Mac / Resolve issue. I've ended up converting it to ProRes.
  9. On a Mac the only option I could see was for HW accelerated H264 and H265. Tried it off and no difference. This may be an issue for any new cameras footage then in Resolve! I'm guessing they'll need to fix it as presently both Premiere and Final Cut on the same system can import and work with it, even if I have to use proxies. I've sent them feedback anyway.
  10. Annoyingly it isn't those two things. I've actually made sure I've got the latest version. The program literally can't see the clips. In the Media Pool when I go to add the media, the folder they are in just shows empty. So can't even optimise them or anything.
  11. Anyone having issues with Resolve? I can't even get it to see the footage at all. Final Cut works fine.
  12. I'm going to be very interested to see if/when this camera overheats and if they're as open as Canon seem to have been. All the specs being thrown out at the moment, it'll go up in flames after 60s of recording in a normal a7 style body!
  13. So glad I invested in a GH5 setup. 2 small things that I'm really happy are in this update, aspect markers and a way to lock out the display button.
  14. The display button is a massive pain. There are some posts on the GH5 FB group about using a small washer to cover it up.
  15. I've not had it six months, just 6 weeks! But I have fallen in love with it. After using and not liking, specifically the colours off a GH4 a few years back, I was hesitant but I love the image I get and I'm only using the low bit rate MP4. When I've enough storage space I'll certainly start using the 10bit files. No issues at all so far in 'low light' at wedding receptions. Ergonomically as well it just feels right it the hand as well.
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