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    Daai reacted to Neumann Films in Youtube 4K quality is so poor you might as well shoot 1080p   
    I think the highest possible resolution on the phone is dependent on the phone itself. Mine can do 1440p, for instance. You don’t necessarily have to do 8K, it’s just the best data rate. 4K is double the 1080p data rate so simply upscaling your 1080p timeline at the end will make for a better looking 1080p (assuming people choose to view in 4K).
    The “Auto” setting is based solely on connection speeds. My desktop has a really bad WiFi adapter, when I’m using WiFi and watching an 8K video “auto” will go to 1080p. If I plug in via Ethernet that same video will automatically go to 8K.
    Keep in mind that it will also cap based on your device. I’m happy that most TV YouTube apps finally support 4K so those videos now look amazing on my 4K HDR home display. 
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    No wonder they didn't want the EOS R5 to go the extra mile.
    They had this to flog us.
    Who's got a spare $6K?
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    Daai reacted to wolf33d in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    I don’t know what to think. 96min of short 4k120p clips is good enough for me on one hand, but overall 5min improvements in most codecs and mostly the very little improvement in recovery is a joke. Also I use the camera for photo between video shots and stills use kills the recovery. So I am gonna wait for some testing but first impression for this FW update is go f*** yourself Canon. 
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    Daai reacted to ajay in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    After this firmware update, we've got a good indicator that Canon is not going to open this camera up for any serious video work. It's really meant for casual video work in which a hybrid shooter may want to get a few nice video clips.
    From a video perspective, there's no way would I use this camera for any serious, professional work.
    I've 100% made up my mind to stick with Sony for what I do. I thought I might go back to Canon and use the R5 for both my stills and video work but I've seen enough from Canon to know that they have not changed their tune.
    So...A9 for stills, A7SIII for video. Onwards!
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    Daai reacted to Hanriverprod in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    I think as a paid customer you trusted them and gave them the benefit of doubt but they ruined that trust and gave you a very expensive subpar product so you have every right as their customer to voice your disappointment at this camera and their overall attitude towards the people who actually keep them in business. You should call up your local Canon dealer and give them a piece of your mind and also write Canon customer service and let them know how you feel about spending close to 5000 euros on a product they marketed for professional usage INCLUDING VIDEO but is completely and utterly broken.
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    Daai reacted to karoliina in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    I paid 4900 euros for the camera and expected to be able to shoot at least 4K HQ with it as much as I can when placed preorder. I aknowledged that there could be problems with 8K video, but I was not worried because 4K HQ 10 bit 422 would be fine with me most of the time. And it turns out the cripple timer cripples also the 4K HQ. 

    I think apologist attitude "oh yeah Canon has all the right" smells deeply rotten. I don't care what Canon thinks, they have ruined the video capabilities of the expensive camera I purchased and traded my 1DX mark II (which did not overheat even in 4K 60p) to. I expected the new camera to be better than the 1DX mark II in video. And it came with Jesus-specs that would show Sony who is the king of video. Then it turns out, after already paying the camera (had to pay in advance to actually get it), that it has timer that ruins all usable video modes. The low quality pixel binned 4K mode most definitely is not what I traded my 1DX mark II for. Because 1DX mark II was able to do high quality 4K all day long, no C-log, but it had EOSHD-C-log installed which was fine. With this timer, my choices are worse image quality than the camera it replaces or live with the timer I never expected to even exist. Canon has betrayed me as a customer. I am not so rich that it would be indifferent to me as a customer if I get fooled by a manufacturer that sells intentional lemons instead of products they marketed.
    Canon has no excuses to treat its customers like this. It is despicable. I have no reason to be kind and with apologist attitude towards Canon and than them for ruining my video shooting experience in contrast to the previous camera I had from them. I did not buy this camera for its 4K low quality mode. I could have bought Sony A7RIV instead, if I wanted a camera with pixel binned low quality video, high dynamic range sensor and high megapixel count for still photography. I bought the Canon instead because I expected it to perform better as a hybrid camera than the Sony A7RIV as it had all the things I had been wishing for: 10 bit video, raw video, full sensor readout, Canon DPAF, eye-AF etc. in the same package. It looked like the perfect camera for me. However, Canon completely ruined the video shooting abilities of this camera to category "not suitable for shooting video", unlike marketed, and unlike what I paid for. 
    I will use any hack available to shoot video with my R5. And if Canon "fixes it" in the next firmware releases by removing these hack capabilities, I will never upgrade the firmware.
