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  1. Either you are mentally ill and your paranoïa is altering your judgment and brain functions, or your love affair/carnal passion with the z6 distort your capacity to process information and makes you attacking even the person who said they love too your "precious" half... I answered you with facts. Period. And, again, it is not because I point reality with facts, with links, and I open your eyes concerning nikon recents failures, that I am a Nikon hater. You behavior is seriously disturbing. So, you won't read, again, but it will be my last try, after that... it will be like arguing w
  2. At first I thought "Oh please, someone help me...". Then, I was laughing. Seriously, this is my last answer to you. Here are two links. Sorry, I won't browse every selling places. I'm a also in 2 facebook Nikon selling group. What I said is what I see on a daily basis on many selling places, as I'm trying to sell mine since 2 weeks. The first one is on a famous French forum : https://forum.hardware.fr/hfr/AchatsVentes/Photo-Audio-Video/nikon-nissin-di700a-sujet_721010_1.htm Z6 + 24-70S + XQD 64gb + a second original battery, bought on the 5th of January. The guy sold it 2070€ t
  3. Yes, sorry, I was bit exaggerating with "half". But here are some numbers (roughly) : the brand new kit z6 + ftz + 24-70 was somewhere between 2800/3000€ , depending on the shop, at the beginning of December. 5 months later, you can find it used, in "like new" condition, for below 2000€ (but mostly around 2000/2100€). Plus, there is right now rebates that pull down those prices. I find it to be quite a quick fall. If I remember well, Andrew wrote in an article that he got troubles selling its Z7, even by cutting a lot the price. Anyway, it is really good for buyers ? !
  4. I was thinking the same... Not talking about Microsoft hegemony over the pc world ahah. Just my feelings and opinion, but: given all the tentacular monster companies from the US that live on "spying", collecting data, selling them etc. (not talking about that : https://www.expressvpn.com/blog/8-ways-the-nsa-spies-on-you/ plus, should we talk about Snowden ? ) and all the disastrous implications for the future... seeing all this mess as a government action to protect consumers and security, is, to me , as surprising as buying trump's idea that by massively arming people it woul
  5. You should try to understand more what people write, and wait a minute or two before answering. Or maybe I was not clear. But, anyway... Look, allow me to auto quote myself : I loved the camera, period. I have just reacted to the link talking about the potential issue (what Nikon and you name "service advisory"). The fact that you don't know about the d600 disaster tells a lot about your lack of knowledge concerning Nikon recent history tinted of fails (and greatness like the D850) If you had possessed a born dead D600, a 3 times recalled (yes you read it : 3 f*cking recalls
  6. Yes I agree. Truly a great camera, and I maintain all the good and long things I wrote about it some months ago. I'm just sad and annoyed to have to get rid of it because of $$ reasons... The 24-70 f4 alone is a sufficient reason to jump on the ship. Well, being soon camera less, I will have lots of great choices when I will have enough money again to find a new camera.
  7. Why are you so harsh with everybody questionning Nikon here ? Seriously, do something... some weeks ago, you were liking my post and we were both "defending" the z6 by arguing with others here. Why are you always answering like we had insulted your family ?! And why bringing on Sony ? Man, your 2 sides vision of the camera world "good nikon / bad sony" and your constant attacks are really disturbing.. go treat yourself seriously. For the record, I had Nikon D90, D600/D610,D5200, D7200, and Z6. You wanna compare ? Oh, and I can add my girlfriend's D750 and apsc bodies...
  8. I'm currently trying to sell my Z6 for financial reasons. The 24-70 f4S sold in 2days, but the Z6 + FTZ is impossible to sell : large amount of bodies already on the used market, and for really low prices. I just checked and my unit is fortunately not concerns by the recall but, seriously, it will make the resell harder... D600-gate may still be in the memories ? My last time Nikon, really...
  9. ahaha this petition is more epic than the new season itself ! https://www.change.org/p/hbo-remake-game-of-thrones-season-8-with-competent-writers Almost 600 000 signatures.... when cnn shared it 7h ago, it was at 300 000... I read that the showrunners will write the next start wars. I hope they will have some books to follow ?
  10. But The Expanse not only depicts "a vast underclass of exploited low class ignorant people". It also talks about Mars, a highly technologically advanced civilization, that once dreamed of transforming Mars into a Earthy like place. We can also see research stations etc. We even see what you describe, or sort of, with the biggest ship ever made, built to send people colonize distant unknown worlds. ; this one was not built to be loaded with "useless" people . "Belters" or colonies as you describe, are, as I see it, only workforce. They live a shit life at the end of the solar system in ord
  11. SPOILER : Samwell Tarly killed more people than the Golden Company. They really lost me when they started to write by themselves without following the book anymore. I felt it like a cards castle collapse : everything was rushed, unlikely, too easy. I couldn't enjoy the episodes anymore, as I was constantly obsess by the non-stop mess. Season 7 was, to me, really painful to watch, given all the things that had been built since episode 1 some years ago. But these season is really really worse. 8 seasons that are supposed to lead to next Sunday episode that, given what
  12. Fallacious arguments and bias party ! Someone here appropriated too much Schopenhauer's "Art of being right"... Mixing up facts and opinions, putting forward the "free thinking" and "independent thought" argument, bringing on the "fear" and political correctness that one bravely overcomes to tell the truth, and wish more "sheeps" could access this level of "awareness"... Congrats. Flat earthers and trendy conspiracy theorists use exactly the same mechanism...
