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NX1/NX500 Hack Test Footage

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17 minutes ago, MKSN said:

Tested Vasile´s patch v4.12 today.

Clips 100fps and 50fps 1080p. 
NX1 with Canon 50mm 1.8 FD lens.
GammaDR / Sat -3 / Sha -7 / Hue -9 / MBL +15
M31 Lut + curves 

Dropped frames at 0:20? What bitrate were you using?

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Shot with vasile's 140 mbps. Still from 4k on 1080 timeline. Andrew's gamma DR settings but no LOG LUT. Just used visioncolor impulz rec.709 tetrachrome FC + Curves, saturation boost and vignette. Use

hey guys, please find below my first serious attempt of shooting with samsung nx1. It's just a travel film but i wanted to be more like a manifesto for the people in Nepal that stood straight before a

I was curious if in-camera playback will work with high bitrate hacked video. Andrew mentioned in old article ( http://www.eoshd.com/2014/04/nikon-d800-hacked-50mbits-high-bitrate-recording-option/ ) 

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16 minutes ago, MKSN said:

I think warp stabilizer is causing that. I need to check original footage again. Bitrate was 180mbps

Are you sure? I'm shooting with Vasile's newest 5.02 patch and even at 120mbps I'm getting a variable frame rate when shooting 120fps, instead of a constant 120fps.

edit: Just tried 60fps at 180mbs and getting a constant 60fps. I wonder what's up with the 120mbs 120fps. With KS mod pack I was getting constant 120fps with 120mbps

edit: Tried 120fps at 110mbps and got a constant 120fps!

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2 hours ago, MKSN said:


i checked my footage, its ok. Some clips were around 99,80fps but clips used in project was constant. There is actually duplicated frames in 00:20, most likely caused by stabilizer.

I shoot PAL format so 180mbps works for me usually.

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On 13.6.2016 at 9:31 PM, Sten said:

NX1 Camera - How to Download Custom Modes for Your Samsung NX1 Camera


This one is pretty useless, you somehow have to obtain the file created and configure it in some program on your PC because the options for it are shit, you basically just making a preset for your camera to shoot after, you select it in the smart mode on your NX1 or NX500, its same as those other fancy stuff they have, its basically just a pre filter they add on afterwards but instead of doing it yourself the camera does it for you.

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