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    Daai reacted to mechanicalEYE in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    Who here  with an R5 is gonna be the first to update?
    After all this, I'm feeling like I may need to move slow with R5 firmware updates.  
    No formal response, but just the firmware update that they mentioned before we call came to know what we know now. 🧐
    They might try to low key close some loose ends.
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    Daai reacted to mechanicalEYE in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    Hope they dont sprinkle in a little more cripple 
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    Daai reacted to Electroholic Anonymous in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    I had to cut the 5th run of 17 short to 10 minutes, battery empty icon was flashing. Doing a 6th run with a fully charged LP-E6NH and letting the overheating timer crash and lock me out. Doing the JPEG immediately after. If it reaches 20 minutes, if it gives more we might surpass 100 minutes.
    5th run also peaking at 62C. It's an all day 8K camera, people.
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    Daai reacted to heart0less in The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread   
    Take it with a grain of salt, BUT despite the clickbaity title (which is totally intentional), it's a solid piece of advice and shows how a professional DP tackles basic color grading.
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    Hurray at least. This is the important thing, that it gets out there and prompts Canon to rescue the situation as they should
    And that it gets out there credited to the right people, unlike with TONEH, even better.
    Never under estimate the power of embarrassment!
    Firmware update in T minus 10,9,8...
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    Daniel I agree 100%
    We are customers at the end of the day and deserve some respect and to be levelled with in an honest way!!
    It really drives me up the wall, the fact that I can break all this news on the blog and in Canon's eyes - I AM the villain right?!!? ME! The guy who said Canon had finally turned a corner, rushed out to give them my hard earned £4200 only to find all my worst suspicious were true.
    The fact they have not apologised to me or to customers like you after all this investment is a DISGRACE.
    If a class action happens I would support it 1000%
    I cannot believe the depth of stupidity at the senior management level in Japan.
    Why do they feel it is ok to release a product with an "official overheating problem" let alone an artificial one?!
    It would be industrial level sabotage if it wasn't so self inflicted.
    I cannot believe how slow they have been to respond with an apology and promise to investigate and fix the firmware.
    They are actually standing their ground on this?? WHY?
    Out of fear they might lose a few sales in a niche business division that deals with expensive camcorders?
    The EOS business is surely bigger and should be pulling the strings, not the other way round.
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    Daai got a reaction from andrgl in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    keep pressure them. you doing good work ! i mean if they got nothing to hide. why not just answer us? even when lousy excuse.  this was canon "debute" camera and all this shit? never seen so many creative way to use the camera as this one. If so then canon should made a manual for "other way to make it work".
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS R5 so-called overheat timer defeated by a single screw in battery door   
    It has yet to be proven that 8K RAW goes indefinitely, but yes it is very impressive hardware.
    There may be thermal throttling or lock-ups somewhere during long sessions, we don't know - but what is now proven without a shadow of a doubt is how artificial the 15 minute limit is and how it counts down on a timer rather than a high maximum temperature cut off point.
    My opinion gets stronger every day that all this is about segmenting it from the Cinema EOS cameras.
    But we all know this is a stupid business decision, because most Cinema EOS camera owners wanted to buy an EOS R5 as a b-cam, second body, third body, handheld rig, you name it.
    In my opinion Canon seems to want to sell every professional shooter a minimum of 2 very expensive cameras for the same shoot - one single hybrid camera at $4000 plus very expensive high margin optics is not enough it seems. Shoot stills? Buy EOS R5. Shoot video? Buy C500 Mark II. Shoot both. Buy both.
    Yup it is terrible for us who just want to buy the EOS R5 for it's amazing hardware and cinematic images.
    We're always the one to get screwed it seems.
    This is why Canon, in my opinion, has been losing video users for years.
    It is faulty thinking, throughout the company. I don't know which part of Canon is most to blame - USA or Japan? Both? EOS or Cinema? Maybe both? Or do the EOS guys secretly really dislike the politics that the Cinema business has brought to the company and the restrictions it has placed on their products and all the stupid segmentation?
    Either way, they must change.
    I am up to 1 hour of 8K H.265 which is very special from a 45MP full frame sensor.
    It makes it even more frustrating that Canon has turned it into a lemon then!
    If Canon chose to lie to their customers about limitations on a $700 consumer camera that was boring and unexciting, the passion wouldn't quite be as strong to uncover the truth and fix it... That it is a very expensive flagship camera and the first of its kind in the world, makes it a hugely emotional topic for me & you, and rightly so.
