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SLRmagic designing new anamorphic lens for M43

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A couple of years ago SLRmagic started a thread on Dpreview's M43 forum for input for a new m43 lens, people asked for a fast wide lens, from the input the 12mm 1.6 was born.

SLRmagic are to design a new anamorphic lens for m43, and would like the input of anamorphic shooters.

Have your say... [url="http://personal-view.com/talks/discussion/4466/most-wanted-anamorphic-lens#Item_1"]http://personal-view...hic-lens#Item_1[/url]

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Very interesting. I'm surprised the discussion is turning into 'wider than 1,3x and 1,5x' on Personal View though. Not that I dislike the wider anamorphics, but the reason i'm using a 1,75x projection lens right now is that it's just damn difficult to find a 1,33x or 1,5x adapter for cheap.

A dedicated 25mm f/3.2 1.35x or 35mm f/3.2 1.35x (like they suggest) sounds lovely to me.

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the japanese made amazing products
they took ideas principles optical concepts.
took electronics,mechanics from europe made stuff better and more reliable.
they had ideas men.
proud men that wanted to best the us,uk,france and germany.
the chinese just steal
why think and waste time when you can use someone else's ideas.
china maybe a super power but it is not from original thought or ideas.
why buy an arrifllex lamp when you can copy and steal the design.
let us see if china can make a 500 dollar anamorphic that is better than an ebay 150 usd 30 year old proskar.
let us see an original chinese design for a change.
let us see something original for a change instead of retarded knockoff

quality optical and build that is the thing.
i have a 1980s leica noct,i have a 1950s nikon f1.1 and a canon f0.95 all in perfect solid shape german and japenese quality.
most kowa and sankor anamorphics are still going strong after 30 years of user abuse take the money was always a factor but it was by producing long term quality not short term money grab.
if and when slr magic do it test it quick and send it back if it is not good.
some people have had a few quality issues with the company.


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