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Help me with Sankor 16C lenses connection


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IN the picture below you can see that my Sankor narrow than recommended lenses and narrow than any clamps. How to attach my Sankor? The best answer will be with big picture )) I am appreciate all help.





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IN the picture below you can see that my Sankor narrow than recommended lenses and narrow than any clamps. How to attach my Sankor? The best answer will be with big picture )) I am appreciate all help.



The Sankor lens will need to be placed into the clamp in front of the SLR lens. Then it gets locked in to place via the fasteners. Another way is to set the clamp down on a table or flat surface, set the Sankor in the center, then tighten the fasteners. After that it can be attached right on to the front of your Canon lens via step rings.


Depending on what camera you are using, the 35mm or 50mm Canon lens may be too wide of a focal length for the Sankor. Sometimes you need to go with tighter lenses...like in the 85mm or 100mm range.


Hope this helps.

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The Sankor lens will need to be placed into the clamp in front of the SLR lens. Then it gets locked in to place via the fasteners. Another way is to set the clamp down on a table or flat surface, set the Sankor in the center, then tighten the fasteners. After that it can be attached right on to the front of your Canon lens via step rings.


Depending on what camera you are using, the 35mm or 50mm Canon lens may be too wide of a focal length for the Sankor. Sometimes you need to go with tighter lenses...like in the 85mm or 100mm range.


Hope this helps.

Canon lense as an example, Sankor hard to attach to any lense, if don't know how ))  

and i use gh3 and gh2 

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contact the clamp seller and ask for a refund.

purple fasteners is so catholic so satanic and popeish  : )


Really, Tony WIlson aka Redstan aka Alan? What's your deal with us?


Last time you were complaining that we lacked color...now it seems to be the wrong color for your liking...anything else we can do for you?

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no problem 

just make something man

i am sick of only getting sales based on cleaning up after you guys.

you stated that my stuff was the same materials if not cheaper than yours :lol:

do you really believe that

really deep down

cross you popeish heart and hope to die :lol:


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Really, please show me where we state such things about Redstan clamps?? We have plenty of customers who come to us after dealing with you, trust us on that one! We believe in offering people options, but you dont seem to like that. And we dont go around threatening others with vulgar and unprofessional emails.


As for material...I love the brits, but somehow you claim that your British aluminum is far superior than Asian or American aluminum...

Whats the difference between your tubes, clamps and hoods?


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the metal i use is not british.

british steel got taken over and shut down by an indian billion dollar man.



Whats the difference between your tubes, clamps and hoods?

you need to lay off the crack fella if you believe my products are the same as yours quality wise.

if you cannot see it



you have one of my clamps you purchased it years ago before you started selling you china ext tubes i think you know it is not the same.


i make stuff that fits.

you know fits

as in tight fit.

in the old daze they called it made to measure.


i am interested in the relationship of screw threads and how they relate to other screw threads.

optic to optic coupling turns me on man.

and i offer the tightest coupling in the history of the clamp arts :)

let us have no more tittle and tattle about the equality of anamorphotic clampishness.


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Tony, you're arguing against a figment of your imagination...we've never made any statements about your clamps or ours being better than yours. We're not sure how else to get that message across to you.


You feel the need to constantly lie, threaten and attack us for selling something similar to you. But if you want to claim that you were "making" your own "tighter" aluminum ext tubes, while telling everyone to stay away from our tubes, then that's a pretty bold move. And yes, you did claim often that your British metal was far superior.


When we began selling our clamps, yours were nowhere to be found, plain and simple. Thats why we began selling them. We have one of your clamps because it came along with a lens that we bought from you.


"Let us have no more tittle and tattle", until you feel the need to start it up all over again, right? 

