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Leica 4K 422 10 bit


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4 minutes ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

Even accepting your point, I could get a Kinemini 4K package AND a 1DC for the same price as this Leica and a Ninja Assassin.

Thats true. But the still shooters that use Leica are pretty passionate. I would be lying if I said I didnt rather have an M9 over my Pen-f.

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From a marketing POV it'd be smart of them to nail video. It'd be great if they could get compressed raw in there, though doubtful without some active cooling.

The market is niche because as already pointed out, the price point is one where you can buy an entire second-hand cinema setup. So it needs to be people who really want a little high-end product with a historical status attached.

Not for me, but I'm sure some fashion people will end up using it.

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they'll sell more of these to be used as directors viewfinders / recon scouting cameras on high end productions than you'll see ravens or terras used in high end sets.  The best dop's are usually very accomplished stills photographers and will lap this up - if only for the leica badge.  If L-Log and the sensor readout is good then this will be rather popular for actual productions too. - adaptability of lens mount, and a sensor size that will render closer representation of the fov/dof of a RED 8K Weapon or Alexa65 then current offerings. - if kipon produce a SL mount version of their MF focal reducer things get even more suitable for use as a scout cam for the alexa65

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Funny, I checked that camera yesterday afternoon but there's basically as good as no user experience.

It's Leica, so you can expect a surcharge just like it might say Gucci or Louis Vuitton on it. I can get the appeal of the M system because of the rangefinder, that's a specific way of photography that's really enjoyable... even though the cameras are massively overpriced compared to their specs / sensor quality.

The thing is that, with the Leica SL even more so than already with niche cameras like the Samsung NX1, you will be on your own. There probably won't be speed booster (4k only shoots APS-C crop!) nor smart adapter for EF / F (Leica not interested because they want you to buy their 4k$ lenses, 3rd party because only 37 people in the world will buy one), no specific cages or accessories and software / LUT / you name it support will also be lacking.

The Leica M system was always well positioned because it was the Leica M system. The lenses, the rangefinder, the small fullframe body. The M9 was a legend. The SL system probably will struggle mainly on price point just like the S system struggles against PhaseOne. Everything that wasn't Leica M was basically a rip off based on Panasonic cameras just like Hasselblad selling the Sonys.

Edit: As usually I sound more negative/pessimist than intended. I think the camera is cool. But it's ~3500 $ cool and not 7500 $ cool, it's more like an alternative to a A7rII in my eyes.
Is there tests regarding rolling shutter, moiré, aliasing, low light, etc? The last things I've seen were still with the buggy log profile.

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Been looking at this recently since Ive just bought a Leica for stills (needed native DNG) and as usual I did a lot of research.
Its actually not that expensive. It costs about the same as the 1Dxii.
Two totally different cameras, sure, was just comparing the price.

The Leica would suite my needs more for stills, it looks better, its 4K 4:2:2 (even the old M is 4:2:2 btw), better mount (imo since it adapts electronically to M) and its going to drop in price much much faster.
The later is the good side of people saying its not a "real Leica", it makes used prices more comparable to regular mirrorless. Which in my country means that they quickly become pretty much free.

So its not like Im going to buy it, at least not this year, but I just wanted to vent my thoughts after an intensive week of Leica research.

And as a side note for those that think the T line isn't really like, that it doesn't have the same quality and craftsmanship... that the manufacturing doesn't cost as much to justify the price...... well....


BTW I had that thing on for the full 45min when I was working, made me want to get one :)
Fount a T with the 23mm Summicron for what just the house costs new. But I already have a great P&S for stills, wanted a bigger RF.

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