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  1. Haven't had a chance to try it out--moved last year and packed a bunch of adapters that I haven't been able to find yet. Will send a link if/when I get some test footage in.
  2. About $1,400. I know it was about $400 more than I could have gotten it for, but the condition was great and I wanted to stop wasting time checking in on ebay every morning. ? I think the second one is still available, and the only "spots on lens" I can see appear to be cleaning smears, perhaps on the inside.
  3. Hey, just wanted to let fellow Bolex owners that the RAF mount is perfect. The 24mm rear (and rare) threading for the Bolex is .5 and it fits onto a 55mm filter thread of your taking lens. I had a problem with the initial unit sent because his engineer had the threading size wrong (probably .75), but he's such an awesome seller he sent me the replacement right away and told me to keep the bad one--I'll probably bore the threads out as it still has a side-screw option. Main point: test it right away! Here's the ebay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/M52x0-75-male-to-M24x0-5-female-step-down-ring-adapter-for-Bolex-8-19-1-5x/253109973155?hash=item3aee87b0a3:g:Y6gAAOSwz~VZnKg~ Cheers!
  4. From what I remember, there's no difference in the anamorphic half. The 2.1 and 2.4 only pertain to the original taking lens that it was connected to it. Odd choice for placing the designation, but that's just what I heard.
  5. As soon as I can get an acceptable mount, I'll run some tests and post links here. I've seen two tests online with this lens, but as every lens brings its own condition, identical focus and clarity is never a given. My eventual goal is to do a side by side with the Iscomorphot 8/1.5x, which as you may already know has the same single focusing internal diopter. The ebay vendor I purchased from in Poland apparently has at least two more of these lenses that she rolled out immediately after our transaction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lens-Zeiss-Ikon-Anamorphot-22-1-5x-No7621411/263912464050?hash=item3d72689eb2:g:aKkAAOSwTWZbjsKu https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lens-Zeiss-Ikon-Anamorphot-22-1-5x-No7623567-Adapted-Mint/253845671704?hash=item3b1a618f18:g:XDAAAOSwvGdbjsJH The Buy it Now price in the first listing is pretty much what they're willing to sell the cheaper one for, and I couldn't see what spots they're referring to that wouldn't be able to be wiped away with some cleaner. The 2nd listing may just be there to drum up interest in the 1st. Cheers!
  6. Got it. After much haggling, it still ended up to about 50% more than I wanted to pay, but aren't most things we really want?
  7. Case in point, thank you. But not to gloat, whoisjsd, I agree with 90% of your argument.
  8. Sorry, I think the seller had to pull the sale because he may have been scammed on ebay buying an Iscorama. Will let you know if that status changes...
  9. Wishful thinking if one is in a hurry. Like I said, if you (the royal, not actual) have time to wait and keep checking in, at least a couple will sell for less than 1.5K before the end of the year. And yes, this requires vigilance, as they absolutely do not sit long around long enough to get cold. But if you believe your time and effort are worth more than the $500 difference, by all means, buy it and be done with your search. Conversely, $2,500 Euros could be viewed as wishful thinking to those of us who 1) own one already, or 2) don't have that kind of money to begin with, but the truth is someone will even pony up that much if the need and means are both high enough. I used to fish at a lake house the same way: hook some old chunks of hot dog and toss them off the dock. The next morning, fresh catfish for breakfast. Probably a lousy analogy, but that's what $2.5K for a Bolex equates to in today's market.
  10. If you can join the Anamorphic Shooters on facebook, someone is selling one via PayPal for about 1,500 Euros. Kind of steep IMO, but I guess they're getting harder to find. If you have the time to wait for a decent deal, I think you can find one for $1,400 between now and the end of the year.
  11. If you can join the Anamorphic Shooters on facebook, someone is selling one via PayPal for about 1,500 Euros. Kind of steep IMO, but I guess they're getting harder to find. If you have the time to wait for a decent deal, I think you can find one for $1,400 between now and the end of the year.
  12. Hi, I'm looking to buy a well kept unit for a fair price via PayPal or local purchase (Los Angeles) only. I have a 100% buyer/seller rating w/ over 500+ transactions. PM me if you're interested and are open to selling. BTW, the current listing on ebay is laughable, so if you're looking for that kind of money, well, I guess I'll just have to laugh. Cheers & thanks. -Jay (not my photo below--for reference only)
  13. It's possible I stumbled upon the lens through the ebay.de or ebay.co.uk. Also, I could only ever find the lens again by searching my past bids folder. Anyway, seeing as it's still for sale, my guess is this seller should have just listed it for one price and spared everyone some time and rejection by offering anything less. Fucking sadist. ?
  14. I could be wrong, but I'm posting it here to relieve me of the temptation either way. Already offered $500, but no bites... Best of luck, friends. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Anamorphot-Animex-Cineavision-S8-2X/263881019552?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2763.l2649&autorefresh=true
  15. Great, I'll use what I have and stop procrastinating on ebay--cheers and fantastic job again!
  16. Ah, thank you. Incidentally, I have the standard AI and I'm wondering if you can tell me what advantages the pancake might have? Thanks and cheers again regardless!
  17. Very nice; lots of movement and variety in your shots, as well as fine editorial choices. Makes me want to go visit, which is MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED!!! Out of curiosity, what range of lenses did you incorporate with the Iscocrama?
  18. Ah, sorry. I think this is the one, but it says 8-H instead: ebay Kowa Anamorphic listing Maybe it's the wrong one, but somewhat cheaper. Thanks anyway!
  19. It's great to find so many Kowa's on sale here in this forum! I just saw this listing for a bargain Kowa 8-Z/H with a Buy it Now option, but I'm not sure this is yours: ebay Kowa listing Can you confirm this is yours so I can purchase it immediately? Thanks!
  20. Awesome milestone and valuable review from the both of you! Currently, my own Pre-36 is still at VD (still trying to work out a solution to their own mod--apparently, some problematic-level cement on the rear element housing was applied way back--meh), but should I ever stumble upon another opportunity to upgrade one of these, I'll be sure to look this way.
  21. Welcome and congrats on a nice deal! Not that you asked (or that you didn't already know), but I'd recommend checking out a Rapido set if you're thinking about more anamorphics down the line, particularly those 8mm babies. They're cheap and often universal to other lenses: http://www.rapidotechnology.com/ Nice tests, too!
  22. Actually, I really don't care that much. Cheers! :D
  23. I'm glad you were honest, but you were incorrect in stating there is no reason for this to bother me. In addition to the GFS forum, you also solicited the same lens in this forum twice, and to be honest, it actually bothered me (without your consent and/or acceptance). "Approval" has nothing to do with where you post--I'm just asking you to post in the correct forum; after all, if you go back a couple of years, you'll see that was the reason for creating a separate forum for buying/selling in the first place. Respect that or expect to get hassled. If that is something that really bothers you, perhaps you need to reevaluate your entire life, because to defend yourself when you are clearly in the wrong is much worse than making a simple mistake in the first place. At this point you have two choices: STFU or bring it on--I'm good with either.
  24. Yes, yes, very pretty. Maybe post this stuff in the "Gear for Sale" forum and keep this one for everything else, okay?
  25. Yes, I was curious, too. I expect the signature (for better or worse) blue flares, but was particularly interested how it compared to the Century or Panasonic 7200 in terms of focusing quality. For about 5 C's out of the gate, I kind of expect it not to suck. As a side note, I'd also love it if they ever pushed some 1.5x to 1.75x glass into the prosumer market. Maybe optional blue coating, if anyone is listening??? (*crickets*)
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