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    PepperJay reacted to Ian Edward Weir in 8mm anamorphic run and gun travel film in Costa Rica. Baby Hypergonar + Bolex 8/19   
    I wanted to share a run and gun vacation travel film in Costa Rica. I took a Baby Hypergonar 1.75x with Voigtländer 40mm f2 and Bolex 8/19/1.5x with Jupiter 11a f4 135mm. I had a ProtoDNA variable diopter in front of both combos. GH5 scenery setting. Finished in 5k. 
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    PepperJay got a reaction from mirekti in WTB: Zeiss Ikon Anamorphot 22/1.5x   
    About $1,400.  I know it was about $400 more than I could have gotten it for, but the condition was great and I wanted to stop wasting time checking in on ebay every morning. ?  I think the second one is still available, and the only "spots on lens" I can see appear to be cleaning smears, perhaps on the inside.
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    PepperJay reacted to J.G in Zeiss Ikon Anamorphot 22/1.5x   
    Thats the one....... The red dot is part of the alignement mechanism (how you adjust the alignment of the anamorphot) However that whole black plastic bottom part is removable. It's best to remove that and get a clamp so you can align it properly. This is a video I uploaded tonight all shot on the Ikon and Helios 44/2 as the taking lens........ 
    Its nothing special just a journey home from work I shot the other night. I've been so busy I've not really shot much with it. There's not much info on this lens though so thought I would upload something. If anyone has any questions about it I'm happy to answer.
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    PepperJay reacted to whoisjsd in RAF Mount for the Bolex 8/19/1.5x   
    RAF also made me a custom front filter for fitting a FVD-16A or HCDNA on the Bolex 16/32. He makes great stuff!
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    PepperJay got a reaction from heart0less in RAF Mount for the Bolex 8/19/1.5x   
    Hey, just wanted to let fellow Bolex owners that the RAF mount is perfect. The 24mm rear (and rare) threading for the Bolex is .5 and it fits onto a 55mm filter thread of your taking lens. I had a problem with the initial unit sent because his engineer had the threading size wrong (probably .75), but he's such an awesome seller he sent me the replacement right away and told me to keep the bad one--I'll probably bore the threads out as it still has a side-screw option. Main point: test it right away!
    Here's the ebay listing:

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    PepperJay reacted to Martin MatÄ›j in WTB: Zeiss Ikon Anamorphot 22/1.5x   
    Where did you found it eventually?
    Would be great if you would share your tests or work that you will do with it.
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    PepperJay reacted to Timotheus in WTB: Zeiss Ikon Anamorphot 22/1.5x   
    Very interested in what you do with it. It's a rare thing and there is not much info about it.
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    PepperJay reacted to Dr. Verbel' in Schneider ES Cinelux 2x | New prototype Vormax 1.33x. Partially music video, partially test   
    Partially music video, partially test. Shot on Schneider ES Cinelux 2x | Porst 50mm 1.4 and new prototype lens Vormax 1.33x, paired with Mir 1b 37mm. Camera Sony a6300.


