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2nd of March: BlackmagicDesign Camera & DaVinci Resolve Press Conference

Phil A

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Let them choose the resolution, but let me choose the shutter: Global please  

Please give me a BMMCC with a 2.5K or 3K sensor. I don't need 4K, just more than 2K for some slight post work.

(That is the YT live stream, will be on 2nd of March) Color me curious. No idea what it might be. Maybe the 4.6k turret for the big Ursa finally ships?   There was also just a rumor on

I don't think you can rig a micro 4/3 or Sony E mount because you would have to go inside the body and closer to the sensor... I think?

4 minutes ago, Phil A said:

Also the interchangeable mount is a really big deal. It opens the door for someone to make a dumb MFT or E mount and bam, put your focal reducer on it! Full Frame, 15 stop sensor, raw recording camera.


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The MFT is open for all to use. The patent for EF expired the year before the BMCC EF was released.

Sony E is still protected and they aren't letting anyone have it. If they would we would have seen E-mounts everywhere.

There is however another full frame electronic mirrorless mount. The Leica SL. Maybe they would be ok with it since they dont make video cameras. 

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I cannot see one picture of ursa mini pro with side handle attached. I wonder if side handle will be included with the set. Which lens mount is included by default? Canon?

EDIT: oh well, i dont know how could i missed this: in tech spec is that canon mount is by default and side handle is included. Side handle probably just doesnt look very PRO :)

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@Kisaha I think it's accepted to work like that for these products. After all, buying a RED brain brings you nowhere either until you splurge on a lot of accessories, basically increasing your investment by 50-100% with the lower models.

I love the idea of the Ursa Mini. I actually considered getting the UM4k for filming at our place (studio situation stuff we do) until I decided that there's probably no way to match it to the Sony (with my skillset). Then you just wall plug it and get a CFast to SSD adapter. But if you need a V-mount plate, batteries, multiple CFast cards, the EVF, the shoulder mount set... no thanks.

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