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The Layer - Official Trailer


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Hey guys, just thought you might be interested in this..

We've been working on "The Layer" for about two years total and it's about ready to hit the internet/festivals. It is a 45 minute, conspiracy thriller shot entirely in Harrisburg, PA. 

Here's the official trailer we released a few days ago. 


We shot about 90% of the film on the Panasonic GH2 with vintage nikon glass (50mm 1.8, 24mm 2.8), a Lumix zoom lens and a few, newer, SLR magic lenses (35mm 1.7, 26mm 1.4 toy). The other 5% was shot on a Canon 7D. Reason being, that we had one scene which we chose to shoot a three camera setup in order to minimize our time at a specific location

All the actors were volunteers who got involved simply to get their names out there. We had a lot of fun problem solving and shooting a rather complex storyline over a long time span. 

Because nobody was getting paid we were forced to shoot over a 9 month period, in between regular life. This meant that the actors had to be extremely confident in their characters and the plot. There was no "emerson experience" at all. 

Our post production workflow looks something like this: Edit in Premiere. VFX in AE and 3DS Max. Sound Design/Mix in Audition. Color Grade using Colorista II & a little Film Convert. 

The music has been a massive collaboration between tons of different people/bands. 

It's been a phenomenal, nerve wracking, wouldn't trade it for the world, type of experience. 

Hope you enjoy! 

L u k e


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