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  1. Get the firmware update here: http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/dl/gh5.html
  2. Is the v-log graded with Panas 709 LUT?
  3. I meant these settings, "pseudo log" using master pedestal level, etc.
  4. To everyone who already activated V-log: Have you tried to tweak your GH5's picture profile with the James Miller (like) settings? I tried to use a similar setting on my GH4, but it was a mess. Now, that the GH5's got 10bit, can you increase the dynamic range just by tweaking the camera settings? Thanks!
  5. The image is nice, but I strongly dislike the flare, looking forward to an in depth review of this setup.
  6. AFC in VFR mode V-log activation code by email Anamorphic desqueeze Full screen mode on the mobile app.
  7. 4K/60fps is interesting only in anamorphic mode, otherwise I had no need for it Anyways, AF in VFR won't work, according to the manual, but at least I made the TAP focus work, however I got very different result than the forumers stated in your links, hunting was present. Tried out the FOCUS PULL feature, it will be a lifesaver.
  8. Thanks for the links. I am still unable to set any kind of AF in VFR mode, also can not set the "tap to focus" feature. This whole AF sh.t is not very user friendly :D manual focus still works the best :D I planned to invest in to some MFT lenses, but if VFR can not do the trick, then I see no reason for it
  9. Thanks, will check the manual for that.
  10. I really did not dig in to the AF system of the camera, now I got Vario 12-35mm lens for a limited time, but I can not get the AF working in variable frame rate mode. Any tips on that?
  11. Looks awesome, but for 3K? Come on, give me a break.
  12. If you don't know HTML, you won't know how to handle wordpress. WIX is okay if you're not into coding, otherwise, get a 15USD html template from themeforest.net, you only have to replace the (placeholder) texts.
  13. Acted like shown on the video, there were scan lines in silent mode.
  14. That is a heavy rig! How much does the flare canon weight? Keep the videos coming!
  15. I would love to hear about your experience shooting 180fps indoors, what are the best settings IYO to avoid flicker. I did not have the time to experiment with the synchro scan option.
  16. I was on a documentary shoot yesterday, again and at the end I decided to go with the 12-35 f2.8 for the B-roll with dual IS + AF. I did not set anything before the shoot, just popped on the lens, scrubbed trough the menu to activate focus and that was is. I was shocked. The dual IS was a lifesaver, all my gear, the slider, the tripod, the rigs were packed in to the car, so even with handheld I pulled off great tracking shots and slider-like shots. The CF worked okay, not as a 6500 but kept the focus on my subject all the time. I never thought about investing to MFT glass, but after this experience I am definitely getting a 25mm and a 45mm lens. Will do my best to upload some samples next week.
  17. Hey! My beloved Canon EF to MFT Lens Turbo "speedbooster" is up to sale. Mint condition, without scratches or damages, works perfectly. It's a dumb adapter, it does not communicate with your camera, that's why it's so cheap. However performs almost like a speedbooster, gives you an extra stop of light and widens your FOV by x0,72. Price: 90 euros, free shipping within the EU.
  18. Hey! My fotga DP500 2S follow focus is for sale! Used on few gigs, minor signs of use (please see the closeups). The unit is working as it should, no technical or any other hidden damages. New costs around 120 GBP, my offer is 90 GBP with free shipping to the European Union.
  19. Here are the two main lights: I will share the two DIY spotlights as well in that topic. They're incredible bright and awesome for lightning the background or to give some backlight. The biggest challenge was the camera/light placement. We were shooting an oral history with elder people, in old houses where we we only had tight spaces, but this is a subject of a different topic. Let's just say, I am comfortable shooting 8 bit with gh5 for certain type of projects. I really hope that adobe will push out an update for premiere to handle 10 bit files easier.
  20. On the BTS picture: GH4 with vario 12-35 f2.8 (wide shot) and a Canon t3i with Sigma 18-35 (closeup), GH5 with Pentax 50mm f1.8 (A cam). There's only one heavy tripod a manfrotto 550 with 502 fluid head. I'm using it with a slider as well, so it has to carry some weight. The 75 minutes shot from gh5 is around 50 GB, and I love the continous recording.
  21. I just had a 3 cam documentary shoot yesterday, here are some frame grabs from the 1080p sequence. Shot in 4K, 8-bit, Standard picture profile, WB 6000K Lens Turbo, Pentax 50mm f1.7, set to f3.5 Lens Turbo, Sigma 18-35mm, set to f2.8 You can see that there is a quality difference between the two lenses. Anyway I am satisfied with the results, no crop in 4K is a lifesaver. And here's the shooting setup: 2 spot lights on the back, 2 led panels on the front. 1 wide shot, 1 closeup + the main from the GH5.
  22. @Neumann Films When is your new gh5 ana video coming out? Can't wait to see it!
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