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  1. This is a very strange one to me. I've seen online tests as well as examples from shoots I've been on of the Pocket 6k having really great dynamic range. Yet Blackmagic claims it has less dynamic range than the Ursa Mini and the same dynamic range as the Pocket 4k. Cinema 5d measured it at 11.9 stops while measuring the Ursa at 12.6. I tested the Pocket 6k against the URSA, both at 800 iso and the Pocket had more highlight and shadow information, by a good amount. If the Ursa has 12.6 stops of dynamic range the Pocket 6k has got to have over 13 maybe 13.5. I'll probably post the tests if anyone is interested.
  2. Sony doesn't even have external 10 bit video lol. Panasonic claims they don't do PDAF as it degrades IQ. Fuji 10 bit holds up pretty darn well though.
  3. Would be great if Panasonic got their AF and IBIS tech. Really the two things holding pana back right now. There is nothing like Pana/Olympus IBIS for vlogging
  4. This camera sucks beyond belief lol. Camera conspiracies hit the nail on the head. One of the best features that Pana has is IBIS, especially for vlogging and they removed it lmao. 10 bit is another great feature, really puts the image quality ahead. But they don't include that either... Plus it sounds like it doesn't have the auto focus features of the G9, which is also pretty essential for vlogging. Just get a G9.
  5. Yeah high dynamic range, codec, and resolution are the selling points these days imho. In that order for me as well. If Zcam was able to make something like BRAW internally they'd be a huge competitor IMHO.
  6. I am thinking the funky colors in the violin shot are due to underexposure. It looks like a rather high dynamic range scene. To get good exposure on your subject you'd probably have to clip the sky in the back. Underexposure can result in funky colors.
  7. How does the light work in mixed lighting conditions. Say daylight coming in from windows and interior tungsten lights? @Sage
  8. Makes sense. Its already lifted here thankfully. Hopefully the virus doesn't come back in full force tho..
  9. This dude's main reason for purchasing it was form factor. He found a rigged up P4K to be impractical on rough and dirty shoots. He still loves BRAW though he said the Z-cam has more dynamic range. Form factor is honestly a big reason I didn't pull the trigger on the P4K, though I still might get one honestly. If the P6K had full sensor 4k RAW I'd be all over it.
  10. Not to spam with youtube videos but seeing as their aren't a ton of Z-cam reviews on Youtube I thought this was interesting. He had previously switched from Fuji to BMPCC4K. He was impressed with the RAW and better tonal transitions going from 10 bit H265 to BRAW. He seems to really love the Z-cam though.
  11. Used market is probably your best bet. The 18-35 lens is so sturdy you don't really have to worry about them going bad imho
  12. I bought one and then cancelled it lol. Have to save for home rental deposit.
  13. I don't think it'll be anything magic but if it can offer clean high iso's, global shutter, high dynamic range, high resolution............ what's not to like? Not sure what people are expecting from some random videos of people at a beach.
  14. Looks like something on a construction site.
  15. Better highlight retention or low light?
  16. Both internal and external on the A7s2 are better than the A73. NR is just way heavier.
  17. Good point. I am guessing the A7S2 with an external recorder would probably win though.
  18. Interesting, I had seen some people saying they believing the S1 had a dual ISO sensor as it seems to get cleaner when you bump from a lower ISO to a higher one (like 3200 cleaner than 1600 or something like that).
  19. Did the A6500 improve over the A6300? The A6300 was unbearably bad in 4k.
  20. The a6500 is like 39ms right?
  21. I'd go with a Z6 or S1 for low light performance if you want a more modern camera. The A7S2 is the best performing camera at high ISO's though. Probably 1-2 stops better than the Z6 or S1.
  22. Yes EF!!! I’d prefer EF usually or something like it as it can be speedboosted or used with EF only cameras.
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