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    Gh5 or 5d mk iv?

    I have the Canon C100 mk1. It's a brilliant camera with a rubbish EVF and a poor LCD. It just produces great images and is quite forgiving. I am considering a GH5 for run and gun shooting, docs and weddings etc. Sometimes the C100 is just too heavy to lug around all day with a couple of lenses and a monopod. It's still great for most of my corporate work but I am really considering a GH5 lightweight kit, camera 3 lenses and freedom.....still a lot of money though
  2. Very nice but isn't she a bit young to be getting married??? Seriously, nice images. Can I ask what lenses and settings you are using for your weddings?
  3. How did you find the GH5 performance at the wedding? What lenses did you use? Lowlight? Focussing?
  4. I have. It's ok, quite fast, small and cheap. I don't like how the manual focus works. If you are on a budget it is a good fastish* native prime to get started with if you are moving on from the native zooms. I consider 0.95 to 1.4 to be fast on the m4/3
  5. I like the Voigtlanders and SLR Magic with my GX85. Lovely images and they are lovely to use. The Voigtlander is exceptional if you like manual lenses. I just don't really like the Panasonic lenses although I haven't tried the 42.5 1.2 Nocitron nor the Sumilux (?). The normal Panasonic lenses are just too rubbish if you want to manual focus and I feel f0.95 - f1.4 can really dig you out of a mft lowlight hole!
  6. Great info. I had been using E stabilisation along with IBIS with my manual lenses. It worked well enough although I didn't like the crop and on a couple of occasions I saw something a bit weird and jerky. Yesterday I only used IBIS with the Voigtlander 25 0.95* and it worked really well, very smooth and with a much reduced crop. I'll be going that way from now on. I also have been giving the EosPro Luts a final chance after having been disappointed before. Whilst there are some situations you have to be wary of, like a lot of sky or over exposed shots, I have found that it has given me pretty good results when dialled back to between 60 and 75%. Coming from Canon it gives me a result much closer to Canon colour. I'm going keep experimenting with it for now. * I must say that I really like this lens and I am finding that I prefer it over the Panasonic lenses that I have (25 and 42.5 1.7). It just seems to give the Lumix a different feel, both using the camera and the resulting image.
  7. Thanks. I see quite a large crop with E stabilisation although when I used it i considered the shots to be pretty stable. Yesterday I shot without it. I will see if I notice any difference
  8. a quick question: i have stabilisation with the first hand symbol on. Is it better with E stabilisation as well? I'm using a manual lens (voigtlander) hand held
  9. Thpriest

    C100 mkiii

    I'd imagine many would want 4k internal as well. The beauty of the C100 is the ability to shoot high quality material in camera that doesn't bog down your computer for a quick turn around as well as the ability to up the output quality by using an external recorder.
  10. I was really interested in this camera but it just seemed to fail in a few areas (for my needs). It could have done with a wider and faster lens (f1.8-4) and hence better lowlight. The limited ND filter seemed a bizarre choice. If you are going to include an ND filter it makes sense to have a usable one! PDAF would have been a great choice or a lens with a better MF feel. Here's hoping that an XC20 comes along with those features.
  11. Thpriest

    C100 mkiii

    Looking forward to see what they offer. The C100 mk1 has been great for me (apart from the LCD and evf). Could do with losing a few hundred grams as well.
  12. VladsaysF, the only drawback with GX85 is the bad sound. Otherwise it's great value.
  13. Thanks Ken. I ask as I have fully manual lenses (Voigtlander and SLR Magic) so AF lock won't work for me. I need to be able to focus manually and adjust on the go.
  14. I'm more interested in how easy it is to use MF. How do you find the lcd and evf for critical focus in run and gun situations?
  15. I have shot at upto 10,000 iso with the C100 and Sigma 18-35 1.8 at a wedding. Just a few shots but there was no other way of getting material. Having the option of high iso is clearly very useful as many of us don't get to shoot in ideal lighting. I've used the GX85 at 3200 with a Voitlander 25 and slr magic 12mm and whilst not as good as the Canon at same iso it was useable with a bit of Neat video. 6400 on the GX85 is not nice at all! If the GH5 can really pull off a useable 6400 for then I'll really consider buying it. Lightness and ibis make wedding days a whole lot more enjoyable.
  16. Another example with the GX85. The shoot was a bit of a disaster! Record company said they needed the video for the next week. We had a Sunday to shoot. Only one venue available. Picked up lights on Saturday. Group arrived late on Sunday. Get to the location and plug in the lights...fuse switches off! We could only use overhead fluorescent lights! Arrrrgh! Anyway, the GX85 held up quite well all things considered. Lenses: SLR Magic 12mm T1.6 and Voigtlander 25mm F0.95. A mixture of 4K and 1080 50p
  17. Neumann Films, how were the VF and LCD for manual focus in 4K? Were the clear enough for critical focus?
  18. Exactly. He has decided to sell his bmpcc for a gh2. I'm not sure of the logic in that. I'm suggesting that he looks at other ways of getting the money together to fund his film. Anyway, good luck with your choices and project!
  19. Sorry Jon, I think you missed the point of my post! He has a good camera, he might not need to sell it to buy a cheaper one to fund his film. What else has he got lying around that he can sell? Sell your iPod, get a cheaper phone...whatever, fund your film that way. It's true that story, light etc all count more than the camera. It's seems his problem is not the camera, as he has a good one, but funding.
  20. I'm not sure it's a good idea to be selling and buying new equipment all the time. You'll probably lose money that way. You have a great camera in the bmpcc, why don't you stick with that? Do you have anything else you have lying around that you don't need that you can sell? It's amazing how selling stuff we don't use can add up to a bigger sum quite quickly.
  21. I'll up that. The greatest camera ever that can do everything for 1000€ to be delivered after the next blue moon.
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