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  1. On 5/4/2020 at 11:55 PM, jgharding said:

    I chatted to Alex and he said he’d like to update specifically for the S1 but maybe in the mean time try the emotive LUTS for GH5s as it’s also a little more magenta

    Yes great, I will wait for a S1 version. Will buy it as soon as available !

  2. 11 hours ago, TheBoogieKnight said:

    I love the S1 body.


    Same for me !
    Used a lot of dslr by the past (mostly Nikon), then Fuji (X-T1 and X-T2), a Nikon Z6 and now a S1. We read a lot of "the camera that inspires me to shoot" concerning Fuji, and this is exactly the same for my S1. I loved my Fujis, but the S1 suits me like nothing before, handling, buttons, grip... I often shoot in challenging situations (cold, snow, shitty weather...), and the S1 is the perfect tool for that. It is big and heavy, sure, but offers so much that I forgot about it !
    I will soon be in the market for a complementary body, smaller and lighter if possible, to share lenses (L-mount and Canon ef) with the S1. My list is now reduced at : Fuji X-T3 and Sigma FP if I find a good deal.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Simon Young said:

    You know what people use where I work, at the national public television, besides the ENG-cameras? Panasonic GH5, Panasonic S1, Panasonic GH5s and I've seen one S1H. You know what they won't be using doing professional video work on the field? Canon R5 in 8K raw.

    A bit off topic but : this remind me of "our planet" that I finished to watch some days ago. In the BTS episode, especially the Siberian Tiger sequence, I was intrigued by something concerning the camera traps that filmed the sequences that ended in the episode "forests". Yes, they used GH4's : https://www.tshed.co.uk/2019/04/netflix-our-planet-siberian-tigers-filmed-with-the-tshed-4k-trail-camera-system/

    Seeing that among cinema cameras (saw some Red), and given how this sequence captured by the Gh4's render well, it made me thinking a lot 😄

  4. 2 hours ago, eleison said:

    But yet, Europe have more cases and deaths than the USA which proactively closed it's borders.  Also, guess which country will come up with the vaccine first?  If history is to be our guide, it will be the USA... while the Europeans once again wait in line hand in hat saying "can we have some of that?" once the hard work has been done.

    Yeah right ! 
    Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner, Hiro & Tasaka, Von Behring, Shibasaburo Kitasato, Albert Calmette, Camille Guerin, Charles Nicolle, Vieusseux, Guy Henry Faget, Jules Bordet,  Octave Gengou, Michiaki Takahashi... those good ol' Yankees from Merica !

  5. On 11/6/2019 at 10:41 PM, Trek of Joy said:

    Nice hands on experiences @Geoff_L and that aurora shot looks great! The new FW looks like one major complaint has been solved - manual exposure in HFR modes. Interested to see if anything else is significantly improved. I want to test one and see if it can replace my a73 - which has been a photo/video workhorse. 


    Thank you Chris ! I thought about the A73 and the new 200-600 (crazy lens !), but I couldn't resist the construction, video options, amazing ibis etc. I will find a small and not too expensive companion to my S1, only dedicated to long reach and wildlife, even if it wont challenge the Sony AF.

    22 hours ago, Video Hummus said:

    Thanks for sharing your hands on experience @Geoff_L. Sounds like an amazing trip. The Panasonic G9 + PL 200 f2.8 + TC is an amazing combo for Tele use and even better now that the G9 has been given an amazing buff.

    Yes, I came across some wonderful images with the combo ! But the most impressive stuff I have seen is from a guy using GH5 and GH5s + adapted tamron 150-600 g2 and canon 500 f4 : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZA1bwRJaqneQAc7jT27kDg/videos
    The last one with the bear, and the one with the great grey owl are wonderful !

    3 hours ago, 1Ale82 said:

    Thanks for your field report. I am organizing an Arctic expediton myself in Greenland for next March, so I really appreciate field reports. At the moment the S1H is the first on my list, the S1 the second one.

    Considering ergonomics, did you use the camera with your gloves on? What about the batteries in the cold?

    Oh very nice, you are lucky, I would like to explore Greenland too ! Yes, I used the camera with two layers gloves : next to skin thin wool gloves and thicker mittens that opens to free your fingers. I also wore an outer shell with gore-tex mittens, but I always removed them to use the camera. What I often did during high winds and cold is open one mitten to free my fingers, while just opening the end of my thumb on the other hand. If I took photos, the right fingers were free, to press the shutter and play with the joystick, and the left thumb open (or not if very windy) to help zooming with the lens ; for video, it was the opposite : free left fingers to help zooming and focusing, and just the right thumb to lay on the area dedicated to hold the camera (not sure if i am very clear...). In both cases, it worked well. At night, during aurora sessions, I mostly wore all my layers thus, once focused and framed, I just had to quickly free one hand if needed. I believe this is the positive side of having such a big camera with great ergonomics.

