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  1. Unfortunately we dont have the Kowas right now to confirm, but the Helios 58mm was giving us little vignetting. After looking at our video and the notes, the Canon 50mm lens that was mentioned in the posting was an FD lens. So there was a crop factor introduced via the FD to EOS adapter which is why we had minimal vignetting. I'm not sure exactly how strong of a crop. We dont have video of the Kowa with the Nikon 50mm f1.8, but there was probably more vignetting vs the Canon FD lens as I dont think the Nikon converters introduce a crop.
  2. We've used the 16H/8Z with a Canon and a Nikon 50mm f1.8 giving us a little vignetting on the 5D. I think the Helios 58mm f2 was a good match with little to no vignetting.
  3. Thanks Lucian! We had a good producer get us access to those field burns. Like always, the camera doesn't do it justice really. Yeah the 200mm works very well. As Dahlfors said, they all have 52mm fronts, making them all anamorphic friendly. And to answer one of your initial questions, our set was purchased at various places around the world, but the glass matches nicely. We're able to use the Nikkor 28mm on the Red at 4k with very little vignetting. I think the crop factor is 1.6x at 4k, I'll need to double check that.
  4. We use these lenses often with the Iscorama on Red cameras and the 5D. It's sort of our Go To set. Nikkor 28mm f2, 35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.2, 85mm f2, 135mm f2, 200mm f4. Here they are with the Scarlet. A few of the shots were with the CineMorph in place of the Iscorama.
  5. We discuss mixed format subjects often with shooters and editors. It's usually fine to mix spherical with anamorphic now a days. It used to be a big NO WAY. Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Spring Breakers come to mind as 2 recent big budget projects that did a lot of mixing. Scott Pilgrim: Spring Breakers:
  6. Hi Rob, we love using the Lomos. We feel that we've found a pretty easy solution to clamping and mounting them. See the image here of a Lomo Square front attachment with an old Nikon lens on the 5D Mark II:   http://instagram.com/p/d5ICJWItw-/   It basically works with our Vid-Atlantic XL Clamp (medium base version) and a Bogen telephoto lens support like this: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/554350-REG/Manfrotto_293_293_Telephoto_Lens_Support.html   Hope this helps.
  7.   They're multi-coated lenses so they dont flare quite as easily as a Lomo anamorphic attachment or even some of the Sankors we've seen, but its certainly comparable to the Kowa B&H, Kowa 8Z/16H...also in terms of sharpness. If flare is what you're after, then maybe these arent the lenses for you. But if the overall look and sharpness is what you need, these are great.
  8. I know that you're looking for info or opinions from others, but if you dont mind us chiming in...we only have a few of these lenses remaining. We bought most of them for a large multi-cam project and we don't make a lot of money when we sell them off.   They also include a full mounting clamp kit and no need to worry about receiving a soft lens that wont work as they've been tested and used by us. And of course an option to return it.   Hope this helps a bit.
  9. A little snippy there, calm down. So that wasn't you selling extension tube (and lens hood) clamps in the photo we posted above? If our stuff is a disgrace, then you disgraced yourself by selling the same thing...only with less options and no return policy. I'm sorry but  this is getting ridiculous with you. It'd be great if you could stop now... a little less time vamp bashing. We've never done any Stan bashing, but you're relentless!   Also, in our efforts to have a semi-universal, low cost clamp kit with multiple options, we'll stick to this design. Some lenses will fit snug while others will be a little more loose. Your clamps are loose or dont fit all lenses either. If we ended up doing what you want us to do, then it's just not our clamp. Once again, you're acting like we don't measure, or have special rings machined for these kits, no tapping after drilling and no painting and packaging involved. We feel its a good clamp kit design with good service behind it.
  10. We never stated anything negative about your clamps. There were 3 others selling clamps on ebay at the same time. In fact at one time we praised your clamp material on the same 5D forum. Except for the nylon plastic fasteners which did brake eventually. You cant claim that you were the original and 1st clamp maker.    In the end competition is good for everyone. How can you claim superiority when you used the same material? You'd never have found any iron plumbing parts in our shop, btw. We had a much stronger metal material but it wasnt worth the price in the end when we were out to offer a budget clamp kit at a time when no one else had any clamps available for sale online. Unlike you, we're not making claims that our clamps are anything they're not...we also dont make claims about what other people use unless we know for a fact.   You're acting as if we just buy material and simply mark up the price and thats it! You're wrong and there's a lot more that goes into our kits not to mention the cost of operating business professionally.