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    Just in case anyone missed it here is the hack methodology in full:
    Here’s what I did during the 50 minutes 8K test:
    00:00 – Power on the EOS R5 normal from cold 01:00 – Remove battery card door, camera powers down but power switch remains in “on” position 01:30 – Insert small screw in the battery door sensor as pictured below. Camera turns back on. 02:00 – Set video mode to DCI 8K resolution (IPB codec) to SD card. 02:10 – Hit record 17:00 – Roll to approximately 17 minutes (“overheat” warning icon will be flashing) 17:05 – At this point pull battery during recording 17:15 – With battery disconnected remove SD card and put freshly formatted SD card in the slot instead 17:20 – Push battery back in and power will return, overheat warning is gone and timer is reset 35:00 – Record for another 17 minutes! 50:00 – End of test I could go until the battery died, basically.
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    Exactly - if nothing to hide, come out and say it... I honestly think they fear the legal consequences of this. And are uncertain on how to proceed policy wise. Canon are a big committee and do not move quickly on important decisions.
    It seems obvious to us -
    Just apologise and fix the problem, give us the impressive camera hardware as the engineers intended it and not crippled version with a firmware timer.
    For $4000 we are within our rights to request it.
    But to Canon it is probably all out political nuclear war and all sorts of manager arguments, in multiple departments and even multiple regions.
    I am sure some in the company are absolutely ashamed of what has happened.
    But they are not going to go above the level of the CEO and come out and say it publicly. Hierarchies are VERY strict in corporations, especially Japanese ones.
    We should give them yet more time to respond.
    It may be that Canon choose to ignore all their customers for 1-2 months completely and then just spring a firmware update on us.
    Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if we never get an apology or really any honest answers.
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    Like I said in the article, I have approached everybody I know who works for Canon, and one of them is Michael Bravin, ex-ARRI, so we are not talking about the regional chinless wonder junior sales reps but people who have clout, who could make a difference and who I assume to be ethical people willing to help.
    Let me tell you...
    I have got nowhere fast.
    The same with Canon UK.
    I believe they are probably just sticking their heads in the sand or probably don't even understand the depth of customer anger there is about this.
    Or maybe we are a niche who don't make them the extra billions they are targeting so fuck us.
    Just one of the reason's we've a right to be very angry.
    Everybody who has spent $4000 on this camera (or even more in many regions) has a right to an honest explanation, and an apology, and most certainly a fix.
    I do agree that maybe a less harder, pro-corporate position would make for a more harmonious relationship between EOSHD and Canon.
    But I cannot sacrifice my principals - The right strategy at the moment is to simply carry on speaking the truth to bullshit, with factual evidence to back it up and as many deep technical discoveries as possible ideally with the help of Magic Lantern. We must pool our knowledge.
    Then Japan can do what the like to be quite honest.
    The ball has been in their court since day one and will continue to be.
    If we don't like what they have done, the onus is on us to stop being nice little easily-led consumers and to spend our money elsewhere! Perhaps even in the high end smartphone camera market instead.
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in Removing internal battery resets EOS R5 overheat timer   
    Let's be honest, these stupid workarounds are not practical on set.
    It is up to Canon to fix the damn camera, not us.
    We paid the money, and not a small amount.
    Unscrewing the back, prodding the card door sensor, ripping the clock battery out... None of it is acceptable for $4000
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    Daai reacted to Geoff CB in Sony A7S III   
    You loose color information in log images in 8-bit codecs. The more DR here you are trying to accomplish the worse it will look. S log2 is really the limit for 8-bit and even then sometimes that's pushing it.
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    Daai got a reaction from foliovision in EOSHD testing finds Canon EOS R5 overheating to be fake   
    hit them where it hurt most. talk to them with your wallet. share the article. make them trend on internet!
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    Daai reacted to karuchie in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I think we're going to have to introduce a superior AF system and sell to a wide range of people to make our business viable, because cameras will sell even less in the future.
    People who need MF can simply turn off AF.
    There is no need to deny the superior AF system.
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    Daai reacted to Hanriverprod in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    I hope they drop their current af so I can hopefully use their new cameras on a feature production.
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    Daai reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD testing finds Canon EOS R5 overheating to be fake   
    They only have two faces
    Frowny gurning face.
    AMAZED gurning face.
    And of course the two faces they show in real life... One face to the PR reps and one to their audience.
    Here's the results of my fridge test:
    Maybe the freezer next but to be honest the point has been proven so many times.
    I'll put my effort into getting Canon to fix this now and getting an apology out.
    Otherwise, I'll see them in the small claims court and some of my 4380 euros back.
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