    Concerning the batteries, I brought 5 of them + 4 powerbanks  (yes, the panasonic batteries are 3500mah if I remember, so very power hungry !) that we shared with my wife (who used a panasonic LX100 for video and a nikon d7200 for photos) : 1 ravpower 26800 mah Power Delivery usb C, and 3 "small" ravpower 16000 mah. As I brought the panasonic battery charger (USB C), I could charge directly in camera +  simultaneously via the charger. The charger check the humidity rate and air temperature, so I struggled sometimes to charge batteries inside the tent (it refused to charge : the leds blink to let you know) ; in that case, I hide the charger + powerbank inside the down sleeping bag !
    Battery life was better than what I expected, but , as usual, they drained quickly during the cold days, especially as I relied mostly on IBIS and avoided the tripod during the day walks ! The ravpower 26800 suffered a lot from the cold, despite keeping it warm inside the sleeping bag. To give you and idea, we where 15 days in the mountains the first half of the trip, mostly off trails, in "remote" valleys, so no possibility to charge anything. Having 5 batteries worked quite well, and allowed me to avoid charging them a lot.

    3 hours ago, omega1978 said:

    @Geoff_L no problem.i have received the Sigma mc-21 today and have try the Tamron 24-70 G2 that i have on my Sony FS5. The AF is acceptable for foto.So maybe i try the Tamron 15-30 and i can switch the lenses in both system..

    Good to hear ! The 15-30 route sounds good, so that you will be able to share it with your FS5 or anything else. This is one of the reason I will sell my sigma 14-24 : too much specialized and not sharable with what I want to buy...  

  6. Wow, I was looking for a second camera to pair with my S1, especially for wildlife photos and videos, as the adapted long lenses via MC-21 are not very useful and L-mount long lenses are not there yet. I thought about buying a canon mount lens (canon 100-400, 400 f5.6 prime, sigma 150-600 or 100-400...) plus a GH5 or Canon 90D and share the lens with the S1...
    But this announcement changes everything ! With Panasonic cashback and sales, I can buy  a G9  and a panasonic leica 200mm F2.8 + tc, for around 1700€  !! Quite crazy... I may take that route and have this awesome lens constantly glued on the G9 !

    (No @Andrew Reid, I am not a "wild boar pig lovers" ? , and yes, I will remember for long these one ahah).

  7. Hi everyone !

    I wonder which profil you would use for very lowlight situations (in fact, night shot of northern lights, between iso 12800 and 51200) ?

    CineD seems to be quite good in lowlight. Right now I'm trying HLG, an I will compare it to CineD.

    I have never played too much with LOG, so S1 + VLOG is my big first. I already understand that I won't use it in lowlight (I tried, to test ? ).


    On 8/30/2019 at 1:48 AM, nathlas said:

    Try compare new 14-24mmL mount  with previous one of EF mount( which was best wide angle zoom along with Canon 16-35mm F2,8 III) on a MC21 if you have the opportunity please.



    Ah sorry, I do not have the opportunity to do that. I'll share some stills this week-end, maybe it wilk help you.

  8. 46 minutes ago, omega1978 said:

    Perfect ! What have you pay for the lens? in europe best price i have found  € 1489 ? 


    Found a "week-end" deal on one of the biggest French store : starting price was around 1500€, and I paid around 1300€ ! Considering that I firstly bought 2 wide angle prime lenses to try with the S1, in EF mount + sigma MC21 adapter, the total price was around 1100€... I immediately returned them, as with the Sigma I got a lighter setup, no adapter, weather-sealing, and better performance than those 2 primes !

  9. On 8/28/2019 at 8:13 PM, omega1978 said:

    I'm in search for the same lens. I need it for real estate photography. 

    Can you post a sample in raw from a room, with a 3 exposure bracketing. Thanks ?

    Yes sure, I will try tomorrow ! Did not have time to really test the lens yet (more than a hands on try), but, judging by what I see on the lcd screen, it indeed seems to be quite awesome.
    Can't wait to try it thinking I am Lubezki (before reviewing my footage ahah)  ? !

  10. Just took delivery of this(brand new Sigma 14-24 f2.8 for l-mount). I needed a convenient wide angle for landscape, astro and aurora photo, and wild field "documentary" plan for video.

    The growing thread (for the Sony mount version) on the fredmiranda forum suggests this is one of the most spectacular wide angle lens. Some guys compare it to their Zeiss prime, others ditch their Sony G.

    Can't wait to try it. Oh, and "only", 795gr... well balanced with the S1.


