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  1. I'm no professional grader, but damn after t3i and Gh4 the grade just cuts through like butter.
  2. Absolutely sharp, i already fell in love with this lens. What is the weight of yours without the housing? Would you post a photo of it, please? Thanks! I don't know who added the singlefocus mod, but I can give you a link to the retailer who got me the lens: http://myworld.ebay.com/die_bitsbox/ Drop him a message, maybe he can get you something
  3. Another lens porn, here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dream-Lens-1-Moller-Moller-Anamorphot-Anamorphic-32-1-5x-not-16-32-1-5x-/131925033731?hash=item1eb7584303:g:~aUAAOSwMgdXxJQ7 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dream-Lens-2-KOWA-Prominar-35mm-x1-5-Anamorphot-Anamorphic-Cinemascope-/131925086098?hash=item1eb7590f92:g:WrMAAOSwxg5Xxyqg better investment, than gold.
  4. Thanks! The seller said that there is a self made variable HQ diopter to make the singlefocusing solution.
  5. Hi folks! Just got my 2x Sankor Compact Cinemascope from my favourite german anamorphic retailer, and I'm quite amazed how sharp is it! Usable picture from f2! There is a custom single focus mod on the lens, it rotates 480 degrees, not really follow focus friendly, but with a wider a ring and a bigger ff gear it should work without problems. I can't wait to try it out on my next music video shoot, meanwhile here's a test I just shot. All shots were shot with Gh4 + k&f mft to ef adapter + pentax 50mm f1.7, set to F2.8 + sankor, everything shot 16:9, some 4K, most of it into 1080p.
  6. I'm not a BM guy, so maybe I am wrong, but the product desc. says that even the 4K video assist feeds the SD cards. Hard to say what will be Panasonics move, I guess there will be two slots for SD cards, but let's wait for the confirmation of the quality of 4K video. Andrew, what do you think, is it possible that the GH5 4K will be anything else than 10bit 4:2:2?
  7. Rec709 preview is crucial, anamorphic desqueeze would be also very welcome!
  8. the BM Video Assist alredy does 4:2:2 10bit to SD cards, why so surprised?
  9. I have no idea, he could reduce it with some kind of technique, but here's another on from him and the flares are present: https://vimeo.com/86847092
  10. The aperture does not affect the flares. The quality of the videos differs, but it is crucial to read the others reviews before you buy the lens. This forum is the greatest resource! Here's another flare test: The SLR Anamorphot gives you digital flares and a not so vintage look, it could be what you're looking for, maybe not, it's your choice. Sharp from f2.8-f4, so don't expect to shoot wide open. I personally would love to use it for several projects, but I just invested into a 2x ana lens :D
  11. I'll work with the 55mm Anyway here's a clip of it (zeiss 35mm + 55mm)
  12. No wide lenses with the Anamorphot. http://www.slrmagic.co.uk/amfilerating/file/download/file_id/3/
  13. Have you understand what is SLOG, and for what is it used for? If not, than you should not shoot in to log profile because you'll have problems like now. Here's some walkthrough what is slog: http://www.xdcam-user.com/2011/01/understanding-gamma-cinegamma-hypergamma-and-s-log/ http://www.newsshooter.com/2011/09/22/sonys-s-log-for-dummies-matt-allard-explains-how-it-works-with-his-pmw-f3/
  14. Not sure what are you trying to accomplish? Have you used a rec709 preview on your A7S while shooting? If not, then you might wrongly set your exposure/scene/etc. Every scene is different, rec709 brings you closer to standard picture profile, but it's not magic. If you're looking for film stocks, try Filmconvert or Premiere's lumetri built in presets. Or just share your footage to get some advice on grading. Cheers! Alex
  15. Try the Slog2 » Rec709 LUT https://luts.iwltbap.com/free-lut-log-to-rec709-and-rec709-to-log-conversion/
  16. Hi folks! Thanks for your contributions, here's how I graded it: And here are the BEFORE/AFTER shots: I'm going to write a longer article on the mistakes I made and post it to EOShd forum, thanks for your help. Cheers!
  17. Cheers mate! That was it, I changed the output at Nvidia's settings from limited to 0-255 and it works!
  18. Yep, looks like VLC and quicktime is interpreting in a really wrong way. I compared the shots with different players, take a look please. Looks like windows and YT is reading the file properly.
  19. The clips were recorded at 0-255 luminance level. So why is premiere changing these settings? Sorry for going offtopic, but this seriously pissing me off.
  20. Can someone tell me why is Premiere doing this sh*t to me? It is not the first time it's happening to me, the export is absolutely different than the source. Source: .h264, 200 mbit/s, .mov export: .h264, vbr 2pass 100mbit to 200mbit or MATCH source, or AVI uncompressed, or qucktime .mov matching source, it's always the same. What am I doing wrong, can somebody give me a hand please?
  21. Looks solid. I'm trying to push some cold-blue colors (to the shadows) at the girls footage, and some warm colours to the band. Just raised exposure, contrast and saturation? Thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate it!
  22. Thanks mate. I will give it a try. I downloaded resolve to grade with it, but unfortunately plenty of footages are "interpreted" in premiere (speed and aspect ratio) and I wasn't able to import the premieres XML, so I'm stuck with lumetri.
  23. Hey folks! I'm curious how would you grade these shots: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6wqoFFMeKowaVRXY3NRWjdpcFU I pretty messed up the settings on the set. It was shot with GH4 (almost JM settings). The shots are underexposed, the skin tones are pretty bad, the lights were 5500K, noise is very much present. So, how would you bring life to these shots? Thanks for your time!
  24. Because of the 60 fps, the camera was on a dolly and I needed the slowmo. At the second one I needed stability (more details later), so I mounted the camera to tripod, used 4K, then I added some movement in post without any loss of quality. The video will be published on 30th of july. But right now I'm having some serious issues with grading, because Premieres lumetri panel is painfully slow, and the structure of the whole project is now so complicated, Resolve can't import properly the XML feed So few more days to see what can I do with the noise and grains...
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