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Don't be fooled by others who claim exceptional quality but use the same material or worse! We offer the best bang for your dollar!


above quote from your ad



you purchased a clamp from me then started selling an iron plumbing part i made a joke about it on some 5d forum then you changed to china tubes.
the clamp i sent you was not an extension tube.


if you where the 1st clamp man it is indeed a piss poor show yes no.

you where not 

my metal is superior
better in every way because it is a superior material grade
much thicker as well
with a tolerance engineered into it.
be proud of your 3 holes for that is all your input into them.
3 air holes is all that is made in the usa.

why not
find a local engineer get him to make stuff and support your country godamit.

must be plenty amazing ex ford engineers in detroit that would make something real pretty  and proper

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We never stated anything negative about your clamps. There were 3 others selling clamps on ebay at the same time. In fact at one time we praised your clamp material on the same 5D forum. Except for the nylon plastic fasteners which did brake eventually. You cant claim that you were the original and 1st clamp maker. 


In the end competition is good for everyone. How can you claim superiority when you used the same material? You'd never have found any iron plumbing parts in our shop, btw. We had a much stronger metal material but it wasnt worth the price in the end when we were out to offer a budget clamp kit at a time when no one else had any clamps available for sale online. Unlike you, we're not making claims that our clamps are anything they're not...we also dont make claims about what other people use unless we know for a fact.


You're acting as if we just buy material and simply mark up the price and thats it! You're wrong and there's a lot more that goes into our kits not to mention the cost of operating business professionally.

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IN the picture below you can see that my Sankor narrow than recommended lenses and narrow than any clamps. How to attach my Sankor? The best answer will be with big picture )) I am appreciate all help.




The clamp in your picture looks like one of Vid-Atlantic's XL Clamps.  You will probably need the smaller one for the Sankor.  I can't confirm that, however, since I've never dealt with those clamps before.

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as i said you are smokin to much crack man.

you really need to go shoot something for an engineering firm and hope something rubs off on you.


by your comments you are suggesting that when i say my product is the best clamp on the market which it is your comment infers that i am not telling the truth.


i suggest you redress the balance by stating your clamps are the best and finest quality on the market.

at some point in the future someone that has both can state which has tighter tolerances and which has none.

i maybe a mental but i am not a fucking liar.

your stuff is a disgrace and you need to do better.

maybe less time on customer service  ;)

and more time machining something more than hole air


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A little snippy there, calm down. So that wasn't you selling extension tube (and lens hood) clamps in the photo we posted above? If our stuff is a disgrace, then you disgraced yourself by selling the same thing...only with less options and no return policy. I'm sorry but  this is getting ridiculous with you. It'd be great if you could stop now... a little less time vamp bashing. We've never done any Stan bashing, but you're relentless!


Also, in our efforts to have a semi-universal, low cost clamp kit with multiple options, we'll stick to this design. Some lenses will fit snug while others will be a little more loose. Your clamps are loose or dont fit all lenses either. If we ended up doing what you want us to do, then it's just not our clamp. Once again, you're acting like we don't measure, or have special rings machined for these kits, no tapping after drilling and no painting and packaging involved. We feel its a good clamp kit design with good service behind it.

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Well I looked at both of your products and I tought that they were expensive (price+shipping) for me. I have no idea about the quality of them, it was only the price that made me look elsewhere.


Lucky for me I have a friend who could make a custom clamp



The Sankor is about the same size I believe as the Sun, the end diameter is around 43mm.

Either you should buy a smaller clamp or find someone in your area that can make it for you. The basic principle is not that complex, a tube with a filter thread at the back and 3 screw holes plus the screws.

My clamp has a rubber O-ring that gets squeezed by the front ring, thus tightening the anamorphic. A different approach, it keeps the lens' body in its original condition, there are no screws contacting it but it is hard to set up because the front of the clamp is turning while tightening.

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    • By Zalem
      Hi, I am selling a Kowa 16-D anamorphic lens in excellent condition. It's an amazing piece of gear if you're into anamorphic shooting. It is very sharp, it produces wonderful subtle blue/purple flares (I usually dislike flares but I'm in love with these) and it has great anamorphic character. It is also very lightweight.