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    PepperJay got a reaction from whoisjsd in The Bolex-Anamorphot 16/32/1.5x thread   
    Case in point, thank you.
    But not to gloat, whoisjsd, I agree with 90% of your argument.
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    PepperJay reacted to Andrew Clunie in Art Festival shot on the Iscorama Pre 36.   
    Cheers ! I actually only used the Nikon Pancake 50 1.8, with a variety of cheap diopters.
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    PepperJay reacted to Andrew Clunie in Art Festival shot on the Iscorama Pre 36.   
    Hello. I recently purchased a pre-36 from a user on here, and used it for a project; a promo for an arts fair, held on the kubrick estate every year.
     Hope you like it !
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    PepperJay got a reaction from Milton Lopes in And so i joined the party. Thanks guys!   
    Welcome and congrats on a nice deal! Not that you asked (or that you didn't already know), but I'd recommend checking out a Rapido set if you're thinking about more anamorphics down the line, particularly those 8mm babies. They're cheap and often universal to other lenses:
    Nice tests, too!
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    PepperJay got a reaction from Liszon in Selling my Kowa 8z   
    Ah, sorry. I think this is the one, but it says 8-H instead:
    ebay Kowa Anamorphic listing
    Maybe it's the wrong one, but somewhat cheaper. Thanks anyway!
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    PepperJay reacted to IshootbeforeItalk in Anamorphic on a Budget event in Amsterdam   
    Hey Aanamorphic shooters!,
    You're all invited to Anamorphic on a Budget in Amsterdam. Here we all can meet, network and of course show each other's anamorphic sets. The event will take place on Friday December 15th 18:00 - 21:00 at Zamenhofstraat 108 unit 201 at the camera rental Budgetcam Amsterdam.
    The GH5's are set up, Red scarlet-W, Varicam LT and the Ursa mini pro, so that we can test all our vintage lenses on beautiful focus charts for fun. Budgetcam provides hospitality. Access is free of charge. You can RSVP at http://bit.ly/2AnFVO2 or via [email protected]!
    Bring your own anamorphic sets!
    Thanks Tito Ferradans and Tim Moichido!
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    PepperJay reacted to Liszon in FOR SALE: Kowa 8Z (B&H) 2x Anamorphic Lens   
    Reevaluate? Your listing practices versus everybody else's, yeah, based on that, whatever revision you've been told to do could have been done in the same old thread, cheeky bugger.
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    PepperJay got a reaction from Liszon in FOR SALE: Kowa 8Z (B&H) 2x Anamorphic Lens   
    Yes, yes, very pretty. Maybe post this stuff in the "Gear for Sale" forum and keep this one for everything else, okay?
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    PepperJay got a reaction from Justin Bacle in 75 GBP vs 750 GBP Single Focus Adapter   
    Nice find and repurpose--looks part tank now! :D
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    PepperJay reacted to james d in What's wrong with this Kowas Flares?   
    Thanks guys for the replies, As I take a deeper look at the lens there seems to be microscratches... Oh well just have to live with it for no. Cheers!
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    PepperJay reacted to TrueIndigo in Blade Runner 2049 review (2D and 3D versions)   
    Saw Blade Runner 2049 yesterday (no plot spoilers in my observations). This is a generally well-realized near-future sci-fi film, as many of the modern fully-funded Hollywood blockbusters are (this one is estimated as costing between $150-185 million depending on what you read). But it does seem somewhat formulaic, lacking any special distinction or energy. It pays homage to the advertising nightmare rainy city as before, and in the breakers yard wasteland goes for a more Mad Max vibe. But non of it has a truly unique knock-out experience as the earlier film managed with less advanced effects. Seeing Blade Runner in 1982 was nothing short of a cinematic revelation about what was possible, given the commitment of various art departments through sheer force of personality and vision. And since things have moved on so much now (the artistry of the CGI people is incredible), it does not give anything like a new version of that sense of wonder which jolted me in the eighties.
    The sound design follows the trend of many modern action films in being set at a painfully high level - the sort of film in which just putting a drink down on a table sounds like a firecracker going off, and drawing on a cigarette briefly sounds like a bush fire. On this film, a gun shot was as loud as an huge explosion, taking me out of the story every time because of the discomfort. And this was more easy than it should have been, because the story itself felt confused to me and several times I found myself wondering how much longer the film was going on (never a good sign). Although the trailer gives the impression of a sophisticated fast-paced action thriller, in fact everything takes a long time, and is not particularly worth waiting for. Unfortunately it's not very sophisticated either, with uninspired dialogue. I did actually feel mildly bored, which surprised me - I didn't think they would make that mistake - because the overall drama remained cold and uninvolving. Non of the characters turned out to be anyone I could care for, compared to key scenes in the original, such as when Rachel starts playing a piano (and says: "I didn't know I could play."). With the original the audience felt like crying, in this new one some of the characters cry, but it doesn't ring true. It's a bit like watching a full-on romance movie in which it is obvious there is no chemistry between the two lead actors - all of the humans watching such a movie know it immediately: that these two people are only together because they have been badly cast in a movie. In the same way the new Blade Runner story continues with the theme of what it means to be human in a difficult future world of synthetic people, yet tells it with little show of the humanity which is supposed to be so important.
    Seeing the original movie in the cinema was a life-changing experience, and I eagerly bought the VHS, then later many versions on DVD, etc-etc. It was a way of keeping in touch with a dream, but I have no interest in watching this one again - in any formats that may exist in the future. I opted to see the 2D version of the film because the movie was shot in 2D - ironically, the 3D version has been synthetically processed to give a 3D effect. It's not that I dislike this movie because I liked the original so much, my reaction would be the same if the original never existed. Because it's a disappointing movie in its own right, though obviously without knowing that I had to see it out of a slight hope there was something of the mesmerizing quality of Rachel's self-realization. But of course there is only one Sean Young.
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    PepperJay reacted to Thomas Hill in Blade Runner 2049 review (2D and 3D versions)   
    Off topic, but I'm 99% certain that that is the theatre where I saw The Good Thief with a post-screening Q&A with Nick Nolte the first time I visited LA. That was awesome. Ah, memories.
    This, absolutely.
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    PepperJay got a reaction from Thomas Hill in Blade Runner 2049 review (2D and 3D versions)   
    I have two theaters, both local ones,
    my favorite:

    (great little doc on it here, albeit missing Victor the Super Manager...):
    and since I moved:

    I love both venues, but even they've been increasing the decibel levels of their exhibitions like inflation. I guess I just find it hard to believe that my ears are actually getting more sensitive in my 40's. One of my first sh*t jobs was in a theater, and never once had I heard anyone complain that the volume was too low. Anyway, Blade Runner I saw at the Vista and now my wife will never come with me again.
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    PepperJay reacted to keessie65 in The Bolex-Anamorphot 16/32/1.5x thread   
    I filmed two weeks during our summer holiday, so there are a few more scenery films to follow ;-) enjoy! 
    Samsung NX1 + Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f2.0 + Bolex 16/32/1.5x + Hardcore DNA 
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    PepperJay got a reaction from Justin Bacle in Anamorphic Flares Comparison shots   
    Thanks for the info--very nice contribution again!
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    PepperJay reacted to Justin Bacle in Anamorphic Flares Comparison shots   
    The Lens Turbo does not remove sharpness from my experience, but add a slight blue flare.
    I think that the lack of contrast has more to do with my grading than to the helios as it was closed down to f/2.8. But you're right, the helios is not as contrasty as modern lenses.
    Keep in mind that the Singer/Sankor 16D I have is partially uncoated (front element), so your results ught differ
    Yep, the Hi-Fi 2 flares are epic ! I find the Dyaliscope to be quite good too
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    PepperJay got a reaction from Justin Bacle in Anamorphic Flares Comparison shots   
    Great compilation! I like the Singer/Sankor for over-the-top sci-fi applications, and (surprisingly) the Cinelux for the subtle ones. Was the lack of contrast due to the Helios? Does the Lens Turbo II have any affect on the same?
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