  11. Tony, you're arguing against a figment of your imagination...we've never made any statements about your clamps or ours being better than yours. We're not sure how else to get that message across to you.   You feel the need to constantly lie, threaten and attack us for selling something similar to you. But if you want to claim that you were "making" your own "tighter" aluminum ext tubes, while telling everyone to stay away from our tubes, then that's a pretty bold move. And yes, you did claim often that your British metal was far superior.   When we began selling our clamps, yours were nowhere to be found, plain and simple. Thats why we began selling them. We have one of your clamps because it came along with a lens that we bought from you.   "Let us have no more tittle and tattle", until you feel the need to start it up all over again, right? 
  12.   Really, please show me where we state such things about Redstan clamps?? We have plenty of customers who come to us after dealing with you, trust us on that one! We believe in offering people options, but you dont seem to like that. And we dont go around threatening others with vulgar and unprofessional emails.   As for material...I love the brits, but somehow you claim that your British aluminum is far superior than Asian or American aluminum... Whats the difference between your tubes, clamps and hoods?  
  13.   Really, Tony WIlson aka Redstan aka Alan? What's your deal with us?   Last time you were complaining that we lacked color...now it seems to be the wrong color for your liking...anything else we can do for you?
  14. The Sankor lens will need to be placed into the clamp in front of the SLR lens. Then it gets locked in to place via the fasteners. Another way is to set the clamp down on a table or flat surface, set the Sankor in the center, then tighten the fasteners. After that it can be attached right on to the front of your Canon lens via step rings.   Depending on what camera you are using, the 35mm or 50mm Canon lens may be too wide of a focal length for the Sankor. Sometimes you need to go with tighter lenses...like in the 85mm or 100mm range.   Hope this helps.
  15. We had one that was pretty sharp but heavy chromatic aberration and it did seem to be more in the 1.8x range.    https://vimeo.com/13853195
  16. A magical combination! The FS700 (or any high speed camera) along with anamorphics.   The shot at 1:39, were the falling particles superimposed or blended in? That was an amazing capture!
  17. I guess that idea was really more about showing off the anamorphic look and why it's so stand-apart-from-the-crowd. I doubt when its all finally set, that we're going to limit our CG and Visual Effects friends from joining in. You guys definitely turn things up a notch! ;)
  18. Very cool! We'll get something going soon. We just see so much good work out there on Vimeo and YT shot anamorphically and we'd love to be a part of showing it off a little.   This should lead to some interesting story driven short films. Others that we've talked to have really liked the idea of doing this for a cause, so that will give us a way to change it up a little and make things interesting from time to time.
  19. Yeah we've been seeing a ton of 3.55:1 ratio videos lately as well. Pretty bold, but I guess its becoming acceptable now and they're not willing to crop a little off the left and right side. No personal preference here...we like 2.35 and 3.55 really. Here are 2 more big videos from Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNoKguSdy4Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4em3LKQCAQ
  20. Very impressed with the color grade as well Hidalgo! Good job! Glad to see the lens worked out for you too!
  21. Hi guys, we dont get on the forums too often these days, but just wanted to drop in and be part of the Andrew's community here. His site is full of useful and important info and he's always done a great job.   We were thinking to have a friendly little showcase/competition featuring short anamorphic films made by you. Maybe something monthly where a subject or theme is given and at the end we post them on our site/blog as well as others.   Of course, as of now, the only main stipulation is that the project be filmed using an anamorphic method (lens, filter, cinemorph, streak or flare filter, etc.)   One idea we also had was to maybe use only practical effects so that the films tell their story as effectively as possible through the use of traditional filming and no visual effects outside of color grading or stylizing (adding grain, light leaks, vignetting, etc). We always loved the old sci-fi series The Twilight Zone for how imaginary they could be using very basic filmmaking and on-cameras techniques to tell a bold story.   And lastly, I'd like to hear fellow filmmakers thoughts about all of this, but we've also been working with a few charitable organizations. We have a very big project that deals with Human Trafficking and another dealing with raising money/awareness for a very rare genetic disorder. Maybe occasionally the themes can be geared towards a subject matter that an organization or other group might be able to use. But like everything else you do, be very creative and outside-of-the-box about it.    Any thoughts?
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