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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply! Much appreciated. Yeah I've noticed that if I focus just off infinity on a few of my lenses it does seem a bit sharper. Especially on my Canon FDs. Taping it down at that point is a good idea I didn't think of that! Yes I'd like to try that Nikon I've not used that! So many lenses! I wish I worked in a vintage lens shop sometimes so I could test them all ha. See which ones work and which don't. I had a Tak but I sold it because it's radioactive and I'm weird about stuff like that! Kind of wish I'd tested it with some Anamorphics though. I sold it before I really got into anamorphic shooting. I'm pretty sure it's an Ikon...... Well I hope it is! what colour are the flares of the Baby Iscorama? While I have you here do you have any experience with Leica and Iscoramas? I have an Iscorama Cinegon as well as my Ikon and was thinking about investing in some Summicron-M glass. I've always wanted a nice Leica set anyway for my stills but if it works well with my Iscorama then thats a bonus. Ive been speaking to Christopher at Van Diemen and he said he has actually made conversions with Leica glass integrated into the new rehoused body of the Iscorama making it a prime lens able to change appature obviously. If people are doing that then I'm thinking they must be a good match...... I still think my favourite lens with my Iscorama is the Helios 44-2. Like you said for me that's the winner. But if you have any experience with Leica and Anamorphics please let me know.
  2. Thanks man. I've not tried it with any of the Zeiss Jena's yet. Which flektogon did you have good results with? The 50mm f4? I've been looking at getting a nice set of Jena's for a while now. If I do get some I'll be sure to test them out with the Ikon. 1.8 Zuiko I don't have any experience with either. Thanks for the heads up ?. What camera/s are you shooting on? I will shoot a few little tests for you if you want so you can see corner sharpness. I'll use a few different taking lenses. Can't promise when it'll be but I'll try and get round to it soon. As I was saying a few posts above I'd like to test it with some different lenses as I think it doesn't match amazingly well with the Canon FD's and two Russian primes I have. I also have a Meyer - Optik Görlitz 100mm f2.8 which I haven't tested it with...... I will test that out. It looked pretty good on my Iscorama Cinegon so could work with the Ikon too. If you have any other lenses you think of please let me know!
  3. Yeah all shot at f2 on the Helios. It does get sharper but it does have a bit of a smearing issue on most of the lenses I've tested, others have pointed this out on here too. If you want super sharp images it isn't the lens for you. It's nothing like as sharp as an Iscorama or a Bolex Moller. However saying all that I tested it with my Canon 50mm 0.95 dream lens and at 0.95 it was relatively sharp!! So maybe we've all been testing it with the wrong lenses....... Maybe there's something out there it matches well with. I've tested it with Helios 44/2, Jupiter 85mm, some Canon FD's and the dream lens. Dream lens seemed sharpest very randomly..... The E mount I have on the dream lens is a bit dodgy though thats why i didn't do the test on that. Focus is ok, throw is short nowhere near as long as an Iscorama. Infinity isn't great but it very old so maybe its slightly off. The best thing about it is how close you can focus without diopters. Maybe a foot and its sharp well as sharp as it can go...... I need to do more tests though and try and find some lenses it works well with. I would potentially get it rehoused by Van Diemen if I do find a set of lenses it matches well with. It has something about it. Definitely an interesting lens!
  4. Thats the one....... The red dot is part of the alignement mechanism (how you adjust the alignment of the anamorphot) However that whole black plastic bottom part is removable. It's best to remove that and get a clamp so you can align it properly. This is a video I uploaded tonight all shot on the Ikon and Helios 44/2 as the taking lens........ Its nothing special just a journey home from work I shot the other night. I've been so busy I've not really shot much with it. There's not much info on this lens though so thought I would upload something. If anyone has any questions about it I'm happy to answer.
  5. Cheers man.... Yeah I'll do some proper tests once I have an adapter. Still waiting on it as its being made. But 1st impressions are good! Bokeh is crazy.... super narrow almost like a X2.
  6. Decided to get it....... had to take it in to get the focus adjusted. Now it focuses from about 2ft to infinity! Big news for anyone who cares.....
  7. I've read here and spoke to a few people about this lens being single focus..... However I have also heard reports this will not focus to infinity, that it has close focus but will only focus to around the 3 meter mark at fast apertures. Can anyone clarify this? I have an opportunity to buy one. Not sure I need it as I have a few other anamorphics but I kind of like its dreamy quality and I'm obviously addicted like the rest of you.
  8. Hello, With much regret I am selling my Bolex/Rectilux set up. Hate to have to do it but I really need the money. Here is the link to a video I shot the other day on youtube; No real grade just crushed a little and sorry about the editing I just threw it together quickly on resolve. Here is the ebay listing; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bolex-Moller-8-19-1-5-x-Anamorphot-camera-lens-with-Rectilux-3FF-Single-focus-/272268160514?hash=item3f64726e02:g:SvEAAOSwuhhXWEQ4 If you are interested please make me an offer. I'd rather sell it to a professional like yourselves and would also like to ditch the ebay fees if I can. Feel free to ask any questions and if you want to test it out thats fine with me. I'm based in London and work in Soho so let me know if you want to meet somewhere. I really want this to go to a good home and for someone to make some really good stuff with it. James
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