  11. OK, I received my VLOG yesterday and just installed it (it took 2 weeks for the process, from the day I filled the form to yesterday ; in France, Panasonic directly send you the box) . And, to make things more fun, I had an issue ahah ?
    I was testing different modes in my apartment, to check if my Sandisk 95MB could handle everything : 4k24, 30, 60 etc. While filming inside with no issue, I pointed the camera outside, through my windows and, suddenly, the screen went crazy as in the attached image ! I changed the wheel mode to A or P and tried a photo, and it was the same + lag and freezes. I turned the camera off, and now it seems OK. I found another one with, I believe, a close issue : https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4418385

    I did not format the card after the update process, maybe it could be related... I will be cautious and watch out if it reappears !
    Anyway, happy to finally having installed it ! First time I use vector scopes for recording, and I love it !


    Edit : grammar and orthography to prevent your eyes from bleeding too much !

  12. 3 hours ago, funkyou86 said:

    The UK deal with the FW upgrade + MC-11 adapter made me switch. The image is very gorgeous, but the autofocus is is rubbish with the Canon USM lenses. 

    @funkyou86 and other MC21 owners : could you check your electronic contactors of your EF lenses you use with the adapter please ? I posted some days ago in the "lenses" thread, because my lenses got damaged. I believe it comes from the MC21 adapter ; mine may be defective...

  13. 5 minutes ago, ac6000cw said:

    Doesn't [Image Area of Video] (page 238) do the same as [Ex.Tele Conv] for video - note the [Pixel/Pixel] setting?

    (I don't own the camera, I'm just reading the manual)

    Yes, I did not mention it, because it is not available in 4K ("When the following functions are being used, [PIXEL/PIXEL] is not available:– 4K Video– [High Speed Video]").

    So, I wonder if it wouldn't be the same to record in 4K crop mode, and then crop again while editing. I will try that !

  14. 6 hours ago, arson519 said:

    So the S1 does not have Ex tele conv mode for video? because i cant find it this is what made the GH5 so good

    Right, ExTeleconv doesn't work in video. You can read it in the manual, page 122, the icon "video" is greyed : https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/dscoi/DC-S1/P_PP/DC-S1_DVQP1869ZB_full_web_eng.pdf

    @Parker is right, you can set a crop mode, but the Ex. tele Conv, as in the GH5/G9 and Sony cameras doesn't work in video. It is really a big downside for me, as it was a strong selling point when I bought it, and I think I read the manual too quickly ? I wanted to use small and lightweight tele lenses, like the Canon 200 f2.8 or Samyang 135f2 (or zooms like the Sigma 100-400) and, by combining crop mode + ext tele conv, almost reach 400mm, with the brilliant IBIS....

    I hope for a future firmware update to change that.

  15. 53 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

    If the Red patent gets invalidated, that may not be the case. 

    The a73 and Z6 are considerably cheaper in the US. The S1r made no sense at its launch price. The a7r3 is even down to about $2500, which is pretty amazing for those more photo focused. But its not just the body, the 50 and 70-200/4 are more expensive than the competition. The 50/1.4 is $900 more than the Sony with its current $100 rebate. SMH.


    Yes you are right, the prices of the lenses are crazy ! Also, I did not know for US prices ; now I understand. But, still, for me, as I am using Canon adapted lenses, Samyang MF, and I am waiting for the native Sigma L-mount, I did not take into account the price of those golden pany lenses. Yesterday, I tested AF with the 24-105 native lens, and it works just as it worked on my Z6 + 24-70s (But I have a very limited usage for AF, I understand that Vloggers etc. find its AF crappy). I really think the last firmware changed things for the good. I also tested eyes detection, and it seems quite OK for me. Of course, those were not torture tests ? But for a slow documentary style, narrative etc. it will be enough for me.

  16. 14 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

    Everyone is putting stuff on sale right now, and with the Z6 refurbs going so cheap ($1800 with the 24-70/4) a $300 reduction isn't enough to get the S1 noticed. Panasonic's pricing strategy is still a little out of whack compared to the rest of the FF mirrorless world - outside of Leica of course. And they severely underestimated the importance of AF in this segment. They nailed the ergos and all the specs including class leading EVF and LCD and this camera just went nowhere, kind of like the Fuji XH1. The S line is forever going to be a small volume niche camera if they can't get AF issues sorted. DFD is going to be the downfall of the S line, which is sad because this camera could blow everything out of the water.

    I do like the Vlog image. Looking forward to seeing what else the S1h brings. Of course if the Z6 raw update ever happens, that makes the S1 a lot less appealing. IMO.


    I read a lot about the pricing strategy of Panasonic, but isn't it related to the S1R which, if I am not wrong, is badly positioned price wise, regarding the A7iii or the Z7 ?

