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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera


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This is the next big thing since the 5D2. An incredible cool camera for enthusiasts like me. The Speed Booster made me drool and i'm still waiting to hit that order button for the MFT version.   Th

digital bolex now delayed two more years...

Wonder when Sony and Canon will enter the market?   :)

I'v bonded with my GH3.. But this little cam looks amazing, on the fence about pre-ordering one. I will probably pre-order as soon as it becomes available and hang onto my GH3 until it arrives, once it does I can see how they compare. It really does seem pretty amazing though. 

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Same here, this is the best news i've heard for a long time.

They must have seen the capabilities for the Speed Booster & seized the bull by the horns!

I was regretting not buying one of the Battle tested RED One's, but now i think i might have made the right decision - but this waiting game is very frustrating.

Lets hope this ships really fast!

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Wonder when Sony and Canon will enter the market?




Canon just can't. They would make their complete line-up obsolete.


Sony showed a prototype of a 4K dslr, pretty sure it will be cheaper than the 1DC, and maybe competitive with the S35 BMCC, but raw...? I doubt it. Maybe external?

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I managed to load the updated product page http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera (without images though):




Record to SD Cards
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera features a built in SD card recorder that captures stunning ProRes 422 (HQ) and lossless compressed CinemaDNG files to fast SDXC cards. As an open format, it's compatible with most popular NLE software so you get a digital camera that's perfectly designed for post production workflows. When you’ve finished recording you can easily mount the card straight into a laptop, ready for editing. You can even color grade direct from the card with the included DaVinci Resolve Lite! SD cards are commonly available and can be formatted for either HFS+ or exFAT, making them compatible with either Mac OS X or Windows.
- so internal raw recording to SD!
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Hands on vid. Not much information and blackmagic seems to be contradicting themselves as they state in this video the pocket camera is proress only.

I am confused. He is saying it doesn't record RAW. But the website says RAW

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I literally cannot wait.  All I want in a battery grip type lump on the bottom, shaped to match the styling of the camera, in order to add some ballast when the m4/3 speed booster, FF58's, PS35's and SB85's + isco36 go on there!  


10bit 422 is a dream for me in such a package.  this is exactly what I wanted the nex hack to deliver.   

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