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  1. I didn't know of the video image comparison tool. Awesome! The XT3 is amazing in 120fps, I'd usually avoid it on any other camera but I am not using it pretty openly.
  2. I am using auto ISO at 2:37, no dramatic lighting changes but you can see it a bit.
  3. wait the XT1 can't possibly look that bad
  4. Besides the internal 422 and unlimited recordings I think the Fuji holds its own and even comes out on top in many ways. For high speed shooting the Fuji is definitely the winner. Both are great cameras though.
  5. Sure though honestly I see tons of people using Nikon as well. I don't think DOF is a big thing but yeah its simply the latest thing. How often are people actually shooting wide open in reality? The bigger the better though. I'd be shooting Canon if money wasn't an issue for me. The C200 would be my choice, nothing better out there for video IMHO, though the XT3 comes close honestly. Which is why I am perfectly happy with it right now.
  6. Isn't it 1.8 vs 1.5? If you don't need high speed shooting yeah the difference isn't that big. I honestly don't think the Canon would be superior for photos aside from having the shallow DOF advantage.
  7. The old Fuji lenses like the 56mm 1.2 work a lot better with the XT3. That said the 50mm f2 is a nice lens as well.
  8. The XT3 fits all your needs. Though I'd probably just get two of them over an A6500. Easy to match. GH5 or S if you need continuous recording.
  9. How much more Dynamic range do you get in RAW vs Prores? I am kinda debating on whether to get the original BMPCC or the 4k version. Any advantages if I'll only be shooting in 1080p 30p?
  10. Again for me if you want something more traditional or professional Black Magic seems obvious. The GH5S is undeniable a nice run and gun camera.
  11. Do you think the XT3 was capable of a good image in harsh light tho? How does highlight roll off compare between the two?
  12. Would also say the Blackmagic Pocket 4K. Same sensor as the GH5S but with pro features RAW, Prores, XLR inputs.
  13. Yeah the Ronin S definitely is the best bang for your buck right now. Although cheaper models can be very suitable, especially if you get a dual arm for them.
  14. Show me who is selling it for $25 I'll buy it. serious message me😎
  15. Yeah face tracking isn't always useful, but regular tracking seems to work very nicely. I was also surprised how well it focused in low light. The lenses I've tested are the 23mm f2 and 50mm f2.
  16. I don't know if I completely get the question. I am still learning with the XT3 auto focus. But I find it very easy so far. I set the speed to 0 and tracking sensitivity to +3 Seems to give a very smooth focus pull while not being too slow. Face detect works very well but doesn't always focus on the face you want and loses focus if the person turns away.
  17. The PDAF on the fuji xt3 is just lovely. 😎
  18. Yeah, I like using longer lenses with my gimbal.
  19. I really like this camera, though I am hesitant to just wait and save for an Olympus camera that has PDAF.
  20. This is a big reason I would buy if it had PDAF. Skintones and colors should look amazing. Black magic is known for having good color science.
  21. The main thing that made me leave the GH5 was auto focus. A GH5S with IBIS would be my real cup of tea though. The 6400 on the GH5 is very questionable.
  22. I don't think M43 is dead as long as the specs stay competitive. If it has higher frame rates, better color depth then competitors then people will still get it. If not then yes it will die. The GH5 is still competitive IMHO due to the IBIS and of course the IQ is still awesome. I've thought about purchasing it again after selling it because the IBIS really is amazing and the user base is pretty cool too. The Alexa Lut and Leeming Lut make it a different camera in some ways.
  23. Yeah IBIS is nice for vintage lenses. As for auto focus the XT3's is amazing. Just super fast and accurate even in really dim light.
  24. Trying to back up all the gear that wouldn't kind of ruin my shoot if I didn't have it. 2 Cameras, 2 gimbals, some extra lens options( not going to have two of every lens). I have many different battery chargers. I don't edit on the go so I don't need any of that stuff.
  25. I know I will too😁 I was already pretty happy with my XT20, so this is just icing on the cake. Its nice to be able to shoot in log again. Thanks! The vlog was shot on an XT20. It is really a nice camera for the price. Its really useful for vlogging, and sometimes if you are switching from a dark interior to bright exterior. I'd wouldn't want to use it in a film though.
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