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  1. Luca, this is great project! Although I will not contribute in buying NXL it for now since I do not have other systems lenses other than old Minolta one. But I will try to donate once in a while to keep it moving. By the way you should give more options other then 3 Euros contibution. Hopefully you will rise enough money to make intelligent adapter.
  2. Based on what I checked on Githut (only briefly) and looking at content of so called NX1 source Samsung published indeed we need a Messiah. Or REAL NX1 firmware source code (maybe I am missing something but what Samsung released as source code is piece of garbage they have to make public due to legal reasons). Without it is highly unlikely to have it done (unless there is already done but not enabled feature in the firmware).
  3. New NX1 user reporting in. I just wanted to say hi as a new NX1 user (my camera arriving tomorrow to complete my stack of 3 lenses and flash). I am reading this long thread and the more I read the more impressed I am with dedication and passion of this group of NX1 users. And of course I am mostly impressed with knowledge and patience and dedication of people involved in modding. As long time software developer I am studying github repository as well. Although I am very time constrained but given some free time I could try to get involved in mode development.
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