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  1. Ok! Thanks for the info! Another wee question, the MacBook Pro, which year is it from? I guess you use proxies? I'm thinking about getting a MacBook for SDEs but I want the bare minimum outlay as I usually use my iMac (for my GH5 4k 50p and 4k 10bit stuff, so kinda on topic!).
  2. Great work. I have a question, I guess you film each presentation completely because otherwise how do you get the sound and image of the quotes. The thing is, if you are on your own, how on earth do you find the time to save the footage on the computer, find the best bits, edit and export??? I presume that you also use at least 2 cameras. * I note that this was a 3 day job but the other was all in one day.
  3. What's the story with the horrible loud zapping sound when someone replies on a thread? (mac on Safari)
  4. As always, the proof is in the pudding. Luke's images look lovely but lets see how the camera handles low light in uncontrolled environments. Will the image look as good as the GH5 in good light? Hmmm...
  5. Is it simply a new Vlog which is 5 times better than the original...and will cost 500€/$? A free red sticker to be included in the purchase? This is terrible! Having to wait until 2018 means xmas has been ruined! Panasonic, quit f**king around. Bring back the original release date!
  6. The more I think about the GH5s the more I hope it's true. The GH5 is a great little camera and I've used it a lot since I got it but in certain event work the lowlight really lets it down compared with my Canon C100. If the GH5s is a video centric GH5 with far better lowlight and some other enhanced video features (magnify for focus whilst filming, more accurate battery levels, better sound controls when using a mini jack mic, etc) then I could see myself going all in with Panasonic as they would have an almost perfect line up (I focus on video not stills). I have a GX85 from Hong Kong ( no recording limit) as a B/C video cam and small handy stills. GH5 for general video work and B cam in events. GH5s for weddings, events. And when I retire the C100 the EVA1 could well be the obvious choice as my next work horse. Hmmmm, definitely need the lowlight improvement as after a whole wedding season with the GH5, I can only really complain about lowlight and focus magnify.
  7. If it has 2 stops better lowlight and I can magnify to check focus while filming then I'm in!
  8. Totally agree. EVF is very handy. Use it all the time on the GH5 and miss it on the C100 mk1
  9. I'm totally with Kisaha. I'd prefer a 5000€ Canon C100 mk3 with 4k 50p with reasonable fast turnaround codecs Dual Pixel AF, good low light, maybe even slightly smaller than the C100mk2 and if possible some sort of IBIS. Pure run'n'gun all rounder. Like my C100mk1. A solid sensible camera. If it needs better codecs then you have to use a recorder. Ok, fine. Most people I know would buy that camera.
  10. Watched Blade Runner 2049 last night Not as powerful as the original but that's to be expected But it follows and develops the story from the original very well. It is very much the same world both visually and conceptually but not as poetic and enigmatic as the original. I liked it Long though!
  11. Thpriest

    gh5 timelapse

    Thanks. I would have liked to have had more time to correct flicker but it was not to be! Can Flicker free be applied to the video file or should I have applied it to the photo sequence before exporting?
  12. Thpriest

    gh5 timelapse

    Here's an example which mixes a static Canon 700D, a static Panasonic GX85 and a Panasonic GH5 doing the dynamic hyper lapse stuff. It was shot over 2 days (09.00-21.00) and the edit was done over night on the second day so it could be presented to the press at 10.00am the next day! Hence it has had no post production to remove flicker and any changes in lighting etc, there simply wasn't enough time as the site was over an hour or so from my home. The client was extremly happy with the result with it what matters! Key point about the GH5, all the hyper lapse was done by hand with no monopod or tripod! It's amazing what this camera offers in terms of flexibility! OliKMIA's videos are simply top notch!
  13. Interesting but way too expensive for me! Once I have delivered the raw footage to my clients I then delete the files as I no longer need them. The clients understand that this is their responsibility. So I need something for a fast file exchange and maybe storing files in the cloud for a couple of weeks whilst the client gets round to downloading their files. Space - 1-2TB, Speed - as fast as my internet connection allows! That way I can free space on my day to day hard drives.
  14. Thanks! I have various WD discs as back up and I'm pleased with them.
  15. Would this do the job? https://www.macnificos.com/pack-my-cloud-ex2-ultra-6tb-wd-red
  16. Hi Juri, to be honest I have no idea how that works! I have little time to dedicate to this so I really just want something simple that is fast and reliable. Is NAS quick and easy to use?
  17. Thanks. Cost is a consideration but I can spend 10-20€ a month for a decent file transfer service. I have Mega but it is rubbish and doesn't work well. The clients always have problems downloading the videos.
  18. I'm increasingly needing large cloud file storage (1TB or more) and fast upload/download/transfer speeds. I have a Mega account as a regular client has it and uses it to share large amounts of files with me but I find it too slow (I have 200mb fibre optic cable which I have tested and is perfect). Wetransfer and Myairbridge used to be ok for free sites but I am now sharing 100gb or more every week and often I need speed! I don't mind having a monthly subscription or whatever but I want to invest in the best. What do you use? Any recommendations?
  19. I have been using the sigma 18-35 with the speedbooster to shot weddings. Having a low light zoom helps a lot in a fast paced environment. I actually like the weight when filming handheld as i feel it gives me more stability. I prefer the look of the Voigtlander and SLR Magic i have
  20. Another update on Portrait for those who might want a straight out of camera alternative to CineD. All shot on a GH5 (1 shot on a GX85) in Portrait. I'm happy with the skin tones (even though Youtube is a bit shitty). What do you think?
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