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  1. I wasn't aware, no. Can you link the other threads you mentioned so we can shift comments about this to that topic?
  2. https://petapixel.com/2020/11/28/this-guy-watercooled-his-canon-r5-and-unlocked-unlimited-8k/ Very interesting. The camera is now actually reading thermal data instead of the internal timer, so cooling it works from the looks of it. This matches with other reports that you can now put a r6 into the fridge to help it cool down or https://m.dpreview.com/articles/3725693825/firmware-v1-1-1-makes-the-canon-r6-much-more-usable
  3. I went to the store today and they had some of the new cameras for trying. Sadly no r5 but I played for a while with the r6 and a7siii Turns out I really like the a7siii. The grip feels very good and high quality and evf and flippy screen are fantastic to use. I used an a7si before and the 3 really feels generations apart the r6 isn’t bad but after comparing the 2 for a while, I made the decision to go with the Sony
  4. Is the r6 able to record clog and 10bit for 1080p or just 4k? If yes, is it able to do so in 120fps as well? is the 1080p oversampled or just line-skipped?
  5. Found this chart here that has a comparison for the different modes (I think it's from Canon?) It looks like there is overheating after all in APS-C mode, just not when using the LQ mode, hmm.. Also seeing overheating in crop modes on the R6 is a bit surprising. It doesn't even list a mode that is free from overheating
  6. I am using 1080p mainly because it's the limitation of my EOS R. The main reason why I want to upgrade is 4k, 10bit, 120fps and IBIS. And frankly I'm just disappointed with canons releases, artificial crippling, omitting of features and lack of innovation, so as a consumer I don't want to give them my money. I could probably make an R5/R6 work and dance around it's overheating issues, but why bother when the a7sIII can do everything I need in a camera for a cheaper price (compared to the R5). That's coming from someone who was 100% sure his next camera would be whatever comes after the EOS R.
  7. So I am doing some reading up on R5/R6 again (that time again :p) and saw that v1.1.1 apparently improved some of the issues on the r6. I have a few questions, So for 10bit, the cameras have to be in C-Log, right? Does C-Log have some weird limitations like on the EOS R, that you can't use certain modes such as aperture priority/shutter priority, or does that now work fine? The 4k crop on the r6 in 4k/60p mode, does it only apply to 60p mode? Are the other lower fps modes free from FF sensor crop or is it also slightly cropped? Also did anyone try to primarily use the r6 or r5 in aps-c mode instead of FF for video? I am curious how the overheating applies when in those sensor-cropped modes (if any overheating at all), and how the 4k (HQ on the R5?) looks. Wonder how EF-S glass would do on it, or maybe using a speed-booster 🤔 Then about the 1080p -- from what I read, there is no way to shoot 1080p @ 10-bit in either camera, also the 1080p is I think line-skipped and not so good? So probably going 4k and exporting to 1080p might be the better way here. Still don't fully understand the HDR PQ mode. Could you shoot in that internal and still export to rec709? Is 10bit HDR PQ still ok, or does it more compare to 8bit rec709? Also I completely forgot about this, but the eos r5/r6 still have the 30 minutes hard recording limit! How come I can't find this mentioned everywhere 🙀
  8. dvcrn


    Hi! I'm currently using the Canon EF 16-35mm F4.0 lens and it's very nice, just a bit too chunky and the autofocus motor is kinda loud. If I have a topmounted mic, it picks up that noise and ruins the audio whenever it adjusts focus. I know the AF motor of these old lenses is just how this works, but now I'm considering switching to something else. Main points are: IS, has to be very wide (16mm-20mm), works well with DPAF and more importantly, has to be completely silent when it focuses. Looking at the EF 20mm f2.8, but it doesn't have IS, and my EOS R doesn't have IBIS. The 16-35mm RF looks really good, but it's damn expensive and I can't use the filter mount adapter to slide-in ND.
  9. I have a preorder for an a7sIII as a upgrade from my EOS R, after the EOS R6/R5 just didn't live up to it for video. I used an A7RIII the other day from a friend and realized how much I dislike how this camera feels which made me reconsider my pre-order. I know Sony recently updated the body ergonomics a bit but now I am curious how other switchers from Canon (specifically EOS R) to Sony feel about the camera, usage, colors etc? Say what you want about the EOS R, It has been my favorite camera ever (used Sony A7S, Olympics EM5II, Canon 70D, 80D). I can't put my finger on it, but the camera feels fantastic, is very fun to use, and things like slide-in ND filter makes it very versatile. I just really like this camera, even though it's 4k is not very usable. I am worried that with the a7sIII I will get better specs, but will eventually use the camera less because I'm losing the fun I have with the current one. (I am not a hardcore video user but use my camera mainly for it (not photos). Shoot mainly in 1080p, but looking to upgrade to 4k, or at least 1080p in 10bit. Oh and I want 120fps and IBIS 🙂 )
  10. Does anyone have comments on this?
  11. I started reading a bit about the R6 but don't fully get the 10bit claims. It can shoot internal 10bit when in CLog mode, but what about non CLog? DPreview says: Can someone explain the HDR PQ thing? Also I'm guessing 10bit is usable in 1080p as well and not just 4K? The other thing I am curious about is the IBIS. How does it perform when using non-IS lenses?
