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  1. The budget is pretty flexible, I want to avoid compromising too much image quality and features. That's true, I would need something with a greater range. Perhaps this one? Panasonic AF 35-100/2,8 G X Lumix Vario Power OIS It is a bit expensive but if it can serve the purpose of an all-round lens it should be worth it. Unless it perhaps is better to go for various lenses with fixed range? I am thinking about the price difference. I believe the best quality is achieved by fixed lenses if I am not mistaken. There is also the: Panasonic AF 12-60/3,5-5,6 G Lumix Vario Power OIS and: Panasonic AF 14-140/3,5-5,6 G Lumix Vario ASPH OIS About the GH5 I heard it might release around summer of 2017. That will be too long of a wait.
  2. Thanks a bunch for all the answers! The reason I am thinking of going with the GH4 is mainly that I heard good things about it. The G7 has to be restarted manually every 30 min and it doesnt have the slow-motion feature of the GH4. That is why I rather go with the GH4. I did not even consider the GX80/85 because I hadnt heard about them. I will check them out. I own a Canon DSLR but not the Tamron 24-70 2.8 yet. Since the finer adapters seems to be pretty expensive I might just go for a native Panasonic lens instead. I'm not sure of which one but I am thinking about this one: - Panasonic AF 12-35/2,8 G X Lumix Vario ASPH Power OIS It seems to be an alright all-round lens but I'm not sure if how well it performs with the competition. Is the Sigma really better and cheaper? I will check it out, but if I am not mistaken it lacks image stabilization?
  3. Hello, I am planning on buying a Panasonic Lumix GH4 for filming 4K. I need some advice on an all-round lens for it. I was thinking about an adapter coupled with the Tamron 24-70 2.8 since I will be using that one for photos. It would save me some money and perhaps still prove a solid all-round lens for filming as well. The question is then, what adapter? I am not experienced using adapters and unsure if it is worth it or if I should go for a lens like the "Panasonic AF 12-35/2,8 G X Lumix Vario ASPH Power OIS". Any tips and recommendations are welcome. It will be used mainly for documenting events, weddings and for ad-films.
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