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  1. Oh I'm not living too far (near Chambéry) ! Yes I read that concerning the VLOG policy... I can't understand why, as it seems the offer is available in many countries. Maybe you could check if the offer works by buying it in France ?
  2. Panasonic rebates are presented here : http://blog-gh4-france.over-blog.com/2019/06/offres-sur-gh5-et-s1.html It is officially a "trade in" (not sure if it is the correct expression...) Panasonic offer, but some shops translate this as direct rebates. For example, on the above blog (a French guy sponsored buy Panasonic), there is a code to use in a shop (the guy is a partner of the shop) to obtain 300€ for S1 + 24-105, plus a second code for a free battery ! There is a "Eng" button on the shop's website, but it doesn't work ahah. I you are in Europe, you can contact them by email to
  3. In France it is part of the Panasonic summer rebates, including GH5/s and S1/r if I am correct. We also have Canon, Nikon and Sony ones. Fuji, I believe, shortened the sales by stopping it before the official sales ending period they firstly announced. You are right, it is a better price ahah ! I just checked the "competitors", and Eos R + 24-105 and A7iii + 24-105, with rebates/cashbacks, are roughly at the same price as what I paid for the S1 + 24-105 (3099€). Nikon Z6 + 24-70, with rebates and sales can be found for quite a lot less. I got a free battery and free Vlog, Sony offers war
  4. OK I take note and will try ! I am gonna fill out the application form to receive as soon as possible the upgrade !
  5. You, guys, are superheroes !! I use LIDAR data at work (mapping and analysis for biodiversity project, forestry, geology etc.), and I am amazed just to think about this stuff used for camera AF ahah. I would be super glad to use that on my 2h new Panny S1 ?
  6. OK, sorry, I couldn't resist anymore ... 300€ immediately off, 1 free battery (90€ worth), and the 200€ worth offered VLOG upgrade finished my efforts to resist... OK, now I have to sell a lot of stuff ahah !
  7. I just posted a link on the MC-21 topic, showing S1 + sigma 18-35. Short clip, but maybe useful for some :
  8. Ah, just in time, a French shop just posted a video about MC-21 + S1 + 18-35 !! All shots are handheld and in lowlight. At 34s (guys in red) they use face detection (focus change from one face to another at around 39/40s). They say they are really impressed with this combo.
  9. A side note concerning the Iceland video, as it has been made by a French guy and is accompanied by a blog post. He recorded it with a beta version of the firmware, and he explains that the point of the video was to put the camera to its limits in terms of acquisition and post processing. That is why, I think, he pushed the colors. http://blog-gh4-france.over-blog.com/2019/07/mise-a-jour-1.2-pour-le-panasonic-s1-af-vlog-et-422-10bits-interne.html Oh, and by the way, he also filmed one of the promo videos for the S1 : Edit : not sure the video above was a promo
  10. One here, near the end of the video with the music player scene : I think Richard Wong posted one too
  11. I just dug the AF thing and, after watching videos, I can say it will be reeeeeeally sufficient for my needs. I understand V-loggers, wedding videographers etc. prefer to turn to Canon or Sony for that, but seriously, for occasional use of AF, and mostly MF for critical shots, I will be happy. Richard Wong's videos were already posted, but this one gives good examples. In fact, not bad considering it was released before the new firmware update (tested by R.Wong) : Kai's one gives examples too : (No, I'm not resurrecting "digitalrev tv" ahah. I don't particula
  12. Yes, the camera got kicked on internet for it's lesser level AF compared to the competition. But, still, I am probably going to buy one, cause it almost ticks all other boxes for me. I was looking at everything else : canon eos R, nikon Z6 again, Sony a7iii, 5D iii raw, fuji xt3, bmpcc4k... The S1, for my use, could be the best balance. For that, I am ready to sacrifice a bit of af, as I do not shoot high speed sports stills or critical one man band videos, weddings or vlogs. I played with a G9 a month ago and, whoa, what an experience. Only the joystick is poorly placed if you have littl
  13. Thank you for your impressions Reading that from someone who used ML raw is encouraging ! One last question : do you record on SD or XQD ? If sd, would you mind sharing which model ? I wonder too if pany will release an update for allowing compatibility with CFexpress (as Nikon promised), even if I believe there is not a lot of news on this front. Ah, I just checked my drawers and found a complete kit of LEE gnd filters + filter holder to sell, plus a lens or two... that way I will have no more excuse to continue to resist buying a S1 ?
  14. OFFTOPIC (sorry) "Sony a7R IV: 60 MP DESTROYS Canon & Nikon!" Those youtubers are really becoming utterly pathetic, and sound more and more like retail salespersons employed by Sony. Seriously, even better, look at the update : "UPDATE: Further testing has revealed some issues. We're working with Sony but right now we recommend waiting for our full review before pre-ordering." WTF is that ahaha ? The title made me sorry (even knowing that those two are Olympic champions of shitty clickbaits), but the update made me laugh so hard. The good thing is we know
  15. Thank your Lars ! If it is not too much to ask, can you deliver you first impressions about the S1 ?
  16. They also wrote an article : https://www.cinema5d.com/panasonic-lumix-s1-v-log/ Here is what they say concerning dynamic range, near the conclusion :
  17. Ah you are right... Did they get into controversy at some point, forcing them to explain and justify their protocol ? I think I recall something like that...
  18. yes ! I'm really no expert, but I would be surprised that Panasonic offer such an upgrade with no substantial benefits on dynamic range, while this particular point is advertised as a "plus" of the upgrade (I also try not be too naive with marketing though ? )
  19. I always welcome your insights as a kid under the Christmas tree ? (not comparing you to Santa, promise !). But : Noooo, please, I will need for September/October a camera that can : - be used as a landscape/documentary still machine - film real-time northern lights - survive rain/cold/snow - offer killer IBIS to help with wildlife video recording and replace or get close to replace a Gorilla pod for "on the go" filming - Record on easy to handle media as back-up on field will be an issue - treat my blisters - dry me when I am wet - heat m
  20. Yes, I found the Gerald Undone not very impartial, despite the perceive technical quality of the video (some of his fans call him "teacher" !). It may just be me, but I felt he was emphasize a little more on the advantages of the A7III, or maybe on the things the S1 does less right, while not doing the same on the opposite way. I really have to watch it again, it may be my memory, but that's my feeling from my watching. For example, the IBIS, from all we can see for now, seems miles and miles ahead on the S1, and I believe he passes quite quickly on this... which is strange, because everybody
  21. He seems to like the gradability, and he also tempers the "low bitrate" while insisting on the "gorgeous image". Still, it's too short, I want to see more ?
  22. Oh, I promise you I am in the same boat ahah. Waiting for the Z6 raw update to maybe buy one again. But the S1 ticks a lot of boxes compared to Nikon, Sony and Canon equivalent, as I place IBIS and body sturdiness above, for example, AF (I see the Z6 as a smaller and lighter S1, with better AF but less impressive IBIS, so just a matter of priorities - in any case I favor it a lot compared to Canon and Sony offering). It even could make a good combo next year with the Sigma FP. But tomorrow announcement from Sony could make a big difference ; even if their current offering does not interest m
  23. Ah, couldn't import the clips in Resolve (latest 16 beta), then discovered 10 bits h264 is a Resolve studio capability... So back to premiere... I may have to buy a bmpcc4k to obtain a licence key and be able to use S1 files ?
  24. Thanks a lot Andrew, will play with it this afternoon. What do you think about the IBIS ? From all the reviews I read and watched, they put it, for some, at the GH5 level, and even in the G9 league for others (I guess it is with dual IS and the 24-105).
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