      The Kowa 16-D is in great condition. I bought it on Ebay this summer but I have barely used it and it has been stored very safely in a dry box. The glass is in pristine condition and the image quality is superb. Some signs of wear on the rear barrel but totally insignificant, especially since this part will be hidden behind your clamp. Comes with Kowa front and rear caps.

      I am selling it with a Redstan clamp with 52mm thread made specifically for this lens. Redstan clamps are known as the highest-quality clamps on the market for vintage anamorphic lenses. If needed, I can also include a 55 to 52mm step-down ring as a gift (if your taking lens has a 55mm filter thread).

      Finally, I am also selling an HTN adapter ring that can be screwed onto the Kowa 16-D to attach the Rectilux Hardcore DNA. Though never used, this is an incredibly useful piece of gear if you want to turn this set-up into a stable single-focus solution.

      Price: $370 for Kowa 16-D and Redstan Clamp
      +$35 for HTN Adapter ring (buyer pays for shipping)

      Please let me know if you want to see any video samples and I can PM you some files. Please also understand that this lens is smaller than the Kowa 16-H or Bell & Howell and could cause some vignetting depending on your taking lens and camera sensor. If you have any questions, do not hestitate to ask! Cheers.

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      Let me introduce Angle HDMI Clamp kit developed for BMMCC SmallRig 1773 Cage with Ugreen angle HDMI adapter.
      BMMCC HDMI port is rather shaky, especially when used with angle HDMI adapters, so i decide to develop a clamp to solve this problem. After few DIY prototypes i was able to produce small batch of factory machined angle HDMI clamps.
      The package include:
      - Front and rear parts of angle HDMI clamp (factory machined from aluminum alloy, anodized in black color). 
      - 2pcs 1/4" button head screws (Stainless Steel or Black Oxide Steel or both for your choose)
      - 2pcs M4 Stainless Steel grub screws.
      - 2mm allen wrench hex key.
      This clamp designed to work with SmallRig 1773 Cage and Ugreen angle HDMI adapter only.
      You need to get HDMI adapter separately from Ugreen ebay store:
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      Package price $25 + $5 worldwide shipping and 3% funds transfer fees.
      Currently I can accept payments only with Payoneer Billing Service because PayPal don't works in my country for receiving funds.
      Here are few links explains how the Payoneer Request a Payment service works:
      As an option if you already have a Payoneer account and use it for a while you can just transfer funds without any fee to my Payoneer account.
      The items you ordered will be shipped out from Ukraine, Odesa city. Tracking number will be provided.
      For more details send me a private message or contact directly to radioproektor (@) gmail.com
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    • By Clément Gabriel Jolivet
      Hi, i'm selling a Hypergonar HIFI 2 kit with Redstan front & back clamps. The lens is in very good condition, the clamps are as new.
      It's in Paris but I can ship worldwide in a carefully protected package. If you're in Paris or happen to stop by, we can meet !
      Rear is 72mm, front is 95mm.
      400 euros without shipping costs. I sell it to fund other lenses...
      PM if you're interested...!



    • By Chris Elkerton
      Just though I'd share a few shots from my trip to the Lake District last week. Such a cool place.
      Taken w/ Canon 5D Mark ii, Sankor 16C, Jupiter 9
    • By Matt Kieley
      Long time lurker (finally decided to register), first time poster. I'm selling two gorgeous anamorphic lenses: The trusty Sankor 16c and the Optivision XW 5000. I'm also selling some FD lenses, zooms, Tokina MD Zoom, filters, clamps, and some other bits and pieces.
      Sankor 16c (with lens caps, pouch and original box) - $250
      2X compression, coveted blue flares, small, light weight.
      Barrel has minor cosmetic scuffs, glass is flawless. It's nice, but I've barely used it in the 8 years I've owned it. And you can't go too wide with it. Here's a video I shot with the Sankor/GH13/Helios 44M:

