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GH5 focus excellence


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4 hours ago, Cinegain said:

The whole range of GH cameras was known for iffy AF. The GH5 continues the GH legacy, the good and the bad, it's in its DNA. Not sure why suddenly it's such a big shock for people.

There is a cure for the iffy AF--if Panasonic would only take the medicine and incorporate dual pixel AF. Sensor size has nothing to do with it. I have a Canon XC15 I use for presentations and some field shooting. It has a 1 inch sensor--like a Super 16---and the AF on it is FANTASTIC--rock solid, never hunt, not even for a New York Nanosecond. Great for interviews. 

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1 minute ago, Emanuel said:

Funny description for the Sony toys ;-)

I like them. And the a6500 has the best color of any Sony i've used. Still, the color of the GH5 really knocks me out--standard and natural are both great and so easy to make them look beautiful in post. I love my Canon cams, but if the AF of the GH5 were solid I think I'd use it on talking head presentations. I think it rivals Canon color out of the cam--different but beautiful. 


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3 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:


Nice and simple fix--just make sure your DOF is wide enough and/or don't bob and weave too much and you're golden.

And yes, finding your way can take a lot of time and a lot of work. I'm still searching for what I want to do with video--but with music I found it long ago.


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Requested there:




"1) Tap-to-focus

A) (from minute 0:37 on) https://youtu.be/tjSviTxLLqY?t=37

B) (from minute 7:39 on) https://youtu.be/AEsSsdTKJs4?t=459

Touch to focus is part of AF system and maybe a good solution to overcome eventual limitations. Fastest settings tested ain't anything helping to prevent the hunting hence pulsing. Please test all slower ones avaiIable.



(from minute 13:23 on) https://youtu.be/BAuEmp3fKQI?t=803

(from minute 41:23 on) https://youtu.be/WSAc3hU1v3k?t=2483

But not prone to introduce hunting !




Please read carefully that and try different settings and setups in order to get rid of the issue. If 4K/60p or/and external recording helps, so why not too if we're looking for the best automatic or semi-automatic focus setup to work out?"


Let's see if that makes it happen!

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31 minutes ago, Ken Ross said:

Why would this be better than the simple AF lock button on the camera that works regardless of lenses?

You mean tap to focus or that joke from that video? 

There's no magic button at all, AF system either. From older Panasonic technology, much harder to succeed.

But, if touch to focus will be reliable without hunting, for sure, we can set the GH5 AF system under certain circumstances at convenience and make it shine when necessary. 

BTW, you have a GH5 unit with you. Do you mind to test it? Please, not the fastest settings like MY, OK? You have no need to keep previous tests reliable either... ; ) Your earlier tests will always match :-)

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2 hours ago, dvcrn said:

Found this review just now 

He's raging pretty hard about the AF performance

When he started to knock the IBIS, I tuned out. Who knows what his settings were when he was walking at the beginning. I guess he never heard of AF lock. Wow, talk about hyperbole. But hey, he's funny.

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