    Because here, in France, the S1 with the "kit" lens is cheaper than both the A7 iii and Esor R with their respective 24-105 (around 100€ less vs canon, and 150€ for Sony). The price was always around this since the beginning (and we had rebates for the 3 cameras). It may be the different in other countries, but here, at least, pricing is OK I believe.

  17. 10 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    What about this one? https://www.samyanglensglobal.com/en/m/product/product-view.php?seq=230

    The 14mm is an "ancient" design with some flaws. I will be getting the 16mm the next couple of weeks but I am not going to have time to test it I think.

    What about this Haida VariND? Is it any good? Do you have a link for the specific one?

    Oh wow thank you, did not know this one even exists ! I had the 12 f2 on APSC, 14 f2.8 on FF and I tried the 20 1.8 FF, but 16 T2.6 FF could be the perfect balance. Very tempting. Unfortunately, I can't find a lot of reviews. Also, I was checking reviews concerning the 135 f2 and... what a lens ; they hit a home run with this one. Great for portrait, awesome for astrophoto. 

    The Haida VariND I bought is named "haida proii-s mc variable nd". If I remember, I got it from ebay, as I couldn't find it in stock in "regular" shops. I believe this is it : https://www.amazon.fr/Haida-PROII-S-Filtre-variable-ND9-ND1000/dp/B00GUOPM26/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=haida+proii-s+mc+variable+nd&qid=1566116628&s=electronics&sr=1-2

    When I bought it, raving reviews were everywhere, like the new Samyang of the filters world ! I also bought 3 filters from Haida (the same class if I remember well), but non-VariND ones as I wanted them for stills only.


    Edit : just took an image of it


  18. 36 minutes ago, Lars Steenhoff said:

    Yes the 95 mb card is working fine for me, although I would not mind having a faster card, because there seems to be a little delay when I want to playback a picture just after taking it, as it needs to write to the card. ( using RAW + JPG fine )

    Yes I noticed that to. It takes a certain amount of time to write after a long burst (But I don't machine gun shoot, so it's OK!).

  19. 16 minutes ago, deezid said:

    Thinking about getting this one instead of a Pocket 6K.
    Slapping a Sigma MC21 adapter in front of it, some Rokinon primes, Haida VariND, V-Log licence and call it a day. May add a Ninja V later for UHD60p.
    Will miss 4K DCI but V-Log footage looks super detailed and clean.

    Also didn't see any sharpening nor destructive nr in the clips uploaded so far.
    May be the better option for me?
    Also how long does it take to get the free V-Log code usually?


    Still waiting for mine to be delivered. I received a mail from Panasonic France on august 9th, saying I will receive it in a week (so I hope I will have it on Monday or Tuesday). But i believe the delivering method is country dependent. I tried a Samyang 20 1.8 with MC21, and it was great. I returned it, because I want larger field of view, and I will order the 14 f2.8 next week (want this sigma 14 1.8... but my wallet and backpack don't). I also got an Haida VariND (love it !) !
    I have the 24-105 L "kit lens". Of course, not a character lens, nor extremely bright, but so useful range and unbelievable dual IS. I just tried the LINEAR focus mode with this lens. First time for me, and it is just wonderful. You can quickly change the focus adjustment range from 90° to 360°. I leave it on 150° and adjust when I need to have more or less range.

    I am still discovering the camera (more on the still side for the moment), but I really love it.  Also, concerning cards, it seems to work well with my "old" Sandisk pro 95Mb/s ; I tried 4k 24 and 4k60, and I faced no problem. I hope it will be the same with the Vlog upgrade (I believe @Lars Steenhoff confirmed that), so it won't be an expensive cards eating machine. I may order a Lexar v60 to try.

  20. Hi all,

    I just noticed a little thing and I would like your advice (yeah, I just need to be reassured, I guess ?). I checked the mount of my new Canon 200 f2.8 ii L, that I use with my S1 and Sigma MC21 adapter, and I noticed a contactor is a little damage. There is a small plastic "ramp" in front of a contactor on the lens, that seems to guide the pins on the adapter side. It seems the pins have "dig" a bit in this ramp, to make their way, and scratch the contactor. I noticed this because I wanted to try an Irix 15mm lens, and I couldn't fully mount it (I did not try to force). By inspecting the Irix mount, the same plastic ramp was really damaged, even more than the Canon. Plus, there was a small golden debris lying around, indicating that the irix contactor has just been "dug". I then tried to mount again the Canon 200mm, and everything is fine, no debris, no further digging etc.
    I also use a Samyang 20mm without electronic contactor, and, of course, no problem ! I have used the Canon for a week, and it works with no problem. Have you ever seen something like that, and do you think it would worsen with time, or lead to "contact" problems ? I suspect the mount tolerance is designed for Sigma lenses, and it may differ a bit from Regular Canon or other manufacturers... ?

    Thank you !

    Ps : this is a macro image... in reality, it is really less evident.



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