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  1. Yes, and I know some photographers that are asked by clients to dive into video, so the Z line might be attractive, instead of switching to Sony. It also could sparks an interest among a larger audience ; I'm reading more and more comments on forums (video oriented, or photo specialized with a dedicated video section), from video shooters that are really intrigued by 10bit/FF/ibis/robust construction. Personally, despite having no Nikkor lenses, I've chosen the z6 over the a7iii, primarily for build quality and handling. Better evf, lcd and touchscreen, great ibis, desirable Nikkor G line
  2. A quick follow-up on my previous first impressions, + issues found on the web : - As mentioned everywhere, the AF starts to really struggles as the available light decreases. Absolutely not a deal-breaker for my type of stills shooting (maybe with wildlife though), but surely for sport shooters. - Ibis during video recording with the adapted 50 1.8G impresses me. - Ibis with the native 24-70 s is really good at the wide and normal focals, but clearly less effective near 70mm. I've tried to shoot handheld in DX mode, so at around 105mm ; it was cold, windy and, despite trying my
  3. Hi all, Very long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve got my z6 in hands since the beginning of the week, and thought I could share some first impressions. Bought it in kit with 24-70s + ftz + a free XQD card, and a 50 1.8G. There was a good sale in a big French store, and I managed to buy it with almost a 550€ saving (regular price was 3099€ ; xqd reg price = around 180€ ; sale was a lense + a mirrorless = non negligible discount % ; 50€ cashback for the 50 1.8G). Here are some first impressions, after a couple of short hands on tests: PROS: Handling is great,
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