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  1. What is that supposed to mean? I also think you have misunderstood what being an artist is.
  2. It's attention seeking by a poor little rich kid under the guise of offering a smidgen of info on what the documentary was shot on. IMHO
  3. It was an interesting and well made mini documentary. I feel sorry for the guy who went through the attack on the Bataclan, he's clearly suffering. Gregory comes across as a complete twat, a spoilt brat who wants to play at being some kind of twisted French Rambo. To much money and time and a lack of morals and braincells. The rise of extreme rightwing thoughts and thuggish groups is just as worrying as any Islamic terrorist threat. You only have to the USA to see where letting these idiots get out of control gets you. The vast majority of the terrorism they have suffered there has been commited by armed rightwing groups who are defending whatever nonsense they have in their tiny brains. It's time the vast majority of society stood up to these thugs and their mouthpieces. I have Polish friends who are about to emigrate from Poland as they are so fed up of this shit and these morons. What is clear is that society does need to find some kind of purpose other than the pursuit of money (for greed or survival), nationalistic or religious nonsense. There are a lot of bored and unhappy people out there just looking for something....anything. For some the escape might be drugs, their work, tv but for others it's violence. It's a real shame
  4. Some people just want to be offended and in my experiences it's often those with more offensive thoughts that get offended easily! All the data mining and election manipulation is worrying in this day and age. It is too easy to hack the system if you have the means and the will.
  5. Whilst it's true that "Guardian Reader" has been used to describe reasonably well off people with a leftist view point, usually by right leaning Daily Mail readers (now that really is a rag that shouldn't be taken seriously), it is actually a paper that should be taken seriously. It is one of the few papers still doing serious investigative journalism not only in the UK, but all over the world. It of course has opinion pieces, some of more value than others, but in general they are well written and use reason to back up their arguments whether you agree with them or not. It's not perfect by any means but much better than the majority of media out there. The idea that all mainstream media is bad is a dangerous concept. One must learn to analyse the information and reporting provided and then decide how far you should trust them. Of course institutions can change. Here in Spain El Pais used to be one of the world's leading papers but it has lost it's way a bit recently. Anyway, I vote John Pilger.
  6. A nice day out on the Welsh coast...
  7. So you didn't spend your summer lounging around at the beach?
  8. Thpriest

    gx85 to gh5?

    I have them both. The Gx85 is great for the money but is a bit fiddly to shoot with and has rubbish sound. The GH5 big advantages are 4k 50p, 10 bit, better ergonomics and a decent evf.
  9. I've heard it's good but for wedding work I've been looking for a straight out of camera look. Portrait seems to fit the bill for me. I might try Leemings on my next music video though.
  10. Just an update, I have tried the Portrait profile on a wedding shoot. For a straight out of camera with no need to grade look, I think it has great skin tones, which is what I'm looking for mostly. It doesn't have quite the same dynamic range as CinelikeD or the 'thickness' of image (someone described colour as such) but skin colours look spot on.
  11. It depends on where you intend to show the videos. If the output will be shown on a vertical screen then it would be fine. Otherwise I'm not sure there would be any real advantage.
  12. I'd like to permanently change the shutter angle dial to iso.
  13. I thought it was a jetpack especially designed to avoid the need to take you car into the city centre while working. I was going to buy one as well...
  14. Very good camera. I'm using it more than my Canon C100 mainly due to it being lightweight, IBIS and 4K 50p.
  15. I've found mixed lighting to be the biggest problem with CineD. Which is the same as having white balance problems I suppose. Imagine natural light from a window and some overhead leds, some warm and some cold. I've found with CineD you can have one person with nice skintones and another appearing orange in the same shot depending on where they are standing. This is my experience in uncontrollable environments like someones house on a wedding shoot. With other profiles this doesn't seem to such a big problem.
  16. Ok. How do I adjust the exposure compensation? I've looked in the menus and I'm lost!
  17. A quick question. I use the gx85 as a static b cam. If there is constant lighting I leave it in M and choose my correct exposure. Sometimes the lighting is variable ( outside) so I leave ot on A with the aperture i need to maintain focus. The thing is I find it over exposes a bit. I like to underexpose 1/3. Is there a way that I can get the camera to always underexpose a bit?
  18. My experience with Cinelike D is that if you nail exposure (I like to have it a little underexposed) it looks great straight out of the camera...but....if the lighting is mixed, exposure is off a bit then it can go orange! I used the Eoshd Canon Lut and whilst i liked the result I'm trying to get the best straight out of camera look. Today I'm going to test the Portrait Profile and see how it goes.
  19. I used the settings Andrew suggested to use with the LUT. I think it is standard with NR and sharpening at -5. Then I corrected any exposure problems before applying the LUT which I reduced to between 50 and 70%.
  20. For now i'm thinking about getting another Voigtlander. From the insights you've all give me I think native glass would better suit my needs.
  21. GX85 wedding (with EOSHD Canon colour LUT) Although I now have a GH5 and only use the GX85 as a B cam at weddings here is an example of a wedding shot entirely with a GX85. It's a remarkable camera with the worst sound ever! I used the EOSHD Canon LUT at 50-70%. It works well enough but I don't like the hassle of using LUTs on these type of videos.
  22. It depends what you are shooting I suppose. Both the SLR Magic and the Voigtlander have a look I like, the SLR Magic having a warmer colour to it. The Voigtlander is not sharp at 0.95 but I'm using it at f1.2-f2 and it's fine for me. It might not be for you. The extra light the Voigtlander offers form makes quite a difference but I am rarely shooting in controlled environments. If you are going to light a set then the Veydras might be better.
  23. Maybe you should try the Voigtlander and SLR Magic lenses before buying the Veydras. I wouldn't worry about the AF on the GH5. It's not very good so no point testing it against Canon and Sony. I've been very pleastly surprised by the images I get out of the GH5. My only worry is an occasional colour shift that I have noticed in a few shots.I have to check if it was the WB, the ND filter, tricky exposure or the camera doing weird shit.
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