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YAGTC (yet another guess the camera)


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7 minutes ago, jase said:

Nope, it is a rx100 iv. Have to say that i am quite pleased with the results!

Ahhh it was my first thought. Then I changed my mind. Then I thought it again but one shot threw me of a little:(

Been researching it like crazy lattely so I was afraid my mind was playing a trick on me :)

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1 minute ago, PannySVHS said:

Lookin great! So you traded your LX100 in for the Sony? Quiet a decision:)

yes, and definitely not an easy one. I am still not sure whether it was the complete right decision, but the even smaller formfactor as well as the slowmo (and andrew's review of course) made me jump on this trip. We will see :)

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7 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

Hey Jase,

looking good. Now the high resolution is really visible even when watching it in 720p. LX100 and GM1 from

your other videos hold their own though, with beautiful color. The Tiffen Ultra is the filter or the plugin?

Thanks! It's the filter.

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