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  1. Short feedback - received the camera and love it so far. The menu is a little bit more confusing than I thought but honestly saying - I still prefer the handling a lot over the a7s that I had before. ISO wise I need to get used to "pulling it a bit back" because the a7s allowed for much higher ISO without any noise. Now if someone can tell me how I can bind ISO to the front dial in mode1 in aperture priority mode, I would be a lot more happy ? Switching to mode2 just to change ISO then switching back to change aperture is the thing I found the most annoying. Sadly my SLR Magic lens from bhphotovideo seems to have some serious quality problems with little scratches, peeled off metal and notches everywhere (I think I might have received a used one?). The aperture and focus rings seem oddly inconsistent with some parts of the way being smooth, the other feeling like I'm grinding something inside the lens. Will try to get a replacement before making an assessment of that. In general on the first day of usage - I really like the EM5II. It seems like a better fitting companion to me. Now let's see what sony will come up with at the end of February (and Olympus with the PEN-F. Fingers crossed this one is worse than my baby).
  2. I might try that! Amazon Japan doesn't list it and Rakuten here sells it for 155.000 JPY which is roughly 1300 dollars. A bit much for that lens. I found that bhphotovideo ships to japan with $40 shipping so roughly $600 in total, even cheaper than the one on the SLR website here - http://www.slrmagic.co.uk/slr-magic-25mm-t0-95-hyperprime-ii-cine-lens.html Looking forward to receiving my gear and will definitely post my experiences with it!
  3. I decided to go with giving both systems a try. Ordered a used EM5II and looking to pick up a SLR magic 25mm 0.95 (though they are impossible to find here in Japan. Probably need to import from states) to play around with. I checked the prices of camera equipment here and am confident that I could get 85-95% of what I spent back when selling again which I am ok with. If the a6100 is blowing me away, I will rent that one and then decide which system to use. Going to keep my current lens selection tiny (1-2 native lenses at max) or go with adapters. I checked a little on the tiffen filters but couldn't find a good comparison between the contrast levels. I only want to pick up one and would have gone with the 3 or is there a other one that you would recommend me more?
  4. LOG is definitely something that I want to learn to utilise. The advantages sound great when reading it but grading LOG footage in 8bit (especially if you are not good with colors) is a absolute pain in the butt. I ended up chaining LUTs and hoping to achieve something good and eventually escaped to CINE4 which I was quite happy with. But the main reason why I sold it was that I just couldn't make it work. I do all of my stuff alone. If I just wanted to frame myself into the picture I had to use the remote app and frame, then exit the remote app, set up my picture profile (that doesn't work inside the remote app) and then shoot (you don't want to know how much battery this workflow eats). I also had it that there were errors during recording or autofocus issues but because noone monitored the screen I didn't see it and lost footage. If I were to buy an external screen and FE lenses I wanted I would had to spend a small fortune on top of the expensive body which just wasn't worth it for me at that time. I would love to hear more arguments on the pro-MFT side of things. I am sure there must be more people with a MFT lens collection and experience here. Investing into adapters and canon / nikon glass also sounds like a good way to go that I didn't think of yet.
  5. Good to hear that I'm not the only one with this struggle. I was also favouring the aps-c option but am in need of a new camera and with all the push backs of the a6100 it is still not 100% sure if it will really come at the end of February. Also I really need a articulating screen and while there were some rumors that the new alpha will have one, most of them didn't mention it. What of course makes m43 attractive are all the great lenses. Coming from an a7s, I felt like in a candy store going to the market yesterday. Stuff like the 25mm f/0.95 is really damn impressive. In general, for every need there is already a lens which is sadly not the case with the e-mount. Though of course not sure if that is reason enough to set on a system which could be vastly underpowered against others in video. There's of course hope that the em1 will be a battleship and change everything once again, but that is unlikely. Maybe I will wait for the a6100 after all.
  6. Before you yell at me for creating a second post with a lot of questions, wait a moment . I just want to make sure that I don't make a mistake. I am in the market for a new camera system. I was over-ambitious and started with a a7s (because it was shiny and new) which I realised I couldn't really use so I ditched it before the a7sII got announced and am now looking for something cheaper and not as high-end. So to get to the point of my question why I am asking if mft is still worth investing into: - I am starting from 0. No body, no lenses or any of that kind. - Sony made huge improvements in video. The RX100 family has superb image quality and the inclusion of IBIS and LOG in most of their new cameras clearly show the direction Sony is going. Heck, according to rumors the a6100 (that could come at the end of February) will probably have 4k, IBIS, LOG and more! - APS-C sensor. I am nowhere close to call myself experienced in the field but I know the math: Bigger image sensor = better quality and low light performance. I would assume that this translates very well into video - Full frame potential. If I start with a a6100, I could step by step invest into full frame lenses and at some point swap the body with an a4s or whatever exists at that point. For MFT, I would lock myself into the system and would need to ditch my entire equipment if I want to switch. I have my eyes on the EM5II or GX8 with a combo of 25mm voitgtlander and an oly ultra wide angle lens but at the same time hesitate if I should wait for the a6100 announcement. So I was wondering about the perspective of the readers here. What do you think the future of m43 will look like? Is the smaller sensor a horse I can bet on or should I wait for sony's new toys?
  7. I didn't read many good things about the flat mode. Do you have some footage shot in flat (graded and ungraded) by chance?
  8. Thanks for the comments guys! Glad to hear that at least some people like it for video. The thing that makes me hesitate of course is that for the same price, I can get already cameras that are more sufficient for video but well, without IBIS. Maybe to re-phrase my questions: Do you think the EM5II is a camera that could help me with the transition from hobbyist to more serious? I value the IBIS very high because I don't want to buy more and more equipment or anytime soon. When I shot with my RX100III I hated the micro-shakes especially taking a step. Is the IBIS something that makes my enthusiast life easier or am I valuing it a bit too high? Is the image quality something that needs professional hands to look good or is it something that hobbyists / enthusiasts can get around too? I want to of course avoid buying another camera in a few months
  9. Hi EOSHD guys! First time poster here. I am currently using a RX100M3 for videos but really want something a bit more solid with more lens options. I love the form factor but it is still a bit lacking. I was sure I was going to pick either the m4, a6000 or a5100 (because of the flip screen) but wasn't quite happy about the missing mic-in. When I went to the store to poke a bit around with the a6000, I saw the em5 II on display and kind of fell in love with it. The build quality of this thing is amazing and when I saw stabilised footage compared to other cameras I was blown away, but the more I research about it (including this blog), the more I feel like this camera is not a good choice for videos. I have around 1100(-ish) bucks to spend on a new camera. I've been looking at the GH4 as well but I am still more a hobby-ist and the IBIS would help me a lot. I love shooting ultra wide angle and lens choices in that field that have OIS are a bit limited. What do you guys think? Should I just wait for the a7000 or EM1 II? Is the EM5 II still a viable option (despite image quality and lack of LOG)? How about something else? GH4? GX8? I do stills as well but am more a video guy.
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