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  1. So far, it has only annoyed me at wide angle (at 24mm with the new 24-70 f4), as I explained earlier. It is the same behavior as with my XT2 + 18-55 ois and 50-140, and seems to be linked to the distortion auto-correction. I've posted a link to the dvxuser forum where someone found the same conclusions. I easily get rid of it with DV Resolve, by using a minimal amount of stabilization (and a tiny crop most of the time). It really works well. With my adapted 50mm 1.8G, it does not appear, which points to a messy distortion auto-correction. At around 70mm, it is quite jittery, when I c
  2. Ah, must be quite convenient to see the things you do not understand as "troll" ! I have owned a GH4, Fujis XE2, XT1, XT2 XT3 (briefly), and various dslr from Nikon and Canon. I maintain my feeling concerning the XT3, especially compared to the rest. I'm OK if you see that as trolling, but it won't affect the reality that me and others have encountered. Plus, everybody agrees this little guy is a beast.... just some concerns about build quality, nothing else.
  3. The stills side also need to be taken in account for hybrid shooters. Already got a z6 and wanted to later add a Bmpcc4k, I'm gonna wait to see what is coming from Nikon as firmware additions !
  4. Yes, that's exactly what I thought when I wrote "I'm not saying it is deliberate, but more a kind of opportunity to make the camera live a long and evolving life !". My rather limited English bridle my capacity to express what I think ? I too need to update my software !!
  5. Maybe, after all, they've decided to fully copy fuji concerning firmware updates policy ! On XT2 and Xpro2, we've seen a lot of big improvements (4k addition on xpro2 if I recall, F-log + 120fps on Xt2...). So, you launch a product, not fully developed at its highest capacity, and you make it become better and better with updates (I'm not saying it is deliberate, but more a kind of opportunity to make the camera live a long and evolving life !). Given the atomos claims in the above videos, and the Nikon decision to play the updates game, a lot of good stuff could happen (at least, I hope for t
  6. OK thanks for the answer ! Fingers crossed for the firmware update.
  7. Hey @DBounce, I've just came across a dpreview forum thread talking about your video, and someone suggests this : Any idea if it is relevant ?
  8. Ah, not cool... Is there a way to transcode ProRes Raw to a Resolve compatible codec without too much loss ? Just out of curiosity, I know it may be a hassle to dive into this process...
  9. Dave, maybe you can investigate about Nikon fresh news concerning firmware updates and Prores Raw video output with Atomos ninja v ?
  10. Oh wow, unbelievable ! I was so happy about the Z6, but still uncertain about a possible firmware to fix some meh stuffs.... but this... shocked ahah !
  11. I'm too still learning the AF on the Z6 ! In video mode, when I'm not manually focusing, I mostly rely on "all time af" (or something like that, I do not have the camera in hands right now), wide area, and I either move the camera so the focus is smoothly operated on the wide area I've selected, or move the af area with the joystick, to pull the focus smoothly wherever I want on the frame. I rarely use AFC or face detect. For stills, I'm transitioning to capture one pro, as I can't stand Lightroom anymore ? As for video profiles, I use the flat one, with the sharpening just lowered a
  12. Thank you Simon, great points, and exactly my feelings. Before I buy the Z6, I've ordered an XT3, as I was using an XT2. I've opened the box, took the camera out of its cocoon and, before mounting a lens, inspected the sensor, as I read that some people found dusts stuck under the first layer (do not remember which filter it is), and had to send it back to Fuji for repair. And, I was lucky enough to find a big dust in the middle of the sensor ! So, I've grabbed my rocket blower, trying to remove the spot. As I was blowing, the part around the sensor (do not know of what it is made, but it lo
  13. An update, after having played with footages in resolve. I've discovered an nanoying behavior with the 24-70 f4, the same I encountered with Fuji. At 24mm, there are some visible wobbles in the corners. I do not think it is an ibis related problem, but more an auto distortion control one. It was the same with Fuji. A guy too find this behavior on dvxuser http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?361639-Nikon-Z6-10bit-output/page2 The option is greyed out in the menu, with this lense. I hope they will offer the possibility to disable it. For the record, it seems that this behavior does
  14. Just a quick update, as I've just come back from 3 days of winter camping in the mountains, and I want to share my short experience concerning battery life. So, during 3 days with just below 0°C temperatures, I shot mainly short video sequences (around 30s) from dawn to dusk, milky way photography one night, some landscape photo in the morning and in the evening, and a lot of image reviewing. The camera stayed outside with the battery still inside it (I usually remove the battery from the camera in winter, and take it inside my sleeping bag, but not this time). Right now, I'm reviewing
  15. Face tracking with adapted lenses on the z6 (The guy did a previous video with the z7 too). Not too bad for a 105 1.4 lenses, and adapted... I obtain pretty similar results with my z6 + 24-70 f4 which is, by far, sufficient for my needs !!
