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  1. For APSC Prime a 28mm does makes sense. Not too wide but not too long. Can't get very wide shots with it but any wider and I wouldn't like it for close ups and such. For Zoom its hard to beat a 24-70mm f/2.8G
  2. That looks really good. I am trying to decide whether to get the 18-55 or save up for an 18-135. I liked the short too, colors look really nice.
  3. Yep same as XT2 at least in 24 and 30p. 1.5 up to 4k 30p and 1.75 up in 4k 60p and 1080 120p. Even cropped it has a large field of view then the GH5. The battery should be better, but I doubt it will have a flip screen and the crop factor will be the same. I also think it will have the same H265 codec.
  4. Can you post an example of video with the 18-55. Curious to see the stabilization. I will definitely buy one if its decent. IBIS is nice, but honestly I was happy with the OIS on my Sony A6300, if it can match that I'd be really happy. I'll definitely be converting the H265 to prores.
  5. Yeah there are already reported lock up issues on the XT3, though it seems a simple battery in and out does the trick. That could be annoying if its rigged up on a gimbal or something though. This cameras should match the GH5S in low light, with NR. I don't think you'll see any RAW camera that doesn't need NR at high ISO's. Not saying a full frame wouldn't do better but even slog on the A7SII can be noisy.
  6. Looks like I was right, more then matching the Fuji, beating it (in some ways). That said, its too expensive for me. I was going to wait to see what comes out next but I am now going to bite the bullet and buy the XT3, don't think anything else is going to match it as far as what I need.
  7. I agree with you on that. I don't see how its advantageous for them to release something before its ready. As to 14 bit raw vs 10 bit 422 or 420, I don't think everyone needs it. But some people do or at least want it. To me its just an amazing feature. Expensive cameras like RED do 14 bit not 1000 dollar pocket cameras.
  8. Yeah its not too bad though since I am so used to shooting on the GH5. Its the same crop as the GH5S though.
  9. I am sure BM will sort out all the issues. They are kind of known for releasing a "mostly" finished product. Image quality is subjective but in general I agree with him. Nothing else shoots 4k raw anywhere near this price, especially considering it does it up to 60p and of course 1080 120p raw(though it is 4x crop). You might not like the M43 look but there is no arguing the 14 bit raw 4k. Impressive little monster. Not sure how great it is for run and gun though. Maybe its a nice little sneaky camera or gimbal camera. Run and gun ehh I am not getting it though, especially after hearing about the 4x crop in 1080p. Fuji XT3 for me(soon maybe, hopefully).
  10. Yeah I was talking more moving objects.
  11. soon, we got 8k sensors, so its not too far out. I don't really even edit in 4k much though lol.
  12. Definitely, the issue with Panasonic is the focus isn't very accurate, so the touch to focus can be useless at times for video.
  13. I am waiting to buy the XT3 haha. I am kind of doubting the XH2 IBIS will be satisfying enough for me, but hopefully. If not I'll wait for the XT30 for a B cam(hopefully it'll have 10 bit).
  14. Try shooting in standard, or maybe one of the cine settings. Slog2 has the most noise, which isn't necessarily a bad thing you'll just need to use neat video (or another NR software) in post sometimes.
  15. Understandable but also silly. Would be good for them once they get past the loss in investment. Much smaller camera delivering what they need. I feel like most people using an FS5 need the cinema camera layout not just the image quality.
  16. Maybe they'll surprise everyone and put 10 bit 420 in the A7000. I think its going to be the camera you want except for maybe dual card slots.
  17. I'm with you. I was really considering Canon until I looked into Fuji, and they have better video specs generally. I mean a Canon C200 would probably be ideal for me buts its very pricey haha.
  18. thebrothersthre3


    I love the 35mm look. Though I agree its kind of an unnecessary focal length on APSC.
  19. I am betting the features will be slightly better. They have to stay competitive.
  20. Canon has really pleasing color science, Panasonic doesn't have that. The 10 bit codec on the GH5 and S is definitely more robust. Most people aren't that good at color grading though. Having nice colors out of he box is easy. Fuji has nice colors though which is another reason I'm buying it. Banding is another issue for log profiles that 10 bit handles much better then 8 bit. Not everyone needs log but it definitely gives you more dynamic range.
  21. I'd be going with the Black Magic if it modern age auto focus but it doesn't. The nice thing about the Pocket is it has quite good ISO performance. Still Fuji is the camera for me. A cinema cam will definitely have advantages, being able to use more reliable cables like SDI rather then HDMI or micro hdmi. I like a really small setup though so its hard to beat the Fuji, especially with 10 bit internal 4k.
  22. The battery life on the Fuji XT3 is about 45 minutes continuous recording. Auto focus is now as good as or better (in some areas) then Sony. No IBIS with the XT3 obviously and low light performance isn't as good. Speaking of innovative though Fuji is really being innovative right now which was a reason for me to go with the system. Plus lenses that are like 3 times smaller then full frame.
  23. Unless they do a large redo of their color science I'll stay with Fuji.
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