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  1. I've seen references to these issues here and there, but surprisingly few. So here's my frustration with Panasonic lenses. I shoot a lot of handheld run-and-gun stuff, and need to sometimes keep zooms. These lenses make a mess of that. UMIX G VARIO 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 (updated version but I have been told the original is the same) As you zoom in or out, the focus will flutter, causing a rather ugly effect. Once you stop zooming, the focus will settle back to where you set it. But the fluttering/shifting focus effect during a zoom is very noticeable. This video was shot on manual focus, so the focus 'hunting' you see is not the auto focus. LUMIX G VARIO 12-35mm f/2.8 Similar issue here. The focus will sometimes shift during zooms, but what always shifts with this lens is the aperture. It's supposedly a constant aperture lens, but they are using some sort of electronic iris adjustments on zooms to keep a constant exposure. Problem is, the adjustments happen in steps, making it noticeable when zooming in our out. Okay, before some posts about how these are designed for still photography and if I want a video lens then buy a video camera, or something to that effect. Well, the GH3 is basically a hybrid that embraced video. They did a nice job. Why not make a better lens that also embraces video? I haven't seen too many Canon or Nikon lenses with these issues, though I have less experience with those so it's possible some do. In any case, very frustrating given how great the GH3. Going to a 3rd party lens like the Sigma 18-35 means losing stabilization, which I also need. blah.
  2. Long time lurker (finally decided to register), first time poster. I'm selling two gorgeous anamorphic lenses: The trusty Sankor 16c and the Optivision XW 5000. I'm also selling some FD lenses, zooms, Tokina MD Zoom, filters, clamps, and some other bits and pieces. Sankor 16c (with lens caps, pouch and original box) - $250 2X compression, coveted blue flares, small, light weight. Barrel has minor cosmetic scuffs, glass is flawless. It's nice, but I've barely used it in the 8 years I've owned it. And you can't go too wide with it. Here's a video I shot with the Sankor/GH13/Helios 44M: Photos of the product: '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Optivision XW 5000 - $350 2X compression, very sharp, large barrel (I can go as as wide as 28mm on the GH13, in 2.40:1. Any wider and you get vignetting. 35mm on the GH13 covers the full frame with no vignetting), lens flare seems to match the color of the light (tungsten looks white, sunlight looks orange, mag flashlights give blue flare). The barrel also has minor cosmetic scuffs, but the glass is great. I bought it second hand from a camera shop, so it didn't have lens caps. I do have a small bag I bought for it that I'll throw in for free. Videos shot with the Optivision: https://vimeo.com/48040832 Pictures of the product: '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Vid Atlantic Clamps - $30 each Basic Clamp with 60mm thread base, plus 52, 55 and 58mm step rings (the 55 doesn't actually come with the package, but I used one I already had that I'll unclude), extra screws and a pouch for the rings and screws. 72mm Front Filter clamp, for larger anamorphic lenses/filters. '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Vivitar 67mm Macros (1, 2, 3) - $10 each Very sharp, clean glass. I also have a pouch, and 72-67 and 67-72 step rings for use with the filter clamp, macros and macros with filters, included for free. Video (Macros with Optivision): https://vimeo.com/38679583 (The Anamorphic Selfies and Butter videos I posted above used these macro/anamorphic combinations). '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Manfrotto Lens support - $40 Telephoto lens support that I used to support my Optivision lens as it's bulky and heavy. It has an articulted head, extendable support and a quick release plate, multiple threads for use with a tripod. Very handy, but if I'm selling my Optivision, I won't have any use for it. '' target='_blank'>> 72mm Filters: Vivitar Variable ND $15, Tiffen Circular Polarizer $15, Tiffen UV Haze 1 Protector $5, Tiffen 4 Filter pouch $5 Clean, good quaity. I'll include Bower 52-72 and 55-72 step rings and the pouch for free if you buy all three filters. '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-42mm 3.5-5.6 zoom - $70 Excellent condition, barely used. I'm the original owner. '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Canon EF/s 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 zoom - $70 Excellent condition, I'm the second owner but I've barely used it. '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Tokina MD 28-70mm 2.8-4.3 zoom - $25 Minolta MD mount, excellent condition, great quality, pretty fast at wide angle for a zoom (f/2.8). Includes a pouch. I'll also throw in an MD-MFT adapter if the buyer wants it (free). Canon 135mm 3.5 FD lens - $10 Glass is great, but the serial number was scratched off by an earlier owner. It's missing the front lens cap, but has a Hoya Filter protecting it (the owner before had keept it attached at all times, so he said). It's nice, but a bit too slow of an aperture for my needs. '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Canon 28mm 3.5 FD lens - $10 Excellent condition, glass is clean. Has a generic lens cap and Hoya Skylight filter (came with it when I bought it). Again, nice, but a little too slow. '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Canon 35mm 3.5 FD lens - $10 Excellent condition, clean glass, includes the original lens caps. Too slow wide open so I never really use it. '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Kalimar 28-105mm 3.5-4.5 FD lens - $10 I'll sell all four FD lenses together as a kit for $30, or all the Canon primes as a kit for $25. Excellent condition, clean glass. It's a decent lens, but I never use it. Includes original lens caps. '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> I'll also sell anamorphic kits with clamps, support, macros, filters, etc. at a discount, which will depend on what lens and extras you want. I'll accept paypal or cash. If you're in the LA area we can do an in-person transaction, if you're comfortable with that. I really need to get rid of a lot of these lenses I never use. I'll always love anamorphic, but I cant stand the dual-focus system, and the general pain of the anamorphic process. I've debated selling them for a long time, but I'm finally ready to let them go. I'd like to spend the money on more lights, and maybe a follow focus/rails, which I've managed to survive without all this time, but it would still help immensely. Thanks for browsing!
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