  13. Oh, sure you are not... Your non-stop peremptorily assertions and fallacious arguments is not "trolling" ; this is "Jonpaiing" in cow-boy style. I understand why you are constantly fighting with a lot of other members. Seriously, you've made this thread awful to read. I'm out.
  14. I'd like to share one or two clips, but I'm reluctant as I'm still learning how to properly use resolve and grade. I'm still working on my skills and, once I will be comfortable, I'll post here flat/before and an after clips. But what I can say is that the flat footage is quite neutral, and with only minor tweaks like curves, saturation etc. I really find the image to sing. And that's come from someone who likes what he sees from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, BMD... I've always preferred Nikon for stills (over Canon), and I find all the attributes that make me like Nikon imagery in the
  15. If I'm not wrong, this is literally the first real world raw video (and graded) that we see. Maybe give a little time until experienced filmmakers try it when it will be widely available. I share the Castorp's view : Nikon is not widely represented in the video world, so you do not come across the same amount of great footages provided by videographers and filmmakers, as with Sony, Canon etc. Most videos I see are graded in a way that departs a lot from what you got straight out of the camera with the flat profile. Maybe people like Matti do apply their Canon or Sony sauce to the Nikon fo
  16. I use with my Z6 an adapted 50mm 1.8G via FTZ, along with the new 24-70 f4, and I found the stabilization quite good with the 50, when compared with the 24-70. I have yet to further test it, but I think that 3 axis is better than 0. Also, given the rather new Nikon's propensity to give more features through firmware updates, we can hope for future enhancements. I'm also curious to see how it will work with the adapters from Kipon and Techart, as I have got an eye on Canon long lenses (like the 200f2.8 and 400 f5.6). What are those MF glasses you are thinking about ? Since the last tim
  17. As I am learning Resolve, here is a still grab. It is just a test, nothing serious, after having tweaked the wheels to check how the flat profile responses. Shot with the 24-70s, handheld with the help of high winds ? Oh, btw, exiting news these days : a speedmaster 50 f0.95 for z mount is coming, as well as new samyang lenses and techart adapters (Sony to Z, and canon to Z) are soon to be announced.
  18. Aaaah sorry, I have read you comment too quickly ! I have yet to try the 24-70 with ibis in sport mode, but so far it is working better with the 50 1.8G. Good news, as I do not see any difference except from less wobbles and jitters.
  19. Yes, correct, no ibis on the xt2, but I relied on the 18-55 OIS to add a bit of stab. From what I remember, the distortion auto-correction was incriminated in a lot of forum speculations. But, as you wrote, it may be something running in the background. Concerning the z6, I have just read on dvxuser a guy who seems to get rid of the wobbling by setting IBIS to "sport". I'm gonna test this today with the 24-70. I'm testing right now with the 50 1.8g adapted via ftz, and it seems to be less jittery/jumpy, but I will confirm that later buy reviewing on my computer.
  20. @androidlad Do you have an idea why a potential issue would only appear at certain ISOs (I ask because of your technical knowledge I'm always amazed with ! )
  21. It must be my limited English skills, but why use "sterile digital look", thus giving a pejorative tint ?! I have always enjoyed your tests, but since you circled back to canon, I feel you are quite negative toward other stuff, including stuff you have tested and liked recently. If I recall, each of those cameras you have tested the last months (quite a lot !) , received a high "score" in your posts : gh5s, xt3, z6... Of course, you compare them to your C200, but every time, when the cameras were in your hands since several days, you were nothing but positively surprise by the quality. I might
  22. Did you try the flicker reduction option, just to compare ?
  23. Thanks for these wise words ! All I can say is that I'm really satisfied with my z6, as it is, although conscious and irritared by some quirks (like every camera eh ?). At first, I wanted to later buy a bmpcc4k, or even a 5d iii + ml for the raw capabilitie and more cinematic/narrative stuff. If adding a ninja v with the future firmware update will bring me close or not too far from to the 2 aforementioned cameras, in terms of imagery, I'll be more than happy. In that case, the ninja v would only be added for specific shots, more planned, with more stuff around, thus the "bulk" generated being
  24. Agree, exatly my thoughts. They give us that, while everybody express, one more time, its disappointment concerning canon newest release... Announcing a lot of lenses and disappointed cameras may appears relevant for some... But for me, the firmware updates announced by Nikon, the existing Nikkor lenses lineup, the coming adapted possibilites (the sony to Z, canon ef to z, leica etc.) plus the new S lenses are more than what I need, thus highly relevant !
  25. Ah, that's interesting thanks ! I was sure about the distortion correction, because it was supposed to be the case on the Fuji XT2, and the Z6 wobbles is extremely similar. But your tests point to the ibis, I guess. To be sure we talk about the same phenomena : by wobbles, we talk about a sort of distortion, like a shift in the corners, not just "shaking" ? On my Fuji, it sometimes appeared on the entire frame, while with the Z6, it seems to only concern the corners. So, again, fingers crossed for the FW update ?
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