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  1. Haven't had this experience so far. Was the shutter speed okay?
  2. Job well done, make me wanna try these anamorphots Love the brick wall look!
  3. Saw this video couple of weeks ago, and I find the technique of desaturating the shadows very pleasing. However I work in premiere and the lumetri panel does not have the ability to do that, or am I mistaken? Is there any way to do it? Thanks!
  4. If you export the sequence from premiere, does it behave the same? The only thing which comes in my mind is to clear all cache, restart computer and try again.
  5. Still, it has something to do with the Lumetri panel. Are you using heavy grade?
  6. I had this issue as well, copied all my luts to AME's Lumetri/Creative folder, and it solved the problem.
  7. Very nice! Here's mine with Canon 85mm and Lie709 Sigma 18-35:
  8. Shot this last weekend. Mostly in to 150 fps. Some shots were overexposed, but you get the idea, it was very sunny and hot. Used a DEC lens regain, Sigma 18-35 and Canon 85mm, shot mostly handheld with stabiliser on. Two shots are twixtored. Straight from the camera the Rec709 is awesome, period. I added an osiris lut to pop some colors.
  9. Available now for pre order @ CVP https://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/canon_eos_c200_ef_camcorder 7700 GBP.
  10. Hey. I use Kingstone 256GB U3 cards (R90/W80), they work perfectly fine. Except that one time when my card died on the shooting day and lost all of my footages...
  11. Yep and works like a charm. I am constantly recording 95 minute interviews to 256gb cards.
  12. False color lut now available for GH5: https://luts.iwltbap.com/false-color-lut/ Benjamin did a great job, again!
  13. The best GH5 review out there. Wolfcrow did a great job.
  14. Hey folks! My EF to MFT wireless follow focus and speedbooster in one is now for sale. Shipping from EU to to countries of European Union. It has some minor signs of use, but technically is in 100% condition. Price: 390 eur. Please contact me via Direct Message, thanks! Fits your GH4 and GH5. The package containes: DEC Adapter, Focusing grip, Clamp for the grip, Receiver, USB cable, Recording extension cable. Andyaxes reveiw of the item: Some photos:
  15. Kowa 1.5x is a dream lens. How do you find it against the Bolex?
  16. Even the Metabones has a play in it. Jordy from Cinecom (YT channel) claimed that few weeks ago, and duct taped the mount as a fix. From personal experience I can recon Zhongyi - Mitakon Lens Turbo's, the IQ is great and comes in affordable price. However, mine had a really small play in it. It was a problem only when I was shooting anamorphic, otherwise, I loved it.
  17. @HelsinkiZim I shot some 96fps with my gh4 and then twixtored it, it was absolutely usable, so I bet that you can do some great stuff with the 180fps. I shot some chicken last week, here's the footage. Probably not the best for twixtoring (the fence will cause some issues), but at least you'll get the idea how it looks. I shot in to Vlog, so not the greatest quality, artifacts, noise, etc. The link will expire within 12 hours: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B58lJC1ZGzPZaHNualBHVnE1Ukk
  18. Can't believe how overrated this lens is. My favourite retailer has posted some new stuff again, curious about thsi one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-x2-Singlefocus-F1-4-Anamorphic-Lens-Anamorphot-warm-flares-1-/132162601288?hash=item1ec5814148:g:O8EAAOSwHMJYG7J8
  19. You have no AF in slow mo mode, and I suppose you'll need slow mo on a paid gig. So what is this still ongoing AF discussion about? Most of the people complaining about AF never even truly used AF before. They just want the canon dual pixel and the A6500 AF technology in the GH5. It was written down thousand times in this forum, pick the right camera for the right job
  20. Paid gigs = follow focus (and focus puller), family events = AF :D
  21. or he shot AVCHD with the possible lowest bitrate . F.... clickbait videos, I hate them.
  22. Backlight separates your subject from the background, makes it pop out, and the image won't look so flat. You can than mess with color temperatures, like lit your subject with warm (3500K) light, than give him a cool (6000K) backlight (on the hair for example). Les Claypool is out of this planet, absolutely favourite, thanks for sharing!
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