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  1. Comparing the 2K camera to to 15K camera, just wow, have you taken your pills mate? :D
  2. I have never used a GX7 or LX100, but after shooting on different canons and pannies, i really don't feel like any of these cameras are close to "realistic" Even the "great Canon color science" can fails us. I am not a colorist, but after the shoots, each and every time I know what kind of feel I want to push in to the image, so I don't really care if the pannies red channel is 5% undersaturated, or whatsoever. And for skin tones: there's an app for that http://bfy.tw/AJ9N :D
  3. All people complaining about Panasonic colors, do you even (know how to) grade?!
  4. Here are some screen grabs. I did not bother to cut it to cinemascope, you get the feel. Note the bokeh on the last picture. All shot with Sigma 18-35, Lens Turbo 0,72x and GH4. I tried to cut a vertical line in to the front filter but it did not work as expected, than I tried to sandpaper it, but it was visible on this short focal length. I thought that faking anamorphic will be easier, but it is not
  5. I believe it depends on the af system mostly. The A6500 and the canons dual pixel af can do a pretty good job nowdays, so if it worked with the Moller, we should ask our fellow forumers to test out the foucus through lens.
  6. I made one from black cardboard and used a fishing line. Obviously, the oval shape could be nicer, but at least I know that this anafake does not worth 50 bucks. You get the fishing line in your bokeh, the lights will be clearly divided in to two and the "waterfall bokeh" will have a fishing line like horizontal line. You can get rid of this by using a thiner line, but it will kill the flares. Check the cinemorphs characteristics, it's the same, anyway, the cardboard will definatelywork with your speedbooster
  7. What lens do you have in mind? I had a Moller 19/1.5x and the AF worked flawlessly on the 70D.
  8. Next time, we should ask them for their portfolio
  9. I wasn't targeting your posts, i meant these judges, who don't understand that the "perfect" camera won't come in one package (for 2K money). Content is the king, not the specs, totally agree. Choose the right camera for the right job.
  10. I honestly don't understand this AF bashing syndrome. Have you checked the AF on the AS7II, which is a 3K USD camera?! if you wish to have AF, get the 80D, A6500 or 1DXII. I prefer to have better IQ over AF. The most of the GH series shooters are using adapters, so the built in AF is useless for them, a proper follow focus or an Aputure LENS regain solves this issue.
  11. funkyou86

    Stylized Grades?

    Mornings without coffee, i misread what you wrote, sorry bro Anyway both are nice, looking forward to the video.
  12. funkyou86

    Stylized Grades?

    Had a similar problem: Solved by setting the Luma range
  13. Neither the RED cameras, so what? Tell me how's the iso going to fix our lack of lightning knowledge? :D
  14. How can I get my Škoda to ride like a Ferrari? The answer is: you can't. Light your scene properly. Shoot in standard picture profile (unless you use external 10 bit recorder). Learn how to tweak colors in premiere/resolve. Use anamorphics to enhance cinematic look. Still won't look like an ALEXA footage, but you'll be satisfied with it
  15. You're right, sorry for that! The 4:3 mode uses the whole height of the 4:3 sensor, not the whole sensor.
  16. http://www.43rumors.com/gh5-is-expected-to-start-shipping-on-march-28/ I really hope that european companies will get the camera on stock earlier...
  17. I would take the V-log instantly without a hassle. There is a higher possibility that the camera will get damaged "in action" than in "warranty".
  18. What does exactly bother you? IMO the flares are slightly better than on the 50 version, the image quality looks the same.
  19. Panasonic Australia offering V-log for preorders, Panasonic UK offering 5 year warranty. Very strange policy.
  20. funkyou86

    I need A7s3 !!

    I need GH6 with 4:4:4 12bit, etc, bla...
  21. I am using the my GH4 with the Sigma 18-35 and the Mitakon Lens Turbo, which is very similar to the SB. With its 0.72x there is no vignetting in 1080p mode. Also, never heard of that any of the 0,71x speedboosters ever vignetted. The 0,64x XL version does vignette in 1080p mode.
  22. No worries mate we all had to go through this Keep the anamorphics alive! Cheers!
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