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  1. Even the Metabones has a play in it. Jordy from Cinecom (YT channel) claimed that few weeks ago, and duct taped the mount as a fix. From personal experience I can recon Zhongyi - Mitakon Lens Turbo's, the IQ is great and comes in affordable price. However, mine had a really small play in it. It was a problem only when I was shooting anamorphic, otherwise, I loved it.
  2. @HelsinkiZim I shot some 96fps with my gh4 and then twixtored it, it was absolutely usable, so I bet that you can do some great stuff with the 180fps. I shot some chicken last week, here's the footage. Probably not the best for twixtoring (the fence will cause some issues), but at least you'll get the idea how it looks. I shot in to Vlog, so not the greatest quality, artifacts, noise, etc. The link will expire within 12 hours: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B58lJC1ZGzPZaHNualBHVnE1Ukk
  3. Can't believe how overrated this lens is. My favourite retailer has posted some new stuff again, curious about thsi one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-x2-Singlefocus-F1-4-Anamorphic-Lens-Anamorphot-warm-flares-1-/132162601288?hash=item1ec5814148:g:O8EAAOSwHMJYG7J8
  4. You have no AF in slow mo mode, and I suppose you'll need slow mo on a paid gig. So what is this still ongoing AF discussion about? Most of the people complaining about AF never even truly used AF before. They just want the canon dual pixel and the A6500 AF technology in the GH5. It was written down thousand times in this forum, pick the right camera for the right job
  5. Paid gigs = follow focus (and focus puller), family events = AF :D
  6. or he shot AVCHD with the possible lowest bitrate . F.... clickbait videos, I hate them.
  7. Backlight separates your subject from the background, makes it pop out, and the image won't look so flat. You can than mess with color temperatures, like lit your subject with warm (3500K) light, than give him a cool (6000K) backlight (on the hair for example). Les Claypool is out of this planet, absolutely favourite, thanks for sharing!
  8. Filmriot just posted this yesterday: No real comparison between the GH5 and A7S, but Ryan states that even he has an A7SII, he's considering to buy a GH5.
  9. @NewFilmMaker show us some footages instead of "rate my setup"
  10. Curious about the price tag, also if it'll work with MFT lenses (like moondog does).
  11. This footage got plenty of light. That is the key to cinematic image. I love the sharpness of the kowa on this video. Also, the colour wheels are tweaked in a very good way
  12. For some reason I thought you used the Anamorphot, not the primes. Anyways, I think I am not the only on who would love to hear more about those lenses. How do you find gh5's anamorphic mode after shooting on pro cameras (like red, etc.)?
  13. Wow, even if this is 8bit I LOVE the look and the feel! Also the blockbuster lut and the distortion on the corners! Some of the night shots are too exposed for my taste, but I can imagine the pain in the ass while filming it. What lenses have you used, also how did you light the interior shots? Cheers!
  14. Just saw this video, looks fabulous. Kowa 8Z, 50mm, IBIS on.
  15. Not yet, but we should post this as a request for the future fw update.
  16. Few things I noticed on the tweeted picture: - Has a NEAR marking, so it'll probably have a FAR marking as well, so does not look like a step up from the previous versions. - The previous 1.33x 40 had a 82mm front thread, this one has 62mm, i suppose the back will be 50 something. - It is a common problem to make a 1.33x adapter with which you can shoot wide open. Some series of the Centuries can do that, but SLR Magic failed in the past so I don't have high expectations, you'll probably have to stop down to F2.8-f4 I would love to see a prosumer anamorphic adapter which is similar to AGFA 1.5x, commonly known as Moller 19/1.5x, small, lightweight, focusthrough, great IQ even at wide open. Also, I have to admit that SLR Magic's communication style and strategy really bugs me. Seriously, is it that hard to make a nice website with full of information? Give me an anamorphot and I will help you out with that :D
  17. Luke, are you still there? Because we're still waiting
  18. Get the firmware update here: http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/dl/gh5.html
  19. Is the v-log graded with Panas 709 LUT?
  20. I meant these settings, "pseudo log" using master pedestal level, etc.
  21. To everyone who already activated V-log: Have you tried to tweak your GH5's picture profile with the James Miller (like) settings? I tried to use a similar setting on my GH4, but it was a mess. Now, that the GH5's got 10bit, can you increase the dynamic range just by tweaking the camera settings? Thanks!
  22. The image is nice, but I strongly dislike the flare, looking forward to an in depth review of this setup.
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