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The first of these two Isco lenses (on ebay) is quite massive and heavy.  Though it has very nice optics it is pretty impractical to use for most shooting scenarios for two reasons:


1) The size and weight requires serious lens support in the form of rods and brackets etc. There's no simple clamping solution for this one.  It's not a walking-around kind of anamorphic.  Good for telephoto shots on sticks.   Good for ballast on long ocean voyages.  Good for projecting glorious film prints (I'm assuming. I'm not a projectionist by a long stretch).


2) The minimum focusing distance is a whopping 17 feet. This lens was designed to throw a clear image from a projector onto a huge cinema screen at the end of a big room.  It is not designed to focus close!  The front element is very large as well, so most diopters won't fit.


The second Isco variety (like those that Vid Atlantic sells) are much lighter and focus as close as 5 feet (or even less at high F-stops on some taking lenses).  They are very sharp and impart very little contrast.  RIvals and sometimes beats a Kowa Bell and Howell (or at least my Kowa B&H)   


This is my understanding of the differences.  I'm no expert but I've had several of these lenses and have used both types for shooting.

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Some questions mate... I take it the Schneider needs the prime lens to also be focussed to the same mark? How sharp is it at fast apertures? What aperture would you consider it L series standard sharpness? Minimum focus distance of 3m / 10ft judging by the pics - am I right - any thread for diopters?


The clamp - is it height adjustable and would it be big enough to fit around a 77mm barrel? I'm looking for a bracket for my Iscorama 54 so that it doesn't shift around with a follow focus. Currently I have a basic support cradle for it on rails, but not a full bracket.

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Yes you need to focus your prime lens and the anamorphic Andrew

This is the sharpest Anamorphic Ive ever used - is is in a differnt league to any lens out there.

It is the pinnacle of current anamorphic lens technology - they are made by Schneider in Germany this is the current model

they are used in Multiplexes all over the world to project Hollywood Blockbusters .

And as the Multiplexes move over to digital projectors this will be a dying breed Im not sure they will ever need to get any better than this and make anything this good.

It is tak sharp even with your taking lens fully open.

Dont forget these are designed to be used with an F2 Schneider spherical projection lens behind them - no apperture on the spherical backing lenses they are made fully open F2 for projection.

Minimum focus is about 6 feet

The Tecnoir Anamorphic  lens holder for 15mm rods is designed to fit a 72mm diameter lens

it is height adjustable so you can move the whole platforn up and down so you can get dead centre allighment with your taking lens behind it.

We have spent a year working on this and testing it 'in Battle' on our BlackMagic , Canon 5DmkII , Panasonic Gh2, Canon 550d etc


Yes I can make you one of these with a 77mm support ring to hold your Iscorama 54

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Got my Schneider for $30. Sharp is an understatement. :-) A little heavy, but not unmanageable.

On a Gh2, it will vignette slightly on a Nikon 35 2.8, if focused at long distance.
No noticeable vignette using the Konica 40mm. Some noticeable "warping" at the edge of the frame. Nowhere nearly as bad as isco ultrastar for this though.
Warping seems to disappear with Minolta 45mm.

Did I mention beautiful stretched bokeh & gorgeous flares?
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      I am selling this package: https://www.ebay.es/itm/292624231515?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

      - Anamorphic lens ISCO-OPTIC Cinemascope Ultra-Star (anamorphic 2x)
      - Wide angle converter 0.6x
      - Diopter 2x Canon 500D Achromatic 72mm
      - Diopter 1x B+W 72mm
      - Collar support
      - 15mm rod support
      - Step rings and 72mm filter adapter
      - Lens caps

      This anamorphic lens works attached to any lens closer than 80mm (FF), 50mm (Super35/APS) or 40mm (m4/3). It is appropriate for small lenses with a front thread smaller than 67mm approx. or it will create vignetting. 
      The adapter is placed in front of the base lens with or without the rod support (directly screwed with step rings).
      72mm filters can be used in front of the anamorphic adapter in this setup, as well as other sizes if you have the step ring.
      For using the 0.6x wide angle converter a 72-58mm step down ring is necessary (not provided).
      More info about this lens: https://www.vid-atlantic.com/lensshop/isco-19x-anamorphic-lens
      All the package costed around €1500.