  12. Switching from Canon due to the recent EOS R5 debacle and looking at new gear to get. I want one travel/vlogging lens that I can leave on the camera and use outside for video work. I am using the 16-35mm F4 IS from Canon and it's so hefty that I almost don't want to bring it. Sony has the 16-35mm TA F4 as well but the Batis 18mm looks reaaally nice, a bit more compact and lighter. (I'm a 50mm stills shooter so I don't care about the 35mm end). IS is nice but with IBIS like on the a7sIII probably not so important, especially on wide angle. Zooming is nice to have, but I barely go over 19~20mm on my Canon. Portability is the most important to me. I need a video lens at home as well that can be bigger but right now focus is run and fun with good autofocus. A big reason why I don't shoot as much travel stuff as I want to is because the 16-35L is just way too chunky. So I'm wondering about 16-35mm vs 18mm Batis for vlogging and traveling. Any other lenses I should be looking at that don't become glitchy with AF? How hefty is the Batis? Is it light? (Also considering a compacter APS-C setup, but if I can have everything on FE like with the a7c, that'd be sweet. So something that can stay compact on the a7c as well would be my dream lens)
  13. Interesting thread! I am on the edge of what to do, whether to go and sell my EOS R and switch to Sony, or to get an R5. My main takeaways from this thread is that overheating really is an issue that becomes annoying, sad. 😞 Does the R5 in lowq 4k video mode not overheat? I didn't know that and thought it applied to all 4k modes.
  14. I'm in the market of a new camera to switch from my EOS R due to the R5 overheating debacle, so I'm kind of giving up on Canon. I wanted to get the a7sIII but now I think I might get the a7c instead. I want something compact and small that I can carry around and vlog with, but also use at home in a controlled environment. I care mostly about size, mic-in, flippy screen and autofocus, and the a7c ticks all of those boxes. MFT and APS-C work, but poop out when it gets darker. That, and AF until recently just wasn't there yet on anything that's not Canon. Sony improved their AF system so much that it is now almost as reliably. Even the color science took a big jump with the a7sIII. It's marketed as a camera for YouTubers, and for that case it's exactly what a lot of people (like myself) want. It might cut into their APS-C line and it might also not. FF is expensive and the lenses big and bulky. People that care about the bigger sensor will want this, but hobbyists that nibble into photography and videos won't shell out $1000+ USD for a wide-angle lens ontop of the $2000 that this costs IMO.
  15. Certainly makes EOS R owners think. I absolutely love my EOS R and it’s by far the camera I have the most fun with, but having it superseded so fast leaves me a bad taste in my mouth. Still looking forward to see what Canon comes up with!
  16. I recently picked up a 16-35mm F4.0 for video. It’s a fantastic lens, but in video there is a very strong clicking noise whenever the lens focuses. As in, the lens focuses, then slows to stops then moves a tiny bit more in very short intervals which results in this clicking sound. It’s so pronounced that when I use a videomic pro, it ends up in the audio. I went to the store to try a few other models to make sure mine isn’t just a nugget, but all of the 16-35mm F4.0 I tried have the same problem. Some a little bit less, but it was still there. The store clerk first didn’t believe me and had to press his ear onto the lens to get what I was talking about, but then told me the USM motor is older and wasn’t made for video, so older generation lenses might have this problem, but I never heard or saw anyone else complaining about this. Here’s a audio sample I recorded with the videomic pro (mounted on the hotshoe, not facing the camera): I sat in front of the camera (EOS R), locked onto my face with face tracking and moved slightly back and forth repeatedly to force the lens to refocus. Then took the audio and cranked up the volume to make it more clear what I’m talking about. The actual clicking is of course not this loud and more subtle, but it’s still there. Audio file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sizx9ujo8io8ovj/lensclicking.mp3?dl=0 Anyone else here got this problem or has a solution? Do newer USM lenses like the 16-35mm F2.8L family have the same issue? Does it have something to do with the camera I’m using? (DPAF w/ EOS R)
  17. In the market for a new lens and some of what Sigma has out there looks very very nice, but I am worried that AF performance with DPAF will go down the drain when going that route. Anyone with experience?
