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  1. Hey, Just though I'd share a few shots from my trip to the Lake District last week. Such a cool place. Taken w/ Canon 5D Mark ii, Sankor 16C, Jupiter 9 http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/117-anamorphic-lakes/ :)
  2. Long time lurker (finally decided to register), first time poster. I'm selling two gorgeous anamorphic lenses: The trusty Sankor 16c and the Optivision XW 5000. I'm also selling some FD lenses, zooms, Tokina MD Zoom, filters, clamps, and some other bits and pieces. Sankor 16c (with lens caps, pouch and original box) - $250 2X compression, coveted blue flares, small, light weight. Barrel has minor cosmetic scuffs, glass is flawless. It's nice, but I've barely used it in the 8 years I've owned it. And you can't go too wide with it. Here's a video I shot with the Sankor/GH13/Helios 44
  3. Hello this is my first post in this anamorphic forum. I've read the book, brought the lens and now want to share and learn from other anamorphic shooters. So if you would indulge me please watch my first and only video I made using a Sankor 16c + Hellios 44 with Vid-Atlantic VClamp. Also please check out the attached photo taken today which I really like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoQ9_hE4XZg&sns=em I love the result but my anamorphic setup takes much too much time, trail & error, it getting anything usable. One the trick that I've found very effect is the mount the VClamp to
  4. Hi guys this is my first post and i'm gonna share a DIY clamp i did. I've read somewhere that a Helios 44M is the perfect companion for the Sankor 16C , so i bought that, After blowing my budget i was left with not much for a clamp. At first i used a step-down adapter which ended up looking pretty bad:   [attachment=568:1.JPG] [attachment=569:2.JPG] [attachment=570:3.JPG] [attachment=571:4.JPG]         It did the job though, for a while :D After being concerned about the safety of that rig i decided to get to work. For that used a 52mm extension tube tha
  5. Hi I had bought sankor 16c for my canon 550d and i just can't get anything in focus(sharp). Can somebody help. I also use canon fd 50mm lens  
  6. IN the picture below you can see that my Sankor narrow than recommended lenses and narrow than any clamps. How to attach my Sankor? The best answer will be with big picture )) I am appreciate all help. [attachment=458:11.png] [attachment=459:2.png]    
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