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      Hello, I am currently in search of a 1.5x anamorphic lens of any kind. Ebay seems to be drier than the Mojave Desert. If anyone has lenses to offer or have suggestions on where to look/specific links, please share or contact me. I prefer an Isco or Kowa however I am open to all advice or offers.
    • By Zalem

      I am selling my red Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.1 anamorphic projection lens with caps. In perfect condition. Stored very safely in a dry box. Known as one of the sharpest budget anamorphic adapters.

      Together with the Isco, I am also selling 2 Redstan clamps designed specifically for this adapter: rear clamp with 62mm thread (to attach the Ultrastar to your taking lens) and front clamp with 75mm filter thread. Redstan clamps are easily the best clamps for anamorphic adapters and these are solidly-built and fit snugly around the Ultrastar. Step-up rings are optional. With this combination, you are ready to shoot anamorphic!

      Selling it all for $499. Buyer pays for shipping. Please PM for more information or more pics. Cheers!

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      Things are on ebay, but I can take them off and offer discounted prices.
      Paypal only, free shipping to paypal address. Bundles isco+rangefidner, or angie+isco+rangefidner, bmmcc+monitor or all of items together will go for discounted prices, and I will include freebies like batteries for camera and monitor, charger, clamps for isco and rangefidner, rig for camera, follow focus and a free tripod. All of budget but decent quality.
      isco http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Iscorama-Set-ISCO-S8-2x-Animex-Anamorphic-Lens-Attachment-single-focus/232483641842
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      monitor (has some desqueeze for anamorphic) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Neway-7-HDMI-field-monitor-with-manual-anamorphic-desqueeze/232483687880
      angenieux (black clone, MIJ) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Angenieux-25mm-f-0-95-C-Mount-Lens/232483693338
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      Link to auction at bottom of post.  If you want to tell me about how this is overpriced and blah blah blah save it and don't message me with your sad whiny comments.  Sorry to roll in hot here but every time I let the anamorphic community know I'm selling a super rare expensive item I get bombarded by a bunch of little cry baby failures who can't afford to buy precision high end gear and so they post complaints about the pricing or the injustice of me selling amazing gear that they can't afford because they are smug little losers without money living in their parents basement obsessively refreshing message board pages just waiting to spew forth their venomous vitriol thinly masking their self hatred and depression regarding the pathetic state of their sad boring failure of a life.  Save your stupid selfish thoughts for your Mommy cause she's the only one who cares to listen to Mommy's special angel. 
      Ok now that that's over with....I'm selling the nicest damn iscorama 54 lens you'll ever see ever.   24hr auction.  Act fast.  Here are the details kiddos:
      You'll never ever see an iscorama 54 MC in this good of condition. It is flawless mint condition. 
      I'm putting this up for 1 day only. Bidding starts at 6k. Some will tell me that that's too expensive. I'm of the opinion that it's worth at least 7500$ in this type of shape. How this lens is in practically brand new condition being somewhere in the order of 50 years old is perplexing. This should be in a museum. 
      This auction is for one day. If it doesn't sell I might put it back on the shelf and keep it....not sure honestly what I'll do if it doesn't sell by tomorrow morning. I'm already regretting doing this but I need to raise 20k asap for a non gear related issue so I'm in lunatic liquidation mode.
      I can't stress this enough....this thing is a work of art. So beautiful.
      On top of that I have a ridiculously rare iscorama pre 36 cinegon version that is also in mint condition and paired with a custom "Richard Gale Optics" 58mm Arri PL mount taking lens specifically engineered for the iscorama cinegon. It's equally a work of art so if you are interested in that as well check out my auction page.
      Comes with a redstan clamp and follow Focus gear. Original box included as well. No Caps unfortunately but I assure you I'll find some other roughly fitting Caps to put on to protect the glass during shipping.
      Good luck and bring your checkbooks to the party. Lets do this.

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