      Photos of the product:
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Optivision XW 5000 - $350
      2X compression, very sharp, large barrel (I can go as as wide as 28mm on the GH13, in 2.40:1. Any wider and you get vignetting. 35mm on the GH13 covers the full frame with no vignetting), lens flare seems to match the color of the light (tungsten looks white, sunlight looks orange, mag flashlights give blue flare).
      The barrel also has minor cosmetic scuffs, but the glass is great. I bought it second hand from a camera shop, so it didn't have lens caps. I do have a small bag I bought for it that I'll throw in for free. Videos shot with the Optivision:




      Pictures of the product:
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Vid Atlantic Clamps - $30 each
      Basic Clamp with 60mm thread base, plus 52, 55 and 58mm step rings (the 55 doesn't actually come with the package, but I used one I already had that I'll unclude), extra screws and a pouch for the rings and screws.
      72mm Front Filter clamp, for larger anamorphic lenses/filters.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Vivitar 67mm Macros (1, 2, 3) - $10 each
      Very sharp, clean glass. I also have a pouch, and 72-67 and 67-72 step rings for use with the filter clamp, macros and macros with filters, included for free.
      Video (Macros with Optivision):
      (The Anamorphic Selfies and Butter videos I posted above used these macro/anamorphic combinations).
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Manfrotto Lens support - $40
      Telephoto lens support that I used to support my Optivision lens as it's bulky and heavy. It has an articulted head, extendable support and a quick release plate, multiple threads for use with a tripod. Very handy, but if I'm selling my Optivision, I won't have any use for it.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      72mm Filters:  Vivitar Variable ND $15, Tiffen Circular Polarizer $15, Tiffen UV Haze 1 Protector $5, Tiffen 4 Filter pouch $5
      Clean, good quaity. I'll include Bower 52-72 and 55-72 step rings and the pouch for free if you buy all three filters.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-42mm 3.5-5.6 zoom - $70
      Excellent condition, barely used. I'm the original owner.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Canon EF/s 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 zoom - $70
      Excellent condition, I'm the second owner but I've barely used it.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Tokina MD 28-70mm 2.8-4.3 zoom - $25
      Minolta MD mount, excellent condition, great quality, pretty fast at wide angle for a zoom (f/2.8). Includes a pouch. I'll also throw in an MD-MFT adapter if the buyer wants it (free).
      Canon 135mm 3.5 FD lens - $10
      Glass is great, but the serial number was scratched off by an earlier owner. It's missing the front lens cap, but has a Hoya Filter protecting it (the owner before had keept it attached at all times, so he said). It's nice, but a bit too slow of an aperture for my needs.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Canon 28mm 3.5 FD lens - $10
      Excellent condition, glass is clean. Has a generic lens cap and Hoya Skylight filter (came with it when I bought it). Again, nice, but a little too slow.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Canon 35mm 3.5 FD lens - $10
      Excellent condition, clean glass, includes the original lens caps. Too slow wide open so I never really use it.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      Kalimar 28-105mm 3.5-4.5 FD lens - $10
      I'll sell all four FD lenses together as a kit for $30, or all the Canon primes as a kit for $25.
      Excellent condition, clean glass. It's a decent lens, but I never use it. Includes original lens caps.
      '' target='_blank'>>
      '' target='_blank'>>
      I'll also sell anamorphic kits with clamps, support, macros, filters, etc. at a discount, which will depend on what lens and extras you want.
      I'll accept paypal or cash. If you're in the LA area we can do an in-person transaction, if you're comfortable with that.
      I really need to get rid of a lot of these lenses I never use. I'll always love anamorphic, but I cant stand the dual-focus system, and the general pain of the anamorphic process. I've debated selling them for a long time, but I'm finally ready to let them go. I'd like to spend the money on more lights, and maybe a follow focus/rails, which I've managed to survive without all this time, but it would still help immensely. Thanks for browsing!
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