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  1. Really damn, I am actually going to get one ASAP Thats a game changer tbh
  2. I am assuming it'll have a battery grip option. The grip on the XT3 sucks though, it shuts off when switching to the next battery. The GH5 grip will just automatically switch even if you are recording. I'd love the XT3 much more if the battery grip wouldn't do that. I still love it though 🤣
  3. I've done it a couple times lol. Not for an entire shoot though, just like a clip. Force yourself to make a habit of looking down at the seconds rolling everytime and you'll never make the mistake again
  4. btw Super 8, these are just my candid thoughts/feelings, not trying to make nail in the coffin statements, so no hard feelings
  5. Yeah, I don't really do much Doc work but I do weddings which can be similar(probably worse lol). I have used the URSA on doc work, depends on the subject matter. Used the S1H for some doc stuff and it was really nice honestly. The IBIS plus a Canon 24-70 just worked for everything, used the S35 mode which was easy to switch to, getting that extra range.
  6. Yeah the S1 is going for stupid cheap used. I'll get one later this year almost 100%
  7. Obviously it depends on the budgets.... The image from an Ursa Mini is not far off from an Arri, depending on which you are talking about. Dynamic range is quite a bit better on any given Arri camera. But you usually aren't pushing dynamic range that far especially on high end stuff where they actually light things. Anyways my point is Arri is the cream of the crop next to film. Arri doesn't have an 8K camera, not even a 6k camera. No auto focus or talk of it, way behind the times. But high end productions don't need any other that. RED is putting out the Komodo which is not an appeal to high end productions its an appeal to small guys. I'll also stick to my point that the image off an Ursa Mini 4.6k if graded properly has negligible differences from any given Arri in most practical situations. To be fair you could probably say that with a lot of cameras though. Yeah another reason why Arri's are top pick in comparison to RED. Probably also a reason Canon is favored for DOC work over RED, though Canon's are much more usable in general for that type of thing.
  8. Arri basically dominates the field completely whether it be motion picture or commercial. RED is still looked at as a compromise by most people. I wouldn't say RED is very innovative at this point anyways. At least in the narrative creative field, sports and stuff like that is different of course. DOC work is a bit different as it is often one man band or close to it in comparison with hollywood sets. You see more Canon being shot with Doc work. Hollywood is pretty slow to change as you really don't need much more than what an Arri offers when you have access to a crew to operate a camera. Something like the URSA mini is completely capable of most jobs that are being shot on Arris. But if its high end work an Arri is still expected.
  9. You could buy a grip for it...
  10. Hopefully it has an option that isn't overly sharpened. 10 bit log should really be an option too.
  11. I think the hype has died down but its a hugely popular camera. I see it being used a lot and I know a lot of people who are planning on purchasing it. I usually tell them its a good choice. I personally am thinking about getting one as well. The Pocket 6k had my attention but now that I think about it the Pocket 4k is probably a better option. Longer battery life, larger FOV with a speedbooster(1.34/1.24 crop depending on speedbooster, compared to 1.6), being able to mount a speedbooster also means a stop more light making it superior in low light, 4k RAW without crop(6k is not always wanted). I am thinking about an S1 or S1H as well but the Pocket is such a good deal at $1000 used. The internal RAW and beautifully easy menu system on Blackmagic is hard to beat.
  12. Sigma has come close to offering an affordable package that gives you everything you'd need. No compressed RAW or good auto focus though or intermediate codec. Full frame is cool as it gives an edge in low light. At some point that will no longer matter and sensor size will become pretty irrelevant. Once someone comes out with the equivalent of an S1H with Canon like auto focus there won't be need for much more for most people, especially if it has compressed RAW as well. In terms of more professional filmaking there really isn't a huge drive for better cameras. Its really this one man band stuff that is pushing the innovation imho. There will come a point when the one man band has everything he needs and that will drive down innovation as there simply won't be a demand for more.
  13. Camera straps worked better on heavy DSLR's, though I guess that isn't an issue with something like the S1H seeing its weight. An A73 tho or Fuji gets jittery real fast.
  14. Of course but we are reaching a point of diminishing returns. We've had 10 bit 422 for a while now(GH5), we've had great low light (A7S), we've had RAW(Pocket camera) but nothing has combined all of them together. Sigma has come close, the S1H comes close, the Pocket 4k/6k come close. They are all missing on of the ingredients.
  15. color grading 😅 Andrew does make color profiles for the Sony cameras... hint hint
  16. It was because they dropped the XT3 so soon after. I think it would have been better to do the X-H1 with an XT3 sensor right off the bat. But those marketing guys probably know better than me.
  17. I wonder if these filters would work in a blackmagic camera.
  18. Yeah but it costs about $400 and never comes up used! I got the Canon mount for $100 and the camera itself comes with a PL mount. I am cool with an adapter as I'll only use Nikon lenses for cheaper jobs where it doesn't matter as much. Bigger projects adapters can be a little cumbersome but its usually PL lenses or EF for big projects. I am really excited to get it though!
  19. Sony is stupid for not doing the same style camera with 10 bit, new AF, and Venice color
  20. The S1H is pretty peak in terms of image. It just needs better AF, 5" screen, and internal compressed RAW. Pretty excited to see this new Fuji camera. The Canon's are going to be tough to beat with their awesome lens lineup. I am guessing they'll be twice the price of what Fuji is putting out.
  21. That was a typo as I always get confused about which is which. Internal ND's and BRAW would be nice but I am perfectly happy with prores and am used to using ND's with my SLR's so its not a deal breaker. Kind of forgot about the IR pollution issue, but thats an easy enough fix. I didn't think it was possible but it seems like you can mount Nikon lenses to EF with a thin adapter. That might be the way to go for me. Just got one of those cheap CFast to SSD cables, I am gonna go that route for storage. Got an NPF to Vmount plate too. Its going to be a bit ghetto for now but it'll work.
  22. Well I just got an URSA mini 4.6k, kind of an impulse buy but I don't think I'll regret it. Just watched a video comparing it to a C300 MK2. It sucked at high iso but the dynamic range killed the C300 and that was just shooting with Prores 422
  23. That's a really helpful test! Kind of wish I shot my last thing with natural now haha. Selling off my GH5 again though, this is the second one I've owned so far.
  24. $1700 shipped open to offers Looking to sell my GH5(mint condition), with battery grip, along with a metabones speedbooster, and three Minolta lenses. Also comes with 4 batteries. The lenses are 24mm 2.8, 35mm 1.8, and 50mm 1.4 The Battery grip is a great addition, letting you record continuously for at least 3 hours straight. The image coming out of the GH5 is pretty amazing. Incredibly detailed image, free from moire and aliasing. The IBIS is amazing allowing you to shoot handheld without any shake. The speedbooster gives you a S35 field of view and an extra stop of light. Combined with the fast minolta glass you can get some really nice images at 3200 iso in low light. The minolta lenses give the image a cinematic feel. The 35mm 1.8 is especially nice being very sharp wide open. The GH5 allows you to crop in to get more reach out of the lenses too. Selling because I recently purchased an URSA mini and already have two Fuji cameras. This was my second time purchasing a GH5 and I'll probably be back to it at some point, but alas this one has to go for now. The GH5 is like the ultimate run and gun camera, at least for the price.
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