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  1. Let's push panasonic, let them hear your voice as well and let's hope they will fix it with a FW update.
  2. So, this auto slowmo feature is pissing me off pretty much. No chance to set ISO, aperture or shutter speed. Sets camera automatically to 125 shutter for 125fps, dfq, shouldn't you have twice the framerate? At least they could add shutter degrees...
  3. funkyou86

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Thanks for your input. Does not matter if the footage is graded or not, it looks bad TImeline resolution seems okay, resulution is not overriden Even If i create new timelines, the issue is still there If I import the clips separately to a new project, the export seems okay. But I don't wish to transfer everything to a new project via XML because than I loose all my grades, etc. Reinstalled resolve to 16.1 - that did not help either Here's a sample clip: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g2dNhZDSR2YoyDDCdJAW2u5WBCzdIVJV I also posted to BMD forums, but seems like no one had the time since early morning to aproove my post...
  4. I felt the same way... I am still waiting for the upgrade key, i will upload some test footages once I have upgraded.
  5. funkyou86

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Hey, thanks for your reply. Yep, I generated optimised media, but like I wrote, I had no issues yesterday while exporting the Raw footage. I tried to grade them today and also messed with the settings and this is what I've got. I also went through the topic you linked but that did not help as well I tried to nest the timeline, change the projects settings, but the 4K RAW is coming out of the resolve like it's 480p.
  6. funkyou86

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Resolve guys, please help me resolve this issue I'm new to the SW so there might be some options I overlooked. For days, I had no issues with exporting footage from resolve. Today something happened No matter what kind of output I choose, the quality is rubbish like at the photo attached Any guess what went wrong? This is a Ursa Mini G2 raw footage, graded from BMD film. Even if I export this from raw, it's still pixilated, banding, etc. The screen was made from an uncompressed export. I'm runing on Resolve 16 Studio, PC, 32GB RAM, Nvidia 1060, i7. Thanks a lot for your replies!
  7. Dear S1 owners, does any of you use CANON FD glass? I was wondering if it's possible to connect FD's with an adapter like this to the MC-21 adapter. I'm not sure if the flange distance will be correct or not, does any of you have any experience? Thanks for sharing!
  8. Question to S1 owners: does the S1 have HDMI lag like the GH5? Can't wait to receive mine...
  9. Just ordered mine, can't wait to test it with bmpcc.
  10. What do you mean by that? You can't set shutter or ISO in slowmo mode or what is the manual control loss?
  11. Condition: mint. Used for two years. No issues, no dead pixels, no scratches on the screen or body. Comes with V-Log license and three batteries, smallrig cage and in the original box. For more details please PM. Asking 1150 euros. Free shipping to the countries of the EU.
  12. So, only active track and the locking button are the new features added?
  13. You mean this scene or all of them?
  14. Shot in two days, with the Panasonic GH5, Viltrox EF-2, Helios 44M/Canon 85mm, Isco Ultra Star, Rapido FVD 16A ยป [yt is not allowing me to embed the video] What do you think?
  15. Sorry, I've got the T7, not the F7... Not sure what's the difference.
  16. It does squeezes 2x as well, but GH5's HDMI will output 4:3 image in 16:9, so it will appear as a picture in picture. Keep that in mind. I use Feelworld F7 which has custom zoom and custom anamorphic stretch options, works like a charm with GH5.
  17. Price dropped to 525 euros (+paypal fees). Happy new year!
  18. Item relisted again... Buyer cancelled the order, claiming that his child order it by mistaken. (wut?!)
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