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  1. Is there a setup/tutorial video, I would like to know how this kit goes together. Particularly in focusing, lens alignment and lens orientation as these 3 things eat up the most amount of time and together are the number one fact why I do shot more anamorphic
  2. Is there any test footage available on the pre-production units not the prototypes, particularly on the a APS-C sensor, nex preferred. I'm very interested in get my hands on a new, less annoying (but lovely Sankor 16c) anamorphic lens and the kit appears to be right for my needs. Is this lens dual focus, as that's what stops m from using my current set.
  3. (Following based on other peoples opinions) This isn't really suited to run and gun doco work, if only for the battery and storage consumption. As noted above and in Philip Bloom's rolling review you need fast cards, fine but you cant format or delete clips then in camera. You will need a computer to manage your clips with lots of storage. Raw workflow is another thing which will really eat up your time and its currently only records in ProRes, might be a problem for Non-Mac/Final Cut users. This camera appears to be designed as a supplement to the bigger versions and is suited to a workflow where by you have lots of  time and control.   You might want to look at the Gh3's little brother GX7. It has in body IS and looks to be smaller than the NEX 5. http://youtu.be/VBpMRQpK61Q   I'm not at a point were RAW is needed, I'm still working on editing and shot design as the primary way to increase my results.
  4. If you want to experience Full Frame NEX it already exists, has for a year. The Sony Nex VG900 uses the same sensor as the A99 and RX1. Yes its in a Camcorder body but its a stills camera, 24mp raw snap. Price is ~3500, has no in body IS and switches to a crop sensor with standard e-mount lenses
  5. Hello this is my first post in this anamorphic forum. I've read the book, brought the lens and now want to share and learn from other anamorphic shooters. So if you would indulge me please watch my first and only video I made using a Sankor 16c + Hellios 44 with Vid-Atlantic VClamp. Also please check out the attached photo taken today which I really like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoQ9_hE4XZg&sns=em I love the result but my anamorphic setup takes much too much time, trail & error, it getting anything usable. One the trick that I've found very effect is the mount the VClamp to a uv filter so the Sankor has a flat surface to be clamped onto.
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