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  1. I'm not sure it's a good idea to be selling and buying new equipment all the time. You'll probably lose money that way. You have a great camera in the bmpcc, why don't you stick with that? Do you have anything else you have lying around that you don't need that you can sell? It's amazing how selling stuff we don't use can add up to a bigger sum quite quickly.
  2. I'll up that. The greatest camera ever that can do everything for 1000€ to be delivered after the next blue moon.
  3. Anyone tested how easy it is to manual focus on the GH5, both in the lcd and vf?
  4. Doesn't Facebook 'own' the videos if you upload them directly to Facebook?
  5. Here's a low budget music video I made with the GX85 and a cheap toy 25mm 1.7 cctv lens. The look is meant to be dirty but what was great was that the GX85, with it's great IBIS, enabled me to get the movement I was wanting. We tried with a Canon C100 and it just wasn't the same. It's an incredibly versatile little camera.
  6. Is it me or did the whisky video seem a bit wobbly in places? Another question about the dual card slots, can both be used to record at maximum quality at the same time (instant back up)?
  7. I'm a little bit further ahead than you in the transition from Canon to Panasonic. My main reasons are size, weight and IBIS. I have a C100 and it's an amazing camera but it gets really heavy on long run and gun shoots. I have tried a couple of Lumix lenses, 25 1.7 and 42.5 1.7 and whilst the image is nice enough I really don't like the mf feel. It's just plain rubbish. AF is ok if you just don't want it to change focus mid shot. They can't do continuous AF reliably. I bought a SLR Magic 12 1.6 and a Voightlander 25 0.95 secondhand and they really are enjoyable to use. They are all manual but the focus rings are just right in my opinion. They are much heavier than the Lumix lenses but lighter and smaller than the Canons and are designed for the m4/3 cameras. If you don't mind mf they are great and worth testing. I haven't tried speed booster and Canon lens set up as I don't want the weight which, as I said, is one of the reasons for getting into m4/3.
  8. Mini emergency. I have reset the GX85s settings but when I record in 4k the screen shows loads of aliasing in wide shots when I press record. Is there a setting to have the screen in best quality?
  9. Niii! Exactly. I thought the old Sony slogan of "Wolf nipple chips, get them while they're hot! They're lovely!" was a bit close to the bone (don't try to put an a6300 in you shirt pocket after shooting 4k for 15mins...er.. seconds).
  10. Same old Panasonic, they never listen to their customers. I asked for newt and curly kale smell. Or at least charred meat like Sony. Hamsters and elderberries are never going to cut it in lowlight. I need something more pungent to be able to find my camera in the dark.
  11. Neumann Films, that Speed Booster footage looks great. Are the original files available for download somewhere? I downloaded some other GH5 files you posted but I can't seem to find the Speed Booster ones. Thanks for the great work with the GH5!
  12. If you don't mind manual focus then the SLR Magics and Voigtlanders are nice. I picked up a 12mm 1.6t SLR Magic and a Voitlander 25mm 0.95 secondhand and they seem to fit and compliment the philosophy of m43. They are small but solid. I have come from Canon and I wanted a system that weighs less and takes up less room.
  13. Nice shots and editing. The soundtrack lacked punch, intensity and ambient sounds IMHO.
  14. I ended up buying the Slider Plus (small). It's fantastic!
  15. How do you set up the IBIS for the sigma 18-35? Do you change it every time you zoom?
  16. If the settings can be applied to the GX85 as well that would be great. It's a fantastic little camera for the money (apart from the sound which is terrible!).
  17. Thpriest

    GH5 Prototype

    Any news on being able to magnify the image to check focus while recording? That would be a big plus!
  18. There's some interesting footage from the oly shot by a Finnish guy, Janne Amunét: Looks pretty good to me but he looks like he really knows what he's doing! I'd like to see how the camera compares to the GX85 and G80 and whether the Olympus is better overall for video.
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