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  1. Yes I shot this in Portugal (night of the Euro win). This is all so helpful guys. I'm definitely still learning and being novice, I didn't want to break from the rule I learned of setting your shutter speed 2x your frame rate. Clearly I need to for this. I'll run some tests in Portugal tonight and see what works out best. I will also switch from 120fps to 100fps. Luckily these shots are going to be quickly cut so most people I've talked to said they didn't even notice until I pointed it out. Really appreciate the help!
  2. Hey guys, Desperately need your help. Tried researching and I'm pretty sure I know what's causing it, I just don't know how to fix it. Whenever I shoot slow motion (120fps) in low light I get a TERRIBLE shutter flicker. I know it may be the lights themselves but is there a solve for shooting in these conditions? I tried Phillip Blooms tip of overlaying the footage with the same clip, and move it one frame forward and reduce opacity to 50% but I have to move mine 3 frames and that creates too much blur. Here is an example of my footage and issue. SHOT @: 120fps 1/250 shutter: SO grateful to any insight on this...
  3. Nice work man! I just finished a video on Poland as well. What a beautiful country isn't it? Shot handheld as well on the a7sii
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