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  1. You're welcome Is there a point to get the G7 when the GH5 will be announced in mid september? Anyway, try to turn the grain and the noise to your advantage, make it look like it was a part of the post process I shot this with (James Miller like) Cinelike D, but after half of year shooting with the GH4 and these settings, I'm going to switch to Cinelike V. The reason is pretty straight forward, there is no point shooting "pseudoflat", your DR is not better, you're getting far more noise and you have to grade heavily. Of course there are scenarios where you have to blacks from crushing, but otherwise, shooting to near rec709 seems like a better option with the GH4. I need to get these LUTS and after that we'll see If I regret it :D I really hope that the GH5 will have a rec709 preview with the V-log.
  2. Very sad, disappointing and disturbing After doing the transfer via WU, do you have any options to claim your money back?
  3. Your GH4 is not faulty. I'm having the same issue with mine. Just shot a video at night, and it's full of noise, I was shooting with ISO 400. IMO it's the downside of the MFT sensor, but I noticed that grading helps to smooth this noise out. Here are some snapshots from my footages (straight from the camera). The second one was shot in 4K, the first and last one in 1080p 200mBit/s
  4. No paypal just Western Union, right? Already suspicious.
  5. I am facing the same issue. We shot a music video, but the shutter speed was badly set. Phil Blooms tutorial helped me a lot: However, this technique creates blur, so I have to replace each clip with an AE composition, mask around the subjects, duplicate the wrong areas and push it by a frame. Not perfect, but you can see the difference.
  6. I needed quickly a boom pole for a project but I had no time to order it so I made it myself :D looks a bit ridiculous, but worked very well It is made from an extendable pole (for painters), something like this, one T tube, one reduction tube and some rubber bands, costs me around 7 euros :D works like a charm with the NTG-2 :D
  7. I spotted this lens on the ebay page of my favourite anamorphic retailer, but the desc. said it works from MFT 50mm, interesting anyway.
  8. I'm tempted to get a 2x moller as well, would you please be so kind and post some test footages? Will you use it with a rangefinder?
  9. Now on ebay as well: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112031295686?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Happy bidding!
  10. I bought the Lens Turbo I 4 months ago, since that I had no problems with the IQ. I use with a 50mm Pentax SMC f1.7, 85mm Canon f1.8, Tamron 24-70. This is a great comparison: Here are my latest two videos shot with it (there are also some canon shots)
  11. The lens is very lightweight, weights around 130g. This is a single focus lens, which means you only have to focus your taking lens! If filming to a 16:9 sensor, your final aspect ratio will be 2.35:1. The rear thread is 52mm, you can use step up/down rings to attach it to your taking lens. This is one of the widest anamorphic lens, you can use it from 35mm. The lens also have it's downsides, for example chromatic aberration is present (like on all 1.33x lenses). Please know what you're buying and do your research. No returns accepted. Shipping from the EU via EMS and tracking. PayPal accepted. Price 550 eur + shipping
  12. i switched from FCPX to Premiere one and a half year ago, and it was the greatest thing in my video career. I loved FCPX's interface, but after the first week of heavy premiere usage, there's no way I would go back. But it's absolutely subjective, if you find FCPX to fit your needs, go for it. In my perspective, premiere is better because it supports more formats, I love the built in grading tools and the integrations of other adobe products, i also cut more efficiently with the custom workspaces. This doesn't mean FCPX isn't good, so choose the SW that'll fit you and your needs.
  13. Got any 1.33x anamorphics laying around, like SLR Magic, Century or Soligor? Please PM me asap. Thank you very much. Alex
  14. Not sure where to post my "want to buy" request, so sorry if this is the wrong place. Anyone, selling a cheap EOS to MFT adapter, like a K&F koncept, or something similar? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for your reply! Have you tried it or what experience do you have with it? It's the same price range as a FOTGA DP3000 so I'm not sure with which one should I go. Your opinions are now very welcome! Thank you!
  16. I'm hoping for live anamorphic desqueeze, REC709 preview when shooting with V-Log, better slow mo, better DR with possible higher bitrates. Too bad that Panasonic said no to S35 sensor, but hey, we can live with MFT, it also has it's own advantages, and we also have speedboosters...
  17. Anybody have experience/opinion on this follow focus? Looks like a rebranded filmcity or some other indian manufacturer, I'm just not sure about the quality: http://www.movofilms.be/movofims-v2-dslr-follow-focus.html
  18. Hey, I'm selling my Bolex Moller 1.5x anamorphot, please check out this topic for more information and sample images:
  19. Hey Folks! My 1.5x baby moller is for sale. It is the focus through version (you only focus your taking lens!), and has a custom built housing and comes with a 0.5 diopter. Some specs: Rear thread: 55mm Front thread: 67mm Mininmal focus distance without diopter: 2m Minimal focus distance with diopter: from 0,9m to 2.2m Without vignette from: 28mm (MFT), 50mm (APSC), it works on fullframe as well, but I did not test the min. focal length Condition: SUPERB! Shipping from: European Union Please check out the attached pictures. I also grabbed some snapshots from my latest video (my focus pulling was not the best...). It was shot with the Lumix GH4, Cinelike D profile + Rec 709 LUT in the post, Mitakon lens turbo, Pentax 50mm & Canon 85mm f1.8 mostly set to F4.0 + the moller & UV filter. In my opinion it is an awesome lens which gives you 2.66:1 as a final result. As you can see it is pretty sharp, some say it's sharp from F1.4, but i found it soft for my taste, and it is also hard to pull focus when wide open. It is a run & gun lens, small, handy and lightweight. I'm willing to ship the lens worldwide but please note that you are responsible for customs, taxes and other charges. The price is not set yet, if you are interested, please contact me with your offer! Thank you!
  20. Sorry for my dumbness, but I don't exactly understand you. You said, that you cropped from 3.55:1, so you must had shoot on 16:9 mode. I'm not even sure if you can shoot in 4:3 mode with the A7S. Your question was: Nobody gets FF coverd with 2x anamorphic lens with 50mm, because it'll vignette. Doesn't matter if you shoot on 16:9 or 4:3.
  21. 80+mm will cover the FF with 2x ana, 1.33x anamorphic will cover 50mm on FF.
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