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  1. Neither the RED cameras, so what? Tell me how's the iso going to fix our lack of lightning knowledge? :D
  2. How can I get my Škoda to ride like a Ferrari? The answer is: you can't. Light your scene properly. Shoot in standard picture profile (unless you use external 10 bit recorder). Learn how to tweak colors in premiere/resolve. Use anamorphics to enhance cinematic look. Still won't look like an ALEXA footage, but you'll be satisfied with it
  3. You're right, sorry for that! The 4:3 mode uses the whole height of the 4:3 sensor, not the whole sensor.
  4. http://www.43rumors.com/gh5-is-expected-to-start-shipping-on-march-28/ I really hope that european companies will get the camera on stock earlier...
  5. I would take the V-log instantly without a hassle. There is a higher possibility that the camera will get damaged "in action" than in "warranty".
  6. What does exactly bother you? IMO the flares are slightly better than on the 50 version, the image quality looks the same.
  7. Panasonic Australia offering V-log for preorders, Panasonic UK offering 5 year warranty. Very strange policy.
  8. funkyou86

    I need A7s3 !!

    I need GH6 with 4:4:4 12bit, etc, bla...
  9. I am using the my GH4 with the Sigma 18-35 and the Mitakon Lens Turbo, which is very similar to the SB. With its 0.72x there is no vignetting in 1080p mode. Also, never heard of that any of the 0,71x speedboosters ever vignetted. The 0,64x XL version does vignette in 1080p mode.
  10. No worries mate we all had to go through this Keep the anamorphics alive! Cheers!
  11. Hey Adam and welcome to the club I think that first, you have to understand your sensor. GH4 has a 4 by 3 sensor, that's why it is a micro four thirds. When filming in 16:9, you got a 16:9 crop image from the 4:3 sensor. When filming in 4:3 anamorphic mode, your GH4 uses the whole sensor. Also, shooting on 16:9 with 2x anamorphics gives you 3.55:1, very wide aspect ratio, see the attached dog. Shooting on 4:3 gives you 2.66:1 aspect ratio, see the attached drumset. There are no rules, you have to know what you're aiming for. Shooting with the GH4 on 4:3 has it's own advantages and if 2.66:1 is still too wide, you can crop in to 2.39:1 cinema standard aspec ratio. Due 4K you won't loose resolution if exporting to 1080p.
  12. Cheaper focal reducers will do the job for 150USD
  13. Just. WOW. Thanks Luke! Looking too awesome!
  14. I got my GH4 from amazon.co.uk and it can switch without problems I don't think that pana will block this in GH5.
  15. Patience was waiting for a bigger FW update on the GH4, but it never came :D
  16. They say it's still under consideration. I really don't understand, they give us a camera with a dedicated anamorphic mode, comparing it to ARRI, yet one of the basic function is still under consideration, dafuq?!
  17. BUMP. Bid or buy now for 560!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sankor-2x-Single-focus-Anamorphic-Cinemascope-Lens-4K-FHD-anamorphot-/112261557579?
  18. They give you 5 years everywhere. The bad thing is, that I ordered from CVP for 1700 GBP (2000euros), Camera center is offering the GH5 for 1900 euros, guess I have to cancel my preorder to save some dosh.
  19. Let's bring up a topic that nobody talked about, are the third party accessories like the Speedbooster, Lens Turbo, Lens Regain work without problem with the GH5? I know, the mount and the foundations did not change, but suspiciously there was nothing about this on the internet. Pre-users, please give us some mind!
  20. Damn. I just placed my order. I truly hope that they learned from that experience...
  21. Finally, a business that ships to whole EU, thanks Andrew!
  22. You can place your preorder in 2 UK stores which are not shipping to any other EU country. Why's that? How should I preorder if I'm outside of the UK?
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