  18. Had some more time to play with it the past days and ended up picking one up. I tried different recording modes, 4k and what not, and even with ALL-I, my 32GB SD card was full in no time. That was a pretty big eye opener that I don't have the space to correctly handle 4k at the moment. The customization options are pretty insane. You can rebind almost everything twice, for video and photos so over time the camera got more and more customized to exactly how I need it. As odd as this sounds, I i even start to like the mode dial and now prefer it over the physical dial of my previous cameras. M-fn bar is also not that bad. I like that it's a 2-step lock: You have to hold the left side of it first for 2s, then it unlocks and you can either slide and use each of the sides individually. It's like a dial with 2 buttons, with a safety on top. I have functions on it that I need sometimes, but frequently enough for it to be annoying to go through the menus (change AF zones, or ISO for example). You can also cover it completely with one finger to bring up the settings menu for it, to quickly put something else on it if needed. Still very salty about 120fps though, but makes me have higher hopes for the next cameras. (The rumored high-res model sounds nice, but it'll likely be less interesting for video folks) It's what it is. For my needs it's the right camera, but it's obvious that canon is lacking behind and need to do some serious catch-up work. The Panasonic FF cameras and a7sIII will probably be another big leap.
  19. I think the EOS R is a good example of a camera that you have to use and not just look at the spec sheet. Of course if you need FF 4k and 120fps, then this camera isn't for you. It also annoys me but I think it'll still satisfy a lot of people. I'll borrow one later and play around with it today.
  20. Went to the store and played for an hour or so with an EOS R (among other cameras like the M50) I went in with the attitude to dislike it but to be honest, I think I kinda like it. I can't pinpoint what exactly, but it just feels... "right"? Like a camera I'd want to grab and use. The few videos I shot in the store look nice and subjectively (to me) better than M50 and Sonys I tried. The colors straight out of camera compared to the Sony a7III feel much nicer. I'm not a pro and might have different expectations, but some random thoughts: C-LOG not usable in any of the auto settings is dumb. At least let me do auto ISO. Any thoughts why they do this? Control ring EF adapter is sweet. I like having a versatile dial directly where the lens is Too bad it adds even more size to the camera at all time, at least until we get more affordable and smaller R lenses Higher ISO (2000~3000) still feels usable USB-C in a camera!! How come I didn't know this before Not having a control ring around the dial feels odd. I keep trying to rotate it M-fn bar, I don't know. Still don't really get that thing. EVF is too sensitive. I keep moving my hand over it to reach buttons and the screen turns off (yeah I know I can turn that off, but making it a tick less sensitive would be nicer) I like the button layout. having the menu button on the right side away from the other ones makes it easier to reach. With other cameras I keep hitting the wrong button when I want to adjust the camera settings from in front of it (edge case, I know, but still). Dedicated recording button location is nice. The 3 custom movie modes are great. Easy to switch between different scenarios (such as C-log) When re-binding button functions, each button always has a separate function for photos and videos which makes sense. You want completely different things when shooting video vs photos All in all it's a lovely camera that I think fits my needs quite well. I don't have a verdict yet, but maybe, just maybe, I might pick one up after all. It has problems, yes, but it feels (compared to previous cameras) that with stuff like C-Log, separate bindings for photo/video, custom video modes, etc, Canon genuinely thought about video folks more than they get credit for.
  21. Now this is ridiculous. With all the adapter announcements and automatic EF-S crop mode on top of C-Log, I assumed they indirectly suggested to use EF-S lenses for video, but this is nuts. I really wanted this camera and had no problems with using EF-S glass only for the time being since I have a bunch of EF-S lenses and shoot only in 1080p currently, but now I can't even "upgrade" from a lower end M/Rebel camera without loosing the ability to record 60fps? In 2018?? Hrrmm I really don't get what Canon is doing here. I'm now looking into just getting a M50 instead
  22. Kai uploaded his review of the EOS R He mentioned one thing that I never read anywhere else before: When he puts on a EFS lens, the camera doesn't allow recording in 60fps 1080p anymore. Can anyone confirm if that is really the case, or if Kai just did something wrong with the settings? If it can't do 60fps in 1080 with a EF-S lens, I will cancel my pre-order today
  23. I’m really split. I have a preorder on the EOS R but reading all the things here, I’m playing with the idea of cancelling it. I personally don’t mind the crop thaaaaat much because there’s a lot of good EF-S glass out there. But then yeah, why not just get a aps-c cam like the m50. But I also have no need for 4K yet besides cropping if 1080 by itself is good. But i love DPAF, canon colors and the flip screen. That’s what’s keeping me right now. If Sony added a flip screen, or the gh5 had better focus...... Anyone here got an R and has some good things to say?
  24. Great write up, thank you! I am also so split about this camera. It has so much I like but so much I don't. Might still get one though
  25. Yeah, I'm with you. Colors + focus is still unbeatable IMO. Sony is getting there, but still needs some time. Another thing for me, as stupid as that sounds - the swivel screen. I really like it for shooting and it's something I am very happy to see in the EOS R. There just aren't many pro cameras (Sony, Nikon, Canon) out there that have it. Sure, Panasonic ones do, but AF of the GH5 is horrendous. I'm having high hopes for Panasonics FF camera now and hope they incorporate a lot of the design learnings from the GH5 into it. Just really worried about the focus system... I want it to be good but I fear it's not going to be able to match with Sony My wish list for any camera: Good AF Swivel screen 1080p/120fps, 4k/30fps 4:2:2 (IBIS)
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