  16. Just a tip : By default, the camera is set to shut down after a given delay (30s or 1min, can't remember), and goes into standby mode. I was surprised when everything went black in the middle of a long shoot ! The setting to change is in Custom Menu => C "Timers AE Lock" => C3 "Power off delay" => Standby timer. I set it to "No Limit". The Everedy day dad has pointed it out in its review, and someone gave him the tip.
  17. I'm just back from a winter hike in the snow, and the z6 was out to take its first freezing assault. Some observations : I can operate with my lightweight gloves without any problem. It is a huge plus. The touch screen works OK ; some icons on the screen are rather small, thus difficult to touch, but nothing insurmountable. I repeat, again, the screen and evf are both splendid. Switching between still and video is just perfect, as a lot of people have pointed. It is so much better than what I was used to with my Fuji X-T2. For hybrid shooters, it is clearly a big plus.
  18. Nice thank you ! I'm really liking the image. Flat profile ? Everybody praised it with the d750. It will be great to compare with the 10bits. I did not have time yesterday evening to perform some tests, but hopefully tonight will be OK. As for today, I've only shot short tests, with tweaked standard profile and the flat one, and I'm enjoying the output of the standard (I'll certainly ruin the flat footages in attempting to grade it so...). By the way, are you considering buying a cage ? I've got an eye on the smallrigs (https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-cage-for-nikon-z6-nikon-z7-camera-2
  19. Interesting finsd concerning video AF : The Z6 behaves differently when using adapted Sigma lens (I have to check if it is the same with an adapted Nikkor lens), native Z lens and when using the touchscreen AF. The transition is really smooth (I find it pleasing) when using the native lens, but faster with the Sigma. It's like the AF settings were ignored with the latter. When using tap focusing, the native becomes as fast as the Sigma.
  20. Caleb's favorite lenses for 2018, featuring a set of Nikkor f/2.8 : 17-35, 28-70 and 80-200. Those 3 are really tempting... heavy but tempting ?
  21. Sure, I will try tonight with my z6. What exactly should I do (sorry, never did stuff like this) ? Camera on tripod with lenscap on, NR Off (+ others parameters properly set), then record every ISO step from 100 to 51200 for a couple of seconds, then edit this to make a short video ?
  22. Guess what, after a long week-end of reflections, she has finally decided to go for the 300 PF (+ tc1.4), and get rid of her Tamron 150-600 ! The latter has become a real penalty as hiking is often involved when we operate. Now, if money was not an issue, the 500 PF would have been a target. We can find the 300 on the used market for around 1100€, which will be covered by selling both the Tamron and a Nikon D600 (already sold !). This little gem will better suit our needs ! So, now, as we will share the tools, we have to choose one or two complementary lenses : Nikkor 200-500 f5.
  23. Yes, you're totally right. As I'm debating between the old 300 f4 and the 300 VR PF, I want to know what works (and don't) by combining ibis + ftz + vr lenses. I even got a tamron 150-600 to try out :D But, I do not have a lot of vr/G lenses anymore, so I'm gonna see what I can do (maybe borrow from friends).
  24. Thank you, I always highly value your experience, and this one does not disappoint ! Don't tempt me on the 300 PF, I'm fighting this for weeks The 500 PF seems to be quite great too. Problem is they cost more than my car (at least for the 500 !). My girlfriend is a wildlife photographer, and she is tempted by the 300 PF as well ! I need to check how a VR lens works with the new FTZ and ibis on Z bodies. If it adds a substantial gain in stabilization, by combining the benefits of both, it will surely be very interesting. Yes, the 70-200 + TC is appealing, as I've used it in the past with gre
  25. I'm establishing a list of appealing lenses to pair with a Nikon z6. So far, I have noted some ais and afd primes (35 f2, 35 f1.4, 85 f2...), third party primes like voigtlander, helios, samyang, and zooms like Nikkor 17-35 f2.8, 28-70 f2.8 etc. But, I'm now looking at telephoto lenses, and I wonder if someone ( @BTM_Pix ?) knows the Nikkor 300 f4 afs (the version before the new PF) ? I've found an example here, and is seems to be really great, even paired with the 1.4ii teleconverter. The new 100-400 telezooms from Sigma and Tamron are good, but may lack the old Nikkor's character.
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