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    MKSN got a reaction from Pavel MaÅ¡ek in NX1 Extended Dynamic Range? New Settings.   
    What if rgb boost is actually boosting each channels iso somehow? ? Should it be tested also with negative values and try to shoot 6400iso or something like that... 
    Example Red x1.99 is actually iso3200 x 1.99 = 6368iso for red channel...
    I try to do my own tests also tomorrow. This is interesting.
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    MKSN reacted to keessie65 in NX1 Extended Dynamic Range? New Settings.   
    the NX1 reimagined. Now "NX1s"
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    MKSN reacted to Arikhan in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    I understand...I still will NOT put out something NOT corresponding to my personal criteria. So, be patient, please.
    As I understand, you are impatient, I will send you an (crippled) DNG example from an early release from last year. I will post it tomorrow afternoon, so you could get a first idea about my work.
    Stop bashing, insulting and any other conspiracy theory, you ALL will eat your words.
    It's fine and normal to be sceptical...But after reading some postings of this thread, you will come to the conclusion of "lynch mob". 
    As said, NOW I do this for my integrity in the eyes of people knowing my identity. That's all. My interest in sharing my EXPERIENCE and HowTo is completely gone.
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    MKSN reacted to Marco Tecno in NX2 rumors   
    I think I'm one of the 'oldest' nx supporters on this forum. I bought nx100 back in late 2011 and since then I bought nx200, 300 and finally nx1 in feb 2015. So it's just been 3 years that I've been using nx1. I love it and along with s lenses it's really powerful. 
    The news about dng recording is simply great. I followed the hacking scene from day 0 and this would be a tremendous achievement for a system which is proving to be the longest lasting reigning apsc on the market as far as I'm concerned. Kudos to you if you can make this public. 
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    MKSN reacted to Arikhan in NX2 rumors   
    Guys, a community always can have some more useful ideas than a single person. The problem is the technical implementation and the workflow after getting the results you want. One more problem could be the legal aspect...
    As the processor of the NX1 is very powerful, I invented a workflow called IDOB - Image Data Optimization Blocks. It can combine 2 RAW images and output a single DNG file (16 bit) with a convenient amount of data (much less than a single RAW) but with a tremendous amount of DR. And it fits in a modern workflow with Premiere or Davinci.....
    This ground principle is not my invention: When putting (stacking) more images together (even shot under same conditions = similar EV) you will get a single superiour image with great DR and tremendous possibilities to work in post.
    Just try it: Go with your camera and shoot in quite dark conditions JPEGs in burst mode (even without EV change). Stack them in post to a single image together. Do some post work on it and compare this result with a edited single picture...By far more details and DR...Have fun...
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    MKSN reacted to BTM_Pix in NX2 rumors   
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    MKSN reacted to BTM_Pix in NX2 rumors   
    C'mon.....Its been Monday for 10 whole hours now @Arikhan

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    MKSN got a reaction from IronFilm in LukiLink project turns smartphones into an HDMI monitor   
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    MKSN got a reaction from Kisaha in LukiLink project turns smartphones into an HDMI monitor   
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    MKSN got a reaction from Kisaha in Interesting article (NX lenses mentioning)   
    I still have this beauty as second phone

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    MKSN reacted to lucabutera in NX1 Film   
    Direct By Pasquale Basilotto
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    MKSN reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Hi Ikslim, the crowdfunding is close and the crowdfunding email do not work. write me by message here.
    Take it easy, I ship your NXL today (fast ship for Eoshd Friend ;-) )
    This is your NXL with serial number and new front flange with 6 screws!!
    In your private email I send you the tracking number.

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    MKSN reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Samsung NX1 + Biotar 58mm F.2

    Samsung NX1 + Biotar 58mm F.2 + NXL

    Samsung NX1 + Biotar 58mm F.2 + NXL + Anamorphot 1.33

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    MKSN reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack   
    This thread was created so we can all share our opinions on the lut pack, as some of you may know, these were created specifically to the NX1, however, I've made some tests on Sony Cine4, Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark 3 with very pleasant results.
    The lut pack contains 9 different luts, ranging from color to black & white, stylized looks to achieve a filmic effect on the nx1 footage.
    Heres a sample of what to expect from the looks :
    Fully Graded with Greenleaf
    Later today I will add new screengrabs of all the different looks, and what its best used on.
    Feedback is very very important, this was created for the community, and I will follow all of your opinions in order to update the pack and deliver the best possible results! I hope you all have fun and like using them as much as I've had created them!
    Happy gradings!!
    Buyhere : https://sellfy.com/p/HNAk/#
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    MKSN reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    I just followed a friends advice, it seems to preserve better the highlights, but might be a placebo effect.
    I have started to create the Lut pack, it will have between 10-15 luts, including color and black and white, and it should be available in the next week or so. Pricing will likely be between 15-20$, and should include a small "tutorial" on how to use them properly. Most of them will work nicely without any adjustment, one click edit, if you guys are using the settings I've been using for some months.
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    MKSN reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    Thank you!
    I honestly cant remember, its been quite a while, but it wasnt too hard, Ill try have a look and try to get something for you
    Im currently testing some new settings, heres a few examples, these are all separate projects, so they all have a slightly dif. look.

    These are all videoframes, and not pictures, as soon as im done testing these settings, ill share with you guys!
    Im considering creating a specific lutpackage that could be sold at a very affordable price, what do you guys think?
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    MKSN reacted to lucabutera in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Ttbek Hello, you're right, I also do not want to finish my projects with a white beard, so I have been working on this great project.
    Now I can offer two new accessories:
    1) lens NXL speed booster,
    2) smart adapter.
    I do not want to work on the code for communication between the camera and the lens, I have experience with metabones smart adapter, he had a multitude of problems with Sony a7s, it was always in the crash, so I anticipate that it is an experiment already failed in start which will never work well.
    I think it's better to work on a separate autofocus independent reporting system that measures the framed object distance, this is possible and we have the technology and economic resources to do so p (the rest will publish some projects).
    While waiting I invite you to watch this latest project, very useful for all videomakers.
    Thank you, I wait your order for NXL today ;-)
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    MKSN reacted to lucabutera in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Now I can control the iris on Canon lens, this is a short test with canon 50mm F8.
    The lens with NXL is very sharpness, non used hack, no Dr profile.
    Videomakers stay tuned, big news coming soon, it is soon to send her into retirement.
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    MKSN reacted to lucabutera in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
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    MKSN reacted to Nessus in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    New NX1 user reporting in.
    I just wanted to say hi as a new NX1 user (my camera arriving tomorrow to complete my stack of 3 lenses and flash).
    I am reading this long thread and the more I read the more impressed I am with dedication and passion of this group of NX1 users.
    And of course I am mostly impressed with knowledge and patience and dedication of people involved in modding.
    As long time software developer I am studying github repository as well. Although I am very time constrained but given some free time I could try to get involved in mode development.
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    MKSN reacted to MountneerMan in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    I am confused as to what exactly you guys are trying to do? Are you trying to get the camera to dump the RAW sensor data out the HDMI port? 
    I dont know how external recorders work but I am sure it would have no idea what its looking at meaning every camera's RAW output would look different. 
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    MKSN reacted to SMGJohn in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Has anyone heard anything from Vasile?
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    MKSN reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Nikon 50mm f1.4, aperture f.2, iso 100, shutter speed 50. Original files.

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    MKSN reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Thanks everyone for support.
    I would like to clarify that I have not started working on NXL adapter to make money. I decided to invest my time and my money for the love of NX1 camera.
    I am a ex user of the Canon 5D mkII, 5D mkIII, Black Magic C 4K, Sony a7s (waste camera, always crash with metabones smart adapter).
    The only thing I missed in this camera was the FF look that could not give me the aps-c sensor.
    I recommend this adapter videomakers, photographers who like to shoot in manual control, and have a large park full frame lenses and photographers who use the camera for artistic photos of portraits or landscapes.
    Responding to Pavel, the camera with NXL adapter, shoots at ISO 800 as ISO 1600 without NXL adapter, so even for the night is very indicated. Do not recommend to buy this adapter to those sports photographer because she would not have any benefit.
    Surely you will be better than me to find strengths and weaknesses of this adapter, and only you will know to use it according to your needs.
    It certainly is not perfect and certainly in the future, with your suggestions, I can improve it.
    Now I'm ready, I'm happy to announce that, I am preparing the website for a Kickstarter, where you can order the NXL adapter.
    P.S. Meanwhile I enjoy the Olympics on TV tonight!

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    MKSN reacted to cojocaru27 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    guys, just wonder why don't you move the topic under nx1 separate page on the forum? is one of the most interesting thread about nx1 